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With intense Scorpio rising, the chart's ruler is the 1st house Mars and the highstakes contests so far seen in the presidential and House races are well-noted by anyone with access to media.
We-the-People's Moon 27Sag21 is in 2nd house as well denoting our monetary concerns but also showing fluctuations, changes, and possibly more instability in financial areas--things can go up, down, or alternate. Being the slowest moving planet in our solar system, we can't say that Pluto 'applies' but Mr. Moon conjoining powerful Pluto suggests that the public re-evaluates the country's 2nd H financial conditions and our basic ideals as we look for the elusive "perfect" candidates to vote for (Moon-Pluto has a public relations vibe) concerning our deeply felt opinions about topics such as crime, war, secrecy, terrorism, and available resources on our minds. Plus, nebulous, watery Neptune in its own sign of Pisces 00:59 Rx is found in the 4th H of Domestic Scene, Homeland, and End of the Matter---flooding may occur once more, and perhaps the uptick in the US housing market recently reported is but a ruse or an illusion made necessary prior to Election 2012--hopefully not for I do prefer that my fellow Americans have decent, dry homes to live in, don't you? Why, even Mitt Romney's father was temporarily On Welfare once upon a time, in spite of Mitt's entitled, holier-than-thou attitude toward the 47% of us he considers to be beneath him! As for Saturn, still exalted in Libra but headed soon for business-oriented Scorpio, he's working behind the scenes of the 12th H of Karma where he reaps what he sows, as do we all. Well, it isn't often I manage to type the words "wisdom and insight" in a horoscope set for Washington DC, is it? As always, getting Washington politicians, partisans, lobbyists, and government subversives to cooperate with a solutions-based program for the America they're working so hard to undermine and control will be the real trick.
Blog Note: this hastily typed, freshly composed article on the Autumn Equinox 2012 chart is 'an echo' for I analyzed the chart in the July-August-September 2012 issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly (subscription form linked in sidebar, upper) and it is meant to add to the details in the SO'WM newsletter rather than replace them. On May 15, 2013, Peter Baker of the New York Times published Onset of Woes Casts Pall Over Obama's Policy Aspirations a headline in which astrologers can easily find mention of Inauguration 2013's Midheaven (MC = The Goal) if they so desire.
Then today, the Washington Post's Dan Balz published Obama's Trust in Government Deficit so we find that MSM and other media types are jumping en masse onto the Doubt Obama bandwagon.
For astro-notes on the chart, see my previous post Inauguration 2013 Horoscopes (both charts shown) though of course no one knew then what scandals would occur--or which events would be blown out of proportion. In the horoscope above, I point your attention to its 1st house South Node of the Moon and my reading of it in the linked post. How I wish Election 2014 results for all obstructionist-Ayn-Randers in Congress with their lousy children-starving, survival-of-the-fittest Shrink Government agenda would find them tossed out with their dirty bathwater!
The recognition comes as JetBlue continues to advance the customer experience across the airline, from an innovative new hospitality-focused service delivery model to the ongoing expansion of its acclaimed Mint premium experience into new markets across the United States and Caribbean.
JetBlue serves 96 cities in 22 countries with a modern fleet of 219 Airbus and Embraer aircraft.
20 Years Ago Today On May 11th, 1996, ValuJet flight 592 crashed in the Florida Everglades.
There were 110 lives lost on that day 20 years ago and the incident led to changes in the industry including a mandate by the FAA that aircraft be equipped with smoke detectors and fire suppression systems as well as closer monitoring of items being transported on flights.
Approximately 25 loved ones will visit the crash-site today after gathering for a memorial luncheon at the Aero Squadron Restaurant near Miami International Airport.
The memorial service will be attended by loved ones of the crash victims as well as former employees of ValueJet and other airlines and those who participated in the recovery operations and crash investigation. Gail Dunham, who retired from American Airlines reservations, has arranged the visit today along with former American Airlines flight attendant Carol Reichert. The new service between LAX and SEA will be operated 10 times daily starting May 23rd with a mix of Boeing 717s and 737 jet aircraft, while the Delta Shuttle flights between LAX and San Francisco SFO will be operated by Shuttle carrier Compass Airlines using two-class, Embraer E175 jets.
Delta has been continuing to expand in the Seattle market the new flights will push their operating well above 100 departures a day from Seattle.
Delta Shuttle service on the West Coast is a product created with business travelers in mind that offers dedicated check-in counters and gates located near security, among other amenities. From Delta’s hub in Seattle, customers can connect to more than 120 daily flights to 44 destinations around the globe, including eight long-haul international destinations in Europe and Asia.
The airline has also invested $15 million in its facilities at Sea-Tac, including its Delta Sky Club and lobby renovations, Sky Priority services, new gate area power recharging stations, expanded ticket counters and enhancements to the international arrivals area.
Each year millions of people take to the sky by plane for several different reasons business trips, travelling and of course to go on holiday. Before you plan to book your trip away it is important to know your passport will need to be valid for six months or more as some countries will not permit you entry if your passport has an expiry date within six months. When it comes to booking your holiday and your flights there are plenty of different websites out there dedicated to providing the best deals, or if you prefer you can always stick to the more traditional methods and seek out a holiday agent to book the holiday. In preparation of your holiday you will need to organize plenty of things, and one of the main things is money. With some airlines you can simply check in and book your seats online now days, however you will need to make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight so you can check in. If you’ve got a trip planned or you’re hoping to plan one, you want to make sure you have the most amazing time you could possibly have. Africa, Seychelles, Fiji the Caribbean are just some of the most popular choices in which celebrities are buying a private island. Popular actor Johnny Depp took a fancy to having his own island after filming the hugely successful Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.
In one of the strangest collaborations ever, Shakira decided to buy an island with the lead singer of Pink Floyd Roger Waters. Remember the funny actor Eddie Murphy who was a massive star with The Nutty Professor and Doctor Dolittle?
One of the most successful actors in the world Mel Gibson is also a fan of owning an island. The actor who is well-known for films such as Con Air and National Treasure joined the list of lucky island owners 10 years ago. Norwegian Air is very close to gaining the right to staff its flights to the US with cheap offshore labor from developing nations using an Irish flight certificate if a recent DOT approval stands.
Norwegian will then be able to avoid US and UK labor laws in order to undercut every US carrier on international flights by exploiting relaxed labor policies of Ireland. This would cast aside many decades of hard work to build these labor standards. US carriers could then create international subsidiaries and staff international flights to and from the US and elsewhere with cabin crews and pilots based in foreign lands with lower labor costs.
Even US- based Norwegian Air flight attendants are working to organize in order to establish job security since their careers could also be off-shored.
Additionally, there will be nothing stopping US carriers from setting up overseas bases as well to begin staffing flights with foreign workers.
Click the following link to follow the easy steps on the Association of Flight Attendants website. Possibly San Francisco’s most famous sight, the Golden Gate Bridge is a brick-red suspension bridge. Once a famous lighthouse, Alcatraz island was turned into a prison in the 1930s and held inmates captive until it closed down in 1963. The oldest Chinatown in North America, San Francisco’s Chinatown is the best place to go for dim sum and noodles. If you’re planning a vacation this Spring or Summer there is an airline that you might want to avoid when looking at ticket prices.
Allegiant Airlines is a Las Vegas based airline but is known by many throughout the country. If you ask any airline employee what is the most paramount priority at their carrier, the response should always be, “Safety” – However, recent incidents over the past year at Allegiant Air have begun to become more and more common involving safety related concerns. We’ve been watching things unfold over the past year as Allegiant Airlines has been racking up time on the news for maintenance problems and safety concerns.
We started doing some reading up on Allegiant and further researching about the carrier, what we found was not good. March 5, 2016 – A MD88 aircraft traveling from Fort Wayne, IN to Saint Petersburg, FL had to reject their takeoff due to an engine failure.
March 2, 2016 – An Airbus A320 flying from Orlando, FL to Indianapolis, IN had to rapidly descend and divert to Jacksonville, FL because the aircraft lost pressurization. March 1, 2016 – An Airbus A319 flying from Mesa, AZ to Bellingham, WA had to divert to Elko, NV because of smell of electrical smoke in the cabin. Feb 25, 2016 – A MD83 aircraft traveling from Saint Petersburg, FL to Kansas City, MO had abort their takeoff due to an engine failure after a loud bang was heard and flames began to emit from the engine.
Feb 12, 2016 – A MD83 aircraft flying from Saint Petersburg, FL to Omaha, NE had to divert to Birmingham, AL after an electrical smoke odor began to permeate through the flight deck and cabin.
Feb 3, 2016 – A MD83 aircraft flying from Orlando, FL to Allentown, PA burst both of its two main left-side tires on landing. Aug 24, 2015 – A B757 taking off Austin to Las Vegas rejected it’s takeoff for an engine problem however by the time it made it to the gate, 7 of the 8 main gear tires had deflated.
Aug 17, 2015 – A MD83 taking off Las Vegas to Peoria, IL rejected it’s takeoff after premature nose rotation. July 3, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Ashville, NC to Punta Gorda, FL diverted to Saint Petersburg due to flight control problems. June 25, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Saint Petersburg to Niagara Falls, NY diverted to Orlando for a sensor fail. June 18, 2015 – An A320 flying Saint Petersburg to Pittsburg, returned to Saint Petersburg after finding that the aircraft would not pressurize properly.
June 13, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Las Vegas to Moline, IL diverted back to Las Vegas after one of the engines failed. May 7, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Orlando to Moline, IL diverted to Knoxville, TN after one of the engines failed for low oil pressure. April 2, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Saint Petersburg to Cedar Rapids, IA diverted back to Saint Petersburg due to a high over-temperature indication in the tail section. Jan 22, 2015 – A MD83 flying from Las Vegas to Great Falls, MT diverted back to Las Vegas after a smoke indication in the cabin. From the above listed incidents it’s clear to see that Allegiant has certainly been seeing an abnormally large amount of maintenance related problems. We reviewed the reported incidents at Delta and found about 54 case since Jan 2015 that could be accountable to maintenance issues.
Last year after a number of incidents that happened within months of each other the FAA put Allegiant under their radar and began investigating. While it is one thing to believe that an airline is not maintaining itself properly, it is entirely another thing to have the airlines pilot union post on it’s webpage a letter stating that they feel the aircraft are not provided adequate maintenance.
It would seem Allegiant has had a streak of “bad luck” in dealing with maintenance issues on their aircraft. If you have been granted the job as a best man it can be a great honor, yet it is down to you to plan a bachelor party, which can always be bit of a gamble. Just remember before you have booked the bachelor party and when you are packing for your weekend away to include or even renew your European Health Insurance card just in case of any unexpected situations. Prague isn’t just the largest city in the state of the Czech Republic; it is also one of the top destinations to go for a bachelor party.
If you are looking for somewhere in Europe that is guaranteed sunshine, then Barcelona is the perfect place.
Berlin is a European city that has been filled with culture and entertainment for decades, and still nothing has changed. The city also offers an abundance of different activities and plenty of things to do including festivals, riverboat cruise, water sports, adventure courses and so much more, so you can make the weekend about more than just partying. Riga is not only the capital of Latvia but is also the largest city and cheapest option for a bachelor party in Europe.
The great thing about Riga other than the cities low prices is that it offers some of the most interesting and action packed activities for the day, offering those in the bachelor party a chance of a fire arms shooting package, a snowmobile ride, as well as a quad biking experience too. Amsterdam is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe and is arguably one of the most expensive too.
If you plan to travel to North Carolina with your family this year, you’ll want an action-packed experience. No matter where you plan to visit in North Carolina, you’re never far away from a bus tour opportunity.

Now you know about some excellent ways to spend your time in North Carolina; you should have a fantastic time this summer.
As a person who travels for work, and then continues to travel for pleasure, I have heard (and tried) every remedy and gimmick to avoid or Beat Jet Lag, what I haven’t really found is anything that works on a regular basis. Currently, I work as a flight attendant and I also travel to work on a variety of projects documenting everything from restaurants to hotels and destinations – both require a huge amount of travel.
For those of you who travel a lot you’ll notice that if you’re able to get a decent night sleep on an overnight international flight, you adjust better to the time change at your destination. I have to admit, I was more than a little skeptical when I first looked at this thing along with the idea behind it.
While again, I was a little skeptical on the idea, I was more skeptical on the idea of shoving light into my ears, and that it would magically make me feel better. The company that created this gadget also made an app so you can enter your flight times in, it will tell you the most optimal time to use it and how often, to reduce jet lag. While it certainly is futuristic, it’s so simple that it is almost surprising that no one thought of this before. North Node (NN) 27Sco49 rises as well and is a favorable indicator in 1st house with its Jupiterian, connective flavors. Sub-ruler Pluto 6Cap58 is in 2nd house of our National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values so plutonian transformation--and secretive, hidden wealth--are in play within these areas, as we know. Moon rules 9th H of Foreign Lands so we may continue to question if conditions abroad and globally will interfere with US monetary improvements which even now are of mixed portents. Of course you know that any reference to a Mars-Pluto combination of energies includes such topics as war and warmongers, violence, weaponry, security forces and issues, rape, chaos, mayhem, attacks, terrorism, and, in America's case, the Pentagon and military personnel. Ex: why do we destroy the infrastructure of other nations and pay heavily to rebuild them when our politicians--our alledged 'representatives'--block such neglected improvements and projects here in our country which would also create American jobs by the thousands? Yet Sun and Neptune are inconjunct, with Neptune conjoining US Secondary Progressed Descendant (Partnerships) which hints that President Obama (Sun) may find himself bogged down by trivial considerations and harmed through the deception of others whom he'd prefer to work with--yes, the exploitation and scapegoating between political parties continues as burdens are unloaded upon the wrong people in order to deflect culpability and guilt.
This Saturn has a strong sense of duty and conscientiously fulfills them in Libra, sign of The Diplomat, plus, there's a nice sextile with the Moon (we the people: managerial abilities, good judgment, and empathy), plus, a trine from Saturn to Neptune which provides wisdom and insight.
Yet is a Saturn-Neptune trine enough to counter, or at least mitigate, the forceful Mars-Pluto energies taking early command in this chart and ruling our Autumnal season? Issue 2's subscription form will be linked on this blog's sidebar near the end of September and will cover many political and cosmic events including the October debates, two November eclipses, the quarter's Lunations, and Winter Solstice 2012.
One supposes it sells or clicks for their bottom lines or for whatever Down with Government ideologies anyone may hold as they and their hidden backers work to weaken America toward easier take-over. SN in 1st house is not a good portent and describes early-on difficulties for the president's second term. Power award for ranking highest in customer satisfaction among low cost carriers in North America for the twelfth consecutive year according to the J.D. JetBlue also recently outlined a restyling of its Airbus A320 cabins to build upon its new A321 cabin experience.
Every aircraft offers the airline’s award-recognized service, featuring the most legroom in coach and complimentary and unlimited name-brand snacks and soft drinks. Oxygen canisters being carried in the cargo hold caused the fire that brought about the crash only 11 minutes after take off. They will be changing some flight schedules but more importantly adding some amenities not normally seen, and expanding their Delta Shuttle service brand from Los Angeles LAX to include Seattle SEA.
Delta previously has used the Boeing 737-800 on the East Coast Shuttle, currently Delta uses E175 jets on the East Coast Shuttle. Some of the more interesting things that will change for Delta Shuttle customers in Seattle include dedicated check-in areas, complimentary news papers for ALL customers, assigned seating. Seattle shuttle service complements existing Delta Shuttle service on the West Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Delta’s eight peak-day flights from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport and eight peak-day flights to San FranciscoInternational Airport will feature the service. Collectively, Delta offers more flights between Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco than any other airline and is the only airline to consider the specialized needs of business customers with an elevated product between the three cities. This summer, Delta will grow to 152 peak-day departures from Seattle, including recently launched service to Boston, Orange County and Victoria, British Columbia. There is no greater excitement in life then waking up in the early hours of the morning to catch a flight for a holiday. If you are heading to Europe make sure you apply for or renew your European Health Insurance Card although this will not act as health insurance it can help if anything was to happen while you are away and need medical attention.
Either when you book your holiday you will need to make sure all the details are correct as if they don’t match up to your passport you could have a problem, in some cases you will also need to have your passport ready as some flights may need your passport number. Before you go away always check the exchange rate of the country you will be flying away to. All airports are different so you will need to leave plenty of times so you can check yourself and your bags in. If you’re going it alone, you have more freedom and therefore you can do everything on your own terms. The place you stay can either enhance your trip and make it better or make it a bit of a nightmare. After buying fancy cars and expensive homes (just look at these homes!), they begin buying private planes and even holiday homes. Often they are already built up with glamorous hotels and facilities, but sometimes the celebs just leave them as they are! He bought his own island called Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Caribbean which is 45 acres and cost him $3.6 million when he bought it in 2004. Together with a Spanish singer, they bought the island in the Bahamas called Bonds Cay back in 2011 for an astonishing $16 million. He may have gone quiet over the last few years, but the funny guy bought an island in the Bahamas with his funds back in 2007.
The star bought an island in Fiji called Mago Island back in 2006, costing him a huge $9 million! But We Can Stop It CLICK: TAKE ACTION NOW Norwegian Air is very close to gaining the right to staff its flights to the US with cheap offshore labor from developing nations using an Irish flight certificate if a recent DOT approval stands.
There is a very short period of time in which to contact your Representative and let them know to support HR 5090. Whether you are with a union or non-union, this is important to save your job and those of thousands of your peers. When you stand on this historic pier, you’ll be able to see Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Famous for its notorious prisoners, including Al Capone, the prison also gained a reputation for its location. San Francisco is a very hilly city, and one of the best ways to get to the tops of all the steep streets is to jump on one of the vintage cable cars. They are not like your bigger airlines operating multiple flights a day to connection hubs, but rather to smaller communities connecting them to vacation and leisure destinations and only operating flights once or twice a week. The problem with having a mechanical issue in flight is that unlike a car, you can’t just pull over, and pop the hood to see what the problem is. Due to weather in Appleton the aircraft had to climb back over 34,000 feet and divert to Fargo, ND – 442 miles away. In doing our research, our first point we could see was the majority of aircraft Allegiant operates are older, used aircraft. The FAA however found that their paperwork was in order and could find no problems or reasons to suspend their operations. The only bit of good luck has been that so far there have only been minor injuries during their evacuations and that there has been no loss of life yet. Trying to plan an unforgettable bachelor party in Europe that has to be amazing not just for the groom himself, but for all who is invited will always be difficult. It has everything you could possibly want from a great relaxed atmosphere to rather low and reasonable prices. This city is filled with culture and creativity, and has a great force of entertainment from nice restaurant to yacht rides. If you are looking to experience the best nightlife in Riga the best place to check out is Old Town, some even say it has the best party scene in Eastern Europe. It is also the most classic choice for bachelor party to travel too, due to its worldly known nightlife. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some excellent ideas that should help to keep everyone occupied. It was passed along to me by a coworker as a “take a look at this one…” with just a hint of sarcasm, but my reaction was, more to the effect of, “Wow, that kinda makes sense, this just might work.” The idea is basic and almost too simple. As a flight attendant I mainly work long haul international routes on trips which means crossing between as many as 9-12 time zones in as few as 4 days back and forth, which means I’m basically fast forwarding my clock and then rewinding it. If you can get a few hours of true REM sleep then wake up when the sun comes up you’ll adjust easier.
The more I thought about it the more I realized I already had some experience with this idea and the technology behind it. However, after a few clicks into Google, it turns out that those little Opsins I mentioned earlier, well turns out they are all over the place, and one of those places is actually on the surface of our brains.
You’ll then get a UV-Free blue-enriched white light, that will flood into your ear canal and into the light sensitive regions of the brain. So, there is no worry in using it at the wrong time and messing up your body clock even more. This NN conjoins President Obama's natal Midheaven, and candidate Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction spotlighting the ongoing 2012 campaign season and the encounters the public will soon have through the October debates and Election Day, November 6th.
Zeal, tremendous energy, and heated arguments are also indicated especially with House and Senate seats up for grabs along with the Oval Office occupancy come January 21, 2013. Hades, the spy--a semisquare (2A05) which will probably play out most obviously in the 6th H of Service (Police, Military, Civic), Health, and Work.
In part, yes (Venus sextile Jupiter) yet testy Mars and Venus are square one another so obstacles, delays, and frustrations are on the menu though perhaps most of the interference stems from DC partisans and agents with axes to grind.
If experienced, 'cooler heads' prevail we may hope so and with Saturn ruling the 3rd H of Communications we shall at least learn of wiser solutions for thorny problems. Plus, issue 2 will be offered at a Special Holiday Price of $15US so subscribe only if you dare! Also, you'll note a few words from Thomas Jefferson, below, which perfectly echo my own feeling about my beloved America. In part, a rising SN denotes the separations I mention in the post, plus, bad timing with one's endeavors along with limiting conditions. Dunlap, printer of the Declaration of Independence, at such a late hour which times the first copy of the Declaration to come off the press. The transformation will introduce free gate-to-gate Fly-Fi broadband, a new inflight entertainment system with internet-streaming on HD seatback televisions, power outlets for personal devices, ergonomic seats, and generous personal space to accentuate its crewmembers’ continued dedication to service and hospitality. JetBlue continues to innovate inflight entertainment, with 36 channels of free DIRECTV increasing to 100 channels on its new Airbus A321 aircraft and coming to its A320 aircraft beginning in 2017.
Most interestingly, in addition to meals in First Class, passengers seated in Delta Comfort+ section will receive complimentary snack box, passengers in economy well receive specially designed refreshments by Nourish Snacks. Delta will also add two more daily flights from Seattle to Los Angeles for a total of 10 peak-day Delta Shuttle flights beginning May 23.
All Delta Shuttle flights on the West Coast offer Wi-Fi and free entertainment options through Delta Studio. Delta will offer 174 peak-day departures from Los Angeles this summer with the launch of five daily flights to Denver in June and more flights to Nashville and Boston.

It is always advised to get to the airport with plenty of time before your flight as the process can be rather long and you wouldn’t want to miss your flight.
If you are travelling abroad you will need to know whether you need a visa to enter, countries like the United States will need you to have a visa before you are allowed to enter. Then decide how much spending money you will need, always get some money exchanged before you get to the airport. After the process is complete you can have a browse through the shops and even buy duty-free perfume, snacks, make up and everything else you may need before you fly. It can help to be flexible too, which is why you shouldn’t be too rigid with your planning.
Take a look at Vaal resorts to get an idea of the kind of things you could have in your hotel. As long as you’ve put enough thought into the planning process, you can feel safe about relaxing. Some celebrities once they are hugely successful stretch to the purchase of a Private Island.
The 700 acres island was already a busy holiday resort with several hotels and ample beaches. The actor is lucky to have 5,400 acres of space on the Island, and there was already a village on the island! They operate differently using a low cost business model to help reduce the cost of their ticket prices.
You instead must divert to the nearest city, and if the aircraft isn’t fixable, that can lead into a lengthy delay. Currently there have been only minor injuries and no loss of life, and we hope it stays that way.
However, the FAA has strict operational policies in place to create anything critical from taking happening during flight operations.
How is it then, that an airline operating a fleet one tenth the size of Delta Airlines, is able to collect almost half the same number of incidents when utilizing the aircraft less?
The only worry here is that the FAA has had a bad habit over the years of being reactionary and not proactive to avoid accidents and incidents. How about a pilot being fired after an emergency landing where he deemed that conditions were dangerous, and asked the flight attendants to evacuate the aircraft for the safety of the passengers. Being the best man is definitely one of the hardest jobs, but going away for a bachelor party in Europe doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. If you are looking for something more activity based for your bachelor party there are places that enable groups to go tank driving, clay shooting, white water rafting, paint-balling, indoor sky diving, gambling and even go to local festivals.
Other activities for your bachelor party could include beach bike tours, Go-Karting, and even limo parties. As well as the vibrant and relaxed nightlife it also has a variety of parks, architectures, canals and culture to offer all those that visit.
If you like the idea of flying through the canopy, make sure you book your tickets in advance. Most tours come with a guide who will answer your questions and highlight places of interest. People come from all over the world to take a dip in the hot springs and get closer to nature. You take a pair of headphones and put them in your ears, only you won’t be projecting sound into your ears, but rather light. Our bodies actually have an internal chronometer, a true biological clock built into our brain. Mars is at a traditionally malevolent degree ('19Sco'), aka, Serpentis, which compels those affected toward misfortune; ASC also brings up South Scale with its several negative potentials such as theft, betrayal, abuse, poison, drowning, revenge, and all-around criminality.
JetBlue also achieved the highest scores in the study’s Aircraft and In-Flight Services categories. JetBlue’s free Fly-Fi, the fastest broadband internet in the sky, is available on all Airbus aircraft, and will be available fleet wide by the end of 2016. Along with all this, all passengers – in ALL cabins – will receive free beer, wine and spirits! Flights to Los Angeles will be operated with a mix of Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 717 jets, while flights to San Francisco will be operated by Delta Shuttle carrier Compass Airlines using two-class, Embraer 175 jets.
Here is a handy guide of tips for those first time flyers, those who haven’t done so in a while or for those who just need a little reminder of what to expect. If you do need a visa it is best to do it as early as possible as applications can take a long time to process.
If you plan on using credit or debit cards inform your bank as they could freeze your account and suspend your cards if they see transactions from another country. Make sure you keep an eye on your flight on the boards as they will then show you when your flight is boarding and which gate you need to reach. There will be something for everyone, whether you want a hostel you can make friends at or a luxury hotel.
It means they won’t be bothered by the press trying to take photos of them, and they can have a truly luxury beach holiday with their friends and family! It’s a gorgeous island with 15.4 acres of space, but looks like he hasn’t done much with it so far!
Its tech scene is currently experiencing a boom, and San Francisco has a rich history that visitors can spend days discovering.
You have a base price for your ticket, and from there you can add on things like checking a bag or paying to choose a specific seat, or even buy food on board – for a nominal charge of course. If something major happens however, and you can’t get to a nearby city soon enough, the end result could be catastrophic. We started out doing a quick recap of what’s been going on at Allegiant Airlines, however, the “quick” part became longer and longer, an almost unbelievable amount of incidents just over the past year – this is a list of what’s taken place since Jan 2015 alone. Allegiant operates a fleet of mostly MD80 series aircraft in addition to some Airbus A320 series and Boeing 757 aircraft (the 757s are scheduled to be removed from the fleet). Most directives and changes in aviation practices come as the result of a major aviation accident. More and more stag parties are turning to places in Europe to have a weekend full of mad fun.
If the groom or any other members of the group are soccer or European football fans then there is even FC Barcelona tour which will make the trip truly memorable. Despite what Amsterdam is typically known for, it is a really stunning and friendly city to visit.
However, you should still ask local people for advice when you arrive if you want to have the best time with your kids. There are some days where my brain literally feels like someone has cooked it, stirred up and then served it. He finally went to a doctor about his depression, after explaining everything to him, the doctor told him he like had a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder, aptly titled with the acronym SAD.
You’ll have more energy and your feeling of tiredness from jet lag will be reduced if not minimal. But considering the horoscope which results from using this birth time, it's an interesting chart to investigate.For one thing, there's the then-recent discovery of a planet which relates to freedom, independence, individualism - yet Aquarian groups - and rebellion, Uranus. Delta is also planning on moving all shuttle flights as close to security as possible to make car to plane as quick as possible. As you wouldn’t want to be stranded without any money at home let alone while you are on holiday or on a trip away. Then all you need to do is hop on the plane, wait out the flight and enjoy the holiday or trip. However, if you are travelling with others, you’ll need to make sure the trip is suitable for everybody. Not only that but once you head out of town you’ll instantly hit a beautiful natural landscape. There are three cable car routes through the city, which each pass by some famous sights, including Lombard Street and North Beach. The majority of cities in Europe can offer bachelor parties plenty of different activities, culture and food to try. There are plenty of activities to participate in when in Amsterdam from different interactive tours, quirky festivals and even canal cruising to tour the city. Basically, what doctors and researchers are finding out is that, we as humans, need sunlight, more so than we realize. Strangely enough, the Scandinavian Physiological Society has already published findings of Opsins on the outer part of the brain. Typically associated with our nation and the American Revolution, Uranian traits describe America in a nutshell. They also state they are planning on opening a new Delta Sky Club this fall of 2016 in Concourse A. Pier 39 is an excellent melting pot of entertainment, and you’ll also be able to see some of San Francisco’s most famous residents – the sea lions! Because you can’t just pull over to fix a problem, the FAA (in the United States) has regulated air travel and maintenance for airlines. In comparison Delta Airlines is known for utilizing older used aircraft as well, the current fleet size at Delta is over 800 – It should pointed out that Delta operates over 100 MD80 series aircraft similar to those operated by Allegiant.
Without getting overly technical, basically, you have light sensitive receptors in your eyes, little guys called Opsins.
Delta however utilizes their aircraft on a higher usage operating longer days with the aircraft on more flights than Allegiant does.
They are awesome and convert the light you see which is simple white light which is considered photonic energy, that is converted into neurons that go to your brain saying “Wake up, look at the light we’re getting!” or “not much light out there anymore…” These signals then get sent to start regulating hormone function which tells other organs and body parts what they need to do. We sleep inside our houses, we get in our cars and then go to buildings and sit inside again, come home and do it all over again, gaining very little sunlight in the process.
Having Uranus rising, the higher octave planet associated with Aquarius (with Saturn ruling AQ) supports our Aquarian Moon at Midheaven and gives the nation a Moon-Saturn-Uranus vibe.
You have a better chance of being killed by a cow or being struck by lightning than being harmed in an aviation accident. For example, Delta might use an aircraft to operate multiple flights during the day, using the aircraft between 11-13 hours a day. Ever find yourself outside, feel the sun on your face, then find yourself closing your eyes and moving your head upward to feel the full sun’s presence on your face?
Allegiant Airlines however often only utilizes and aircraft on average between 5 and 8 hours a day. This is why your body wakes up when you get sunlight on your face, you can still detect light through your eyelids! And our nation's tendency to go to war based on lies and false reports (duplicitous Gemini) is well-represented by the warring, rebellious, violent, explosive Mars and Uranus pair rising and in 12th H of Karma and Self-Undoing, and Mars in the 1st house of Self.The Uranus Rising chart contains a Grand Trine of sorts but we must stretch degrees if we wish to include Uranus at ASC, Moon at MC, and our exalted-in-Libra Saturn in 5th H. So if you've never viewed America's Uranus Rising natal horoscope, here you go, with my compliments. There are more factors worth mentioning, of course, but my schedule decrees that I ask you to consider this posting of the chart as a reference point for further discussion. Watching transits and progressions that affect this version of America's natal chart may be of some interest and I hope you'll investigate as you wish!

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