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Aquarius  A fortuitous knock on the noggin will allow you to divine the precise calorie count of delicious street fair dishes.
Pisces  You will discover a dark secret about a loved one while rummaging through their belongings. Aries  A chance encounter with a long-forgotten Christopher Cross single inspires you to take a trip you’ve longed for. Taurus  The image you interpret on a slice of toast (or a muffin top) allows you to temporarily guess what a close friend is thinking. Gemini  A crassly defaced volume stumbled upon in the reference section will remind you that sometimes the right answer is the most obvious one. Cancer  The postponement of a long-awaited romantic reunion causes you to further question the high price of cheap thrills. Leo  The sun, the moon, a lover’s swoon and a diva’s croon: these things are meant to be enjoyed, not controlled. Scorpio  A chance to reconcile with an old coworker presents itself when you run into them on the A train.
Sagittarius  Highly touted digestive aids fail to quell your discomfort, after abusing a seafood shack’s all-you-can-eat special. Capricorn  Don’t be afraid to trust in your paw-hand man, as a conversation with a furry friend will reveal a long-hidden obsession. Fountain frolic film project in Washington Square ParkWe still owe Sisters of Charity and St.

Aries 21 March - 20 April The past few weeks have been hectic, but now the time has come to take back control of your life. Vincent’sSpecial election was a slugfest and we all lostPier 40 air rights appraised at $75 million; St. You may have been able to ignore certain financial responsibilities in the past, but not any more. Cosmic forces are focusing on what you earn and what you spend, but really all you have to do is live within your means.
Call 0906 651 3440*Taurus 21 April - 21 May In a few daysa€™ time your solar year will begin, and with Venus and Mars also moving into Taurus, relationships are bound to be high on the agenda. CALL 0906 651 3441*Gemini 22 May - 21 June Mercury, your ruler, moves to focus on your dreams and desires encouraging you to make a number of important decisions about your future. So many of your dreams are now on the brink of success or failure that even a minor decision could make all the difference. Dona€™t rush into anything but be ready to act decisively when you see the opening you have been waiting for.
Call 0906 651 3443*Leo 24 July - 23 Aug The Sun, your ruler, crosses the midheaven angle of your chart later this week a€“ an auspicious omen by anyonea€™s standards.
CALL 0906 651 3444*Virgo 24 Aug - 23 Sept No matter how mundane the things you have to do early in the week, try to make time to sit quietly and think about the wider implications of your life. CALL 0906 651 3445*Libra 24 Sept - 23 Oct There are things no one knows about you, not even those who share your most intimate secrets.

You may be tempted to tell all this week, to get matters off your chest but, in a word, dona€™t.
CALL 0906 651 3446*Scorpio 24 Oct - 22 Nov At times youa€™re too independent for your own good; you certainly have no intention of compromising your freedom or beliefs.
But with the Sun about to begin its annual transit of Taurus, there are certain things you cannot possibly do alone. CALL 0906 651 3447*Sagittarius 23 Nov - 21 Dec Dona€™t sacrifice yourself too willingly this week: let partners and colleagues make all the running. CALL 0906 651 3448*Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan As from this week you will begin to see just how fortunate you really are and just how much can be achieved if you dona€™t believe the world is against you. CALL 0906 651 3450*Pisces 20 Feb - 20 March Dona€™t let a failure in communication get you down. WHEN YOU TEXT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WHICH IS CHARGED AT YOUR STANDARD NETWORK RATE.
Call Sallya€™s special Astro-LinesThe sign under which you were born can influence every area of your life.

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