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Pana pe data de 7 vei fi solicitat la locul de munca, asa ca trebuie sa te incarci cu energie si rabdare. Sentimentele tale iau amploare la inceputul lunii si poate vei face pasul urmator in relatie. Data de 3 aprilie te gaseste entuziasmat si gata de treaba la birou, iar de pe 7 eforturile tale vor fi observate de superiori. Ziele de 3-4 aprilie te prind intr-o stare buna, asa ca esti perfect capabil sa te inhami la sarcinile dificile de la locul de munca.
The human mind is an amazing puzzle, no one knows how capable it is, nor how each person perceives knowledge and information from it. You are mature, you know that others will try to do better than you do, but in your mind, you are the best.
Your profession will require you to get along with everyone, or at least fake it until you make it.
Along the way, you will have to ignore minor and irritant issues that are normally caused in businesses and at work.
In order to reach the perfect monetary strategy, you firstly need to be in a calm and peaceful state of mind as well as emotions. You understand that everything happens for a reason, which is why you are open to many possibilities and you accept things, even if they do not go your way. Ambitions, passion, optimism, confidence, goals, determination, and your smart attitude are your best traits that attract other to you. There can be some concerns in regards to your relationship with your family, but, that is only for a short time, and the matter does not require thinking in much debt. Couples can consider family planning, since your perceptions are clearer and you are emotionally stable, making decisions like these will be good for your relationship, as it will not be rushed. In 2016, your personal motto will be to structure, transform, have patience, accomplish, and show meaning along with your true feelings in your relationship. The stability of your emotions and being able to view the world in a calmer, peaceful state of mind indicates that you will have a healthy year in 2016. Humility and good manners are some of your virtues, Capricorn, as long as you don’t let people take advantage of you because of them.
You may have to make a conscious effort not to stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong this year. However, you need to be prepared for the pushback from others toward the established order of things, because the status quo is always easier for people to uphold.
While you will be bursting with joy about the growing feelings of love and devotion between you and your partner, part of you might feel compelled to keep your mouth shut about it and keep it to yourself. A new attitude toward your relationship will lead you to indulge an adventurous streak that will have both of you feeling contented and more in love than ever before. Opportunities that were raining down on you earlier in the year are starting to dry up, and the unexpected is the new order of the day. Your self-worth has bloomed this month, and you’re confident that you’re making the right choices. Nu te lasa coplesit de o emotie negativa, chiar daca ai impresia ca, in loc sa scapi de ea, devine din ce in ce mai puternica. Schimbarea pe care o astepti ca pe un miracol nu vine din stele si nici din senin, ci sta chiar in puterea ta sa ii dai voie sa se manifeste in viata ta.
Desi nu suporti sa taci cand ai avea atatea sa spui, de data aceasta iti pui singur lacat la gura, constient ca tacerea e, de data aceasta, de aur, deci cea mai buna abordare.
Privesti spre trecut cu luare aminte, pentru ca ai trecut candva printr-o situatie care ti-ar putea fi lectie pentru ceea ce se petrece acum. Daca aflati cum va fi viata voastra in 2016 in ceea ce priveste cariera, dragostea si banii veti reusi sa ii faceti fata mai bine noului an.
Horoscopul pentru anul 2016 va sta la dispozitie asa ca fiti atente si descoperiti totul despre acest nou an. Cele nascute in aceasta zodie vor avea parte de un nou an destul de productiv in ciuda faptului ca pot aparea cateva obstacole si probleme. In plan personal, cele nascute sub acest semn zodiacal au parte de cateva momente foarte frumoase alaturi de persoana iubita in timp ce acele native singure au sansa sa intalneasca marea dragoste. Daca v-ati nascut in zodia Taurului, trebuie sa stiti ca anul 2016 este unul extrem de profitabil daca sunteti obisnuite sa luptati mult pentru a va duce la indeplinire scopurile. Daca nu sunteti dispuse sa faceti si sacrificii si sa acceptati ca, uneori, aveti nevoie de ajutor, nu veti reusi sa cunoasteti succesul deplin. Nativele singure nu vor reusi sa aiba o relatie stabila in 2016, ci mai degraba multe aventuri pasionale si de scurta durata.
Nativele din aceasta zodie vor trebui sa analizeze foarte bine ce au de facut si trebuie sa actioneze ca atare. In plan personal, Gemenii au parte de toata sustinerea celor dragi, mai ales considerand anul greu din punct de vedere al carierei. In ceea ce priveste starea de sanatate, trebuie sa fiti mai atente la ce mancati si trebuie sa incepeti sa va implicati in mai multe activitati fizice.
In plan persoanal, Racii implicati in relatii serioase vor reusi sa se apropie mai mult de partenerul de viata.
Locul de munca va deveni a doua voastra casa in acest nou an, dar nu va deranjeaza pentru ca va doriti foarte mult sa avansati si sa cunoasteti succesul. Nativele implicate in relatii serioase vor avea parte de cateva mici probleme in ceea ce priveste cuplul lor, dar nu este nimic serios. Acele persoane singure au sansa sa inceapa o relatie foarte serioasa in acest an si poate chiar sa se casatoreasca. Acele Fecioare singure se vor distra foarte mult alaturi de prieteni, dar nu au de gand sa inceapa o relatie serioasa in 2016. Pentru aceste native, anul 2016 nu este unul foarte profitabil din punct de vedere profesional si financiar. Motivul pentru care nu vor reusi sa avanseze in cariera este pentru ca isi doresc sa se axeze doar pe familie.
Persoanele nascute in aceasta zodie profita de toate oportunitatile care le apar in cale si reusesc sa cunoasca succesul.
In ceea ce priveste viata personala, aceste persoane pot avea parte de cateva mici obstacole. Persoanele singure au cateva scurte aventuri in acest an, dar nu vor reusi sa aiba o relatie foarte serioasa. Nativele singure trebuie sa incerce sa lase trecutul deoparte si sa isi deschida sufletele pentru o noua iubire. Horoscopul anului 2016 anunta persoanele nascute in zodia Capricornului ca trebuie sa se concentreze mai mult pe viata personala. In plan profesional, totul merge foarte bine si aceste native reusesc sa duca la indeplinire tot ce isi propun. Viata de cuplu a acestor persoane se poate imbunatati semnificativ in 2016, daca reusesc sa lase deoparte neintelegerile si daca sunt mai rabdatoare. Nativele singure cunosc multe persoane noi si interesante, si au posibilitatea sa inceapa o noua si foarte frumoasa poveste de dragoste. At some point in our lives, we come to a place where we understand who we are and what we want from the world. It’s true, it’s time to do a bit of networking to see what’s already out there, just waiting for you to tap into it. Sometimes this might not look the way that you think it will because you can’t quite come up with the clear vision at the moment. Virgo, your love life in 2016 needs to focus on how you are supporting the relationships in your life – or the ones you want to have in your life.
The truth is that relationships aren’t always organized by the way you like your life to be set up. For those who are in relationships that just aren’t working right now, the trick with reaching out this year is that you don’t want to reach out beyond your relationship to your friends. The health situation you’ve been managing for some time now, Virgo, is less of a burden than it used to be. For those who are feeling good and who have already explored additional healthy habits, stick to them and see how you can refine your practices even more. If you begin to notice that things are plateauing for you or that you’re not ready to take a new step in your health, stop and consider what might be holding you back.
After you get through issues with weakness and sexual dysfunction, you and your partner will be blessed with many intimate experiences.
This year leaves you yearning for change and personal development, but it will not be forthcoming. Your scientific nature is both a positive and negative aspect of your personality this year.
The year 2016 will deliver an abundance of excitement in the form of love, romance, and liasions.
Planning and looking for new venues can be a great way to help your career, but don’t get bogged down with minutiae.
Fie ca este vorba de sanatate, dragoste, bani, sau cum o sa va mearga in 2016, toate schimbarile care va a?teapta, pentru fiecare zodie in parte, le pute?i afla din randurile de mai jos. Incepi anul intrebandu-te ce po?i face pentru lume, de?i ai unele nemul?umiri fa?a de tine ?i de cariera ta.
Prima jumatate a anului va fi extrem de placuta cu Jupiter, planeta norocului, abunden?ei ?i bucuriei. Planeta angajamentului ?i a echilibrului, Saturn, se va pozi?iona in zona casatoriei pentru urmatorii ca?iva ani. 2016 este un an dedicat adaptarii, mai ales ca in ultimii ani, nativii Leu au ajuns la un capat. Fecioara ar trebui sa ob?ina beneficiile pe care care le ofera bagheta magica a lui Jupiter in zodia de acum, iar daca nu se intampla asta, atunci… trebuie sa te ascunzi.
Daca esti pu?in atent, realizezi ca Saturn a intrat in zodia ta ?i i?i va intinde cortul sau negru ?i robust acolo pentru o perioada de ca?iva ani. Varsatorul incepe sa se obisnuiasca cu faptul ca Saturn nu mai ridica pere?i de dimensiuni medievale, pentru a urca in cariera. Zilele de 12-14 vor fi lejere, iar daca te tine buzunarul, ai putea pleca intr-o mini vacanta.

Pe 10 nu o sa te simti in apele tale, iar pe 12 atingi apogeul si toata lumea te enerveaza.
In order to get ahead of the game, many will try to challenge you, emotionally target you, and do a lot in their might to take you down. If all goes well, and if you manage to hang in there, you may find yourself in the race for a senior position in no time.
Remember, you are to maintain composure, you are completely aware of all responsibilities and you are confident enough to take them head on. Save as much as you can, if needed, make modifications to your spending, and eliminate your extra wants. Your thoughts will be clear this time around, peace and clarity will help you through your relationships, improving them and making them even stronger.
Emotions will be intense for you as they have been since forever; however, every now and then, here and there, your attitude will need to be somewhat radical. You have found your way with rocky relationships before in the past, you can dodge them once again in the future, and turn them in to beautiful outcomes, you have it in you, and you sure do know it.
Let your imaginations run wild, let them come on the surface, you have the control within you to handle the situation if it gets out of hand. Your partner will take care of your physical and emotional needs, meaning that you can look forward to a great 2016.
Maturity and sensibility will help you balance your feelings and not let the bad days take their toll on you. Yet if you act upon some of your outlandish desires, you may end up in trouble, so be sure that your behavior is appropriate with people outside of your relationship.
Be proactive in building your self-esteem this year for a strong foundation from which to stand for what you believe in. You are especially sensitive and empathetic in 2016, and your sense of justice compels you to speak up for the downtrodden and put-upon.
Ruining a close friendship is not worth the progress you may think you are making, so be sure you are willing to make the sacrifice before you push that button.
You have always lived your life with the needs of others in the forefront of your mind, but this year leaves you feeling more self-indulgent.
You’ll want to start a thousand new projects, but take detailed notes to come back to later instead.
Surround yourself with positivity, even if that means letting go of people and thinks you thought you needed. You’re feeling energized and focused, which you can use in your personal and professional lives.
It’s going to be a great month: your relationships will prosper, your career will bloom, and everything you touch turns to gold. Daca nu le dai prea multa atentie, vor disparea de la sine, ca atare cea mai buna atitudine in fata lor este umorul. E pentru ca o lasi tu sa creasca, o alimentezi fara motiv, cand ai avea in jurul tau atat de multe lucruri minunate catre care sa-ti indrepti atentia si astfel sa-ti abati gandul de la acel aspect neplacut.
Esti un lider innascut, ai la tine toate resursele necesare succesului, stii exact ce ai de facut, dar mai ai nevoie, uneori, doar de scanteia care sa aprinda acest motor pentru ca el sa te duca apoi la succesul garantat. Poate te afli in preajma unei persoane care acapareaza toata discutia si nu-ti mai gasesti si tu loc sa spui ce ai in minte, sau poate celalalt sta la panda sa te prinda cu cea mai mica greseala ca apoi sa te puna la index. Nu e prima oara cand ai trait asa ceva, ai mai avut cateva momente similare mai demult, deci ajunge doar sa privesti inapoi cu atentie.
Totul vine din propria ta atitudine negativa despre tine, pentru ca iti vezi numai defectele si slabiciunile si crezi ca si ceilalti te vad la fel.
Anul 2016 va fi si un an plin de intamplari amuzante si distractive si va va aduce si cateva momente de relaxare. Cariera si afacerile voastre vor merge ca pe roate daca reusiti sa fiti mai diplomate si sa luati in considerare si sfaturile colaboratorilor. Aceste persoane vor trebui sa faca, de asemenea, fata si unor mici conflicte, dispute cu colaboratorii si sefii, dar si unui stres continuu. Trebuie sa fie mai atente si la cheltuieli in acest an si nu se recomanda sa faca investitii inutile.
Acele persoane singure vor putea sa cunoasca persoane noi si foarte interesante cu care pot avea o relatie foarte frumoasa.
Vor reusi sa comunice mai bine si chiar sa plece in vacanta mult dorita alaturi de acea persoana speciala. In plan profesional, aceste native au sansa sa inceapa noi colaborari si noi aventuri care se vor dovedi a fi foarte profitabile. Balantele nu vor reusi sa avanseze in acest nou an si nici nu vor putea sa isi duca la indeplinire toate planurile pe care si le-au facut.
Sunt persoane foarte ambitioase si care pun pasiune in ceea ce fac si care se dedica complet scopului lor. Trebuie sa invete sa asculte si parerea persoanei iubite, daca vor sa aiba parte de armonie in cuplu. Vor aduce un volum mare de munca pentru aceste persoane si implicit vor aduce mai mult stres in viata acestora. Trebuie sa isi imbunatateasca obiceiurile alimentare, trebuie sa faca mai mult sport si, nu in ultimul rand, trebuie sa fie mai atente la persoanele dragi. Au ocazia sa cunoasca persoane foarte inteligente care sunt dispuse sa investeasca mult in ideile acestor native.
Cariera le ocupa tot timpul, iar Varsatorii uita ca trebuie sa isi indrepte atentia si catre persoanele iubite. Pestii se apropie de persoanele iubite, comunica mai mult si au parte de multe momente fenomenale. And even if we’re not completely clear about where we’re going next, we know we need to reach outside of ourselves for more.
While you may not dislike what you do, you may not feel the passion you once did – or the passion you’ve always wanted to feel. Sometimes, you need to try something new and see what happens – you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find coming true for you in 2016. But thankfully when you reach out, you don’t have to be alone in the work and growth ahead of you. You must learn to keep your emotions out of the equation, and use logic in making choices for how you wish to proceed.
When making decisions about your career, finances, career, and purchases, you will find your habit of making lists of pros and cons beneficial in making the best choices for your future.
You will feel apprehensive at first, especially as these adjustments might lead to considerable modifications in the way you live your life. Things will click in your mind this month, and problems from the past will now find solutions. Your high energy means you’re getting work done faster than it comes in, and someone in charge will notice. Fizic, corpul tau a beneficiat de magnetismul planetei Uranus, aflata in semnul tau in ultimii ani.
In mod obi?nuit, celor nascu?i in zodia Gemeni le este foarte greu sa ramana la ceva anume, cu atat mai pu?in la o persoana.
Ei bine, de asta vei avea parte atunci cand Jupiter intra pe horn cu un sac plin de bucurie, fericire ?i abunden?a pentru casa pe care o iube?ti atat de mult. Este momentul sa faci investi?ii in?elepte cu ajutorul darurilor pe care le-ai primit de la Jupiter cat timp a fost in zodia ta. Stapanul Mecur intra in mi?care retrograda, insa nu de 3 ori cum ar fi normal, ci de 4 ori in 2016.
Super norocosul Jupiter intra in semnul tau de la 9 Septembrie, motiv pentru care meri?i o pauza.
Timp de doi ani ?i jumatate te-ai sim?it mai batran decat pareai, iar acum po?i sari in 2016 cu totul reinnoit.
Indiferent ca sunte?i capricorni mai blajini sau furio?i, Pluto in zodia voastra este o imputernicire necesara, va transforma in iarba Caprei pentru zeul Baphomet.
You know what you want to do; you have a clear understanding of what your goals are in life. This is why you must understand that emotional stability along with harmony amongst coworkers and colleagues is important for you.
This is one of the best traits within you, you were born to take challenges that try to bring you down, but in fact, you use them to make you even stronger. November and December will be full of green for you, until then, you need to be careful in regards to each dollar you spend. You are ready to explore the entire world through their eyes, with new feelings of love, admiration, and curiosity.
Experiment with fun, new ways of lighting the fires of passion between you and your partner. You want to live by your own rules for once, which will come as a surprise to those who think they know you. Relationships seem tense, so it’s a good time to work on your one-on-one time with loved ones.
You don’t feel like being productive or a team player, but you have to fight those feelings. If your relationship feels stagnant, it might be time to talk again about what the future holds for both of you. Glumind pe seama vestilor tocmai aflate, luandu-le cumva peste picior, de parca ar fi motiv de distractie si nicidecum unul de ingrijorare, vei vedea ca efectele lor vor trece pe langa tine fara sa te atinga.
Ai senzatia ca numai tu faci sacrificii, ca numai tu esti cel care are de suferit, dar exagerezi! E timpul pentru a lua o decizie prin care sa dai alt curs unor proiecte de la care ai mari asteptari, dar, din cand in cand, mai e nevoie si de o schimbare de macaz. Ajungi la concluzia ca solutia cea mai buna, in aceasta situatie, e sa ramai cuminte in banca ta, reprimandu-ti toate vorbele. Fara nostalgii, fara regrete, fara emotii negative, ci cu maxima luciditate, pentru a putea descoperi solutia la problema ta actuala.
Nimeni nu are cum sa-ti vada aceste puncte sensibile daca tu nu le scoti atata la iveala, ca atare invata sa arati ceea ce e mai bun din tine, nu invers!

Aceste native nu trebuie insa sa uite de responsabilitatile pe care le au de indeplinit si de planurile care trebuie sa devina realitate in acest an. Aceste native vor reusi sa avanseze in plan profesional, se vor face remarcate de toti din jurul lor.
Cert e ca aceste native vor sa recupereze timpul pierdut si sa se apropie cat pot de mult de partenerii lor de viata.
Aceste native vor dori sa se apropie foarte mult de persoanele iubite si sa isi demonstreze iubirea de cate ori au ocazia.
De aceea, aceste native au posibilitatea sa avanseze si sa duca la indeplinire toate planurile pe care si le fac. Se recomanda ca aceste native sa nu faca investitii in acest an pentru ca vor avea doar de pierdut. Au, de asemenea, posibilitatea sa obtina cateva bonusuri si chiar sa faca unele investitii mai ambitioase. Vor reusi sa avanseze in ierarhia profesionala si vor putea sa duca la indeplinire toate planurile pe care le au.
If this rings true for you, it might be time to reach out to the people in your life who are excited by their work.
When you evaluate your current actions and you see where you could do more, make a plan to start being the more proactive part of a relationship. And even if you don’t find the love of your life, you might just begin to believe you are worthy of a love that is right around the corner. However, if you are having troubles with your partner this year, it might be helpful to find someone who is a neutral third party, i.e.
Grab a friend in this adventure and see if they will join you in your continued commitment to yourself and to your health.
You have the people around you who are willing to help you and to ensure you have the right tools to move forward. Not everyone can be successful in life, as there are only so many ways to get to that pinnacle.
But in your personal relationships, it is necessary to put your pen and paper down, and listen to your heart instead of your head.
Just let what is going to happen develop naturally, and try not to let the agitation from your lack of control ruin a good thing before it has time to take root. However, once you get over the initial shock, you will find that what you gain is more than what you lose. Don’t fall prey to your need to rebel, and use your creativity as an outlet for your strong emotions before they consume you. Don’t let the envious bring you down with their bad attitude, even if you have been feeling down. A much-needed vacation is a great way to decompress and spend quality time with the one you love the most.
Your emotional intelligence is high, and you will understand your loved ones and yourself better in high-stress situations. Relationships are thriving due to your kindness and attention, even if you stick your foot in your mouth once in a while. But this won’t put a damper on your relationship, as you’re feeling more romantic as usual as the holiday nears. Daca pana acum acest lucru te-a facut suficient de indrazne? incat sa incerci lucruri noi ?i sa ai ini?iative, anul acesta totul se rezuma doar la verbul “a face”. In cazul in care nu ave?i un partener, ve?i avea posibilitatea de a flirta sau de a incepe rela?ii noi.
Este, a?adar, o binecuvantare pentru ace?ti nativi, deoarece Saturn ii pune intr-o situa?ie in care trebuie sa aleaga totul sau nimic. Vei avea parte de fericire interna incepand cu luna septembrie, pentru ca pana atunci, Saturn i?i face de cap.
Acest lucru nu i?i va da senza?ia unei min?i amor?ite, ci i?i va oferi ?ansa de a gandi in afara zonelor specific Fecioarei. Balan?a a suferit unele transformari radicale ?i uneori dureroase cu domeniul de origine ?i rela?iile din ultimii ani. Norocosul Jupiter este in casa ta de prieteni ceea ce inseamna ca te face sa te sim?i increzator ?i popular. Acest Dumnezeu are o pentagrama pentru un al treilea ochi, ceea ce inseamna ca e?ti o acum o for?a recunoscuta. Insa nu renun?a, pentru ca Jupiter i?i va face sim?ita prezen?a in sectorul de rela?ii a?a cum a facut-o ?i la mijlocul anului acesta.
Dupa data de 20, vei avea castiguri financiare substantiale, dar pe 24-25 aprilie se anunta cheltuieli neprevazute, deci trebuie sa fii chibzuit. Ai putea sa te reintalnesti cu niste prieteni vechi cu care nu ai mai tinut legatura, iar pe 25 vei avea parte de o surpriza. De pe 22 incolo vei resimti o stare generala de oboseala, dar lucrurile intra pe fagasul normal dupa 26 aprilie. Pe 19 vei avea o zi linistita alaturi de familie, iar zilele de 21-24 le imparti intre prieteni si partener. However, in order for that, you need to be at inner peace with yourself, mentally and emotionally. It will be hard work, but it will be worth it as you develop pride in your accomplishments and power over your own destiny.
Giving has been your first priority with them for a long time, so don’t be shocked if you have to explain what you need to those who love you more than once. In timp ce tu iti torni cenusa in cap sporindu-ti supararea, ar putea trece pe langa tine motive excelente de bucurie, dar daca tu stai cu inima stransa si cu ochii in pamant, cum sa le observi?
Va fi una de bun augur, dupa care vor incepe sa evolueze lucrurile intr-un ritm crescut, mult mai bun! Daca tu te plangi intruna de cat de imperfect esti, cum ai vrea ca ceilalti sa spuna exact pe dos? Lucreaza mult, cu rabdare si cu profesionalism si vor reusi sa se faca remarcate de toti din jurul lor. You’re ready for the collecting of resources and the connections with those who can support you best – no matter where you end up. Even chance encounters can sometimes yield benefits for you in ways that are far more delightful than you can even imagine. In order to take the next step toward something better, you need to reach beyond what you believe to be helpful. You need to stretch a bit to move beyond yourself, and when you do, you’ll find that 2016 has been the year you’ve been waiting for. Instead of searching to ascend the highest mountains, keep your goals modest and achievable. Concentrating on the idiosyncrasies of your loved ones will only put a strain on your relationships, and stop you from engaging in new ones based on trivial issues.
That doesn’t mean to live with a devil-may-care attitude or to be careless in the decisions you make.
Your life will undergo many transformations, both large and small, and through the struggle, you will find that these adjustments only make your life better. Este posibil sa vrei sa incepi anul cu un nou look ?i sa incerci alte exerci?ii fizice, in cazul in care faci sport. Uneori, insa, acest lucru poate insemna ca te po?i bucura de placerile tale rafinate, dar, in acela?i timp, contabilul cosmic Saturn poate taia din lucrurile care i?i plac cel mai mult.
Este o perioada buna sa te integrezi in grupuri cu interese comune, fapt ce i?i va aduce beneficii.
Sfarsitul lunii este indicat sa il petreci in sanul familiei, fie ca este vorba de parinti sau partener. Pe 21 aprilie vei avea cateva dificultati in ceea ce priveste starea ta de sanatate, dar nimic ingrijorator daca te duci la medic. Pe 28 o sa ai oportunitatea sa obtii castiguri financiare suplimentare, iar pe 30 se va ivi ocazia potrivita pentru a le cheltui.
2016 is all about new perceptions, accepting change, taking stock of your capabilities, and defining your goals even more precisely. Zambeste, razi, glumeste pe marginea celor aflate, deoarece e atitudinea cea mai buna pentru ca efectele negative sa nu se resimta in nimic din ceea ce faci. Incepe sa te apreciezi tu insuti mai mult asa cum esti si aceasta se va oglindi si in felul in care te respecta ceilalti. If you are dating or looking to find a date, you may need to be more vocal about asking the other person out. Think more about alternative therapies and how they might be able to support your healing process.
Making more pragmatic decisions about your targets will help you use them as stepping stones to your ultimate destination, and build the confidence you need to overcome adversity. It means to stick by those decisions through to the end, and let your growing affections lead the way.
Push through the hard parts, enjoy the thrill of the ride, and watch as your life is remodeled from the inside out. Problema nativilor Berbec este ca au mereu planuri mare?e, dar pe care nu le finalizeaza, de cele mai multe ori. Balan?a nu se simte foarte bine in dizarmonie, insa acest lucru a fost exact ceea ce tu ai fost for?at sa abordezi.
Sometimes you can’t do it all on your own, and it’s okay to find someone else when you’ve tried it all. Even if you’re not actively ill, the more support you have in your life, the more energy you will feel – and you will need it for 2016. Se pare ca au construit bazele afacerii tale pentru totdeauna, iar de acum ritmul poate cre?te.
2016 va fi un an favorabil pentru a lua decizii care i?i vor schimba via?a pe toate planurile.

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