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I will post the picture of the card, state whether it was upright, or reversed and write a few words about the card's meaning. I have 17 years experience in giving tarot card readings for family, friends and coworkers. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. I used to regard him disdainfully, but now I see that he was actually achieving all his goals – better yet, he was doing it his way.
This entry was posted in June 2013 and tagged ascended masters oracle cards, daily oracle card reading, oracle cards, saint germain. Last night in a passing conversation about gossip, someone came up–the person you tell something you want repeated. I highly recommend buying the basic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (sometimes called the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck or RWS for short). There are many variations of the RWS tarot deck, such as the Radiant Rider-Waite or the Giant Rider-Waite.
If the Rider-Waite tarot deck does not appeal to you, there are other excellent decks to learn with. Nearly every Tarot deck comes with its own little white book (LWB) – a tiny booklet outlining the basic meanings for each card. The first Tarot book I ever read was A Magical Course in Tarot by Michele Morgan and it has remained one of my favorites. This book covers the basics of Tarot reading in a fresh, inspiring manner that will get you excited about learning Tarot. The author teaches you how to tap into your intuition to read the cards, so you aren’t just relying on memorizing the card meanings. Another great Tarot book for beginners is Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners by Joan Bunning.
This book is packed with information, tips and exercises and presents learning the Tarot in a very logical, well laid out manner. 31 Responses to What Tarot decks and books do you recommend for an absolute Tarot beginner?
Thank you for your recommendations, I will be sure to choose from the ones listed so that I can learn easier; for me I have no one to ask as I am the only one in my family on the path so this was really helpful.
Hi Kate, I have the book “The Tarot Bible” by Sarah Bartlett is this a good book to learn tarot meanings and spreads?
I would go with A Magical Course in Tarot to start with as it gives you a really good grasp of the card meanings and how to use your intuition. Is there a specific book that you recommend to help people actually read the cards in a reading?
I was wondering if you would reccomend Tarot Goddess Guidance Card Deck Fortune Beginner Advanced Telling Virtue Oracle deck for me?
Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year – there is always such a fun, magical, mysterious energy to this day! The main message I got with this card was that once you identify what your major time wasters and energy zappers are, you will be well on your way to transforming your life.
I thought about this myself and realized that watching TV and spending unproductive time on the internet was draining most of my free time.

The Seven of Cups Tarot card prompts you to ask the question: What change can you make today that will enhance the quality of your life and help you get your head out of the clouds?
This entry was posted in October 2012 and tagged crystal visions tarot, daily tarot reading, robin wood tarot, tarot cards. This will feel wonderful if you are ready to express your creativity and take action in creating what you envision. 3) What do I need to do or to let go of in order to feel comfortable expressing myself fully?
This entry was posted in August 2012 and tagged daily tarot reading, free daily tarot, osho zen tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot cards. Today’s daily tarot reading turns up the Six of Pentacles, which brings a message of balance, equality and the importance of generosity.
I have the feeling that most people reading this are very good at showing generosity to others and wouldn’t hesitate to help a friend in need.
On a different note, I feel that the Six of Pentacles speaks of the need to balance finances.
This entry was posted in July 2012 and tagged daily tarot card, free daily tarot, free tarot card reading, six of discs, six of pentacles, tarot card meanings.
Today’s oracle card reading is all about self-worth, appropriately represented by the Poodle! Treat yourself to a hot bath today, and put herbs like lavender and sage under the hot running water.
You can be most acutely aware of how high your sense of self-worth is when you are criticized by others. This entry was posted in September 2012 and tagged free oracle card reading, guidance dogs oracle cards, tarot card meanings, tarot cards.
The Eight of Cups is today’s Tarot card and it comes with the message of moving on and seeking greater fulfillment. Join me for a Twitter party tomorrow night (Tuesday) for a chance to my 2013 Tarot Workbook!!!! This entry was posted in January 2013 and tagged eight of cups tarot card, free daily tarot, hanson roberts tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot cards. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
This rendition of Saint Germain reminds me of this guy I used to go to college with who would always pride himself on passing all his classes by putting in the least amount of effort possible.
So I feel this card is telling us that having goals and a vision is great, but when you set out to achieve things in your own unique way, that is when the magic happens! You might be tempted to buy a whole bunch of decks and books, but I would recommend purchasing just one deck and one or two books to start. Once you learn the card meanings and structure of this deck, you will be able to read from most other decks quite easily. This book is enjoyable and easy to read, making the Tarot seem very learn-able without taking the magic and mystery out of it. This is one of those books that you will refer back to again and again, even after you have mastered the Tarot. But, some one told me that I should not use tarot cards as it brings negative energies and bad souls.

It was actually one of the first decks I bought, along with the Rider-waite deck and The Secret Tarot.
One book you may find helpful is Tarot for Your Self : A Workbook for Personal Transformation Second EditionTarot for Yourself (Mary K. I want something that is simple and easy to read that I can tap into by using my gifts with them. If you have been feeling scattered, the Seven of Cups reminds you that having lots of dreams, interests and choices is something to celebrate. For the month of November I am going to eliminate TV altogether and limit my internet time and see what kind of a difference it makes in my life.
He reminds you that you have his power and confidence available to you if you choose to use it!
You know how good it feels to do something nice for someone, so do someone the favor of letting them do something nice for you!
Don’t be reckless with your spending this weekend and make sure that your inflow and outflow of money is nicely balanced. Grooming rituals can often be a good time to think about your body in a way that is caring and loving. You know what you need to let go of and as you do so, this will help create space for new energy and abundance. If you are feeling bogged down by stacks of paper and other clutter in your living and work space, take an hour or more to clear things out. Once you have let go of all the useless junk you have been holding onto, you will be amazed at how light and free you feel….like you can take on the world! Focused intentions, a clear mind and connecting your heart with everything you do will serve you well today (and any day for that matter). I use the Universal Waite Tarot and I highly recommend this deck, particularly for a Tarot beginner. The imagery closely follows the Rider-Waite deck, but some feel that the artwork is more likeable – it really just depends on your personal tastes. Thanks a lot for your recommendation, Your site has taken my understanding of Tarot to a whole new level, I felt it was precisely what I needed, being a keen learner of Tarot and Oracle Card Readings for myself and for professional readings. I worked with it quite a bit when I was first getting into Tarot, but I haven’t worked with it for a while. Greer, in my opinion these are also great books for beginners after they follow your advice and get along with the imagery and meanings.
But if you feel like you spend way more time dreaming than actually making your dreams happen, you may want to take a new approach. This could include some kind of physical pampering, like a trip to the spa, or something deeper.
And kindly please suggest me any site from which I can learn angel cards like you have site of tarot.

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