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In terms of shape, I've been wearing my eyebrows on the thicker side, which prompts my guys friends to ask me why I don't pluck my eyebrows, but even so I prefer thicker eyebrows to skinnier ones. Anyways, as a token of appreciation for doing that gig for Benefit Cosmetics in April, I got to choose whatever I wanted from their inventory as long as it was within a certain limit.
I thought for a bit, and finally picked their Instant Brow Pencil in Deep, and Benetint – just what I needed then! Sometime last year, I bought the Instant Brow Pencil in Medium to Dark, which is actually a medium to dark brown shade, and which was the darkest shade they had available. Later on, they launched the Instant Brow Pencil in Deep.
Today, I’m going to review the Instant Brow Pencil in Deep which I received, and also put in comparison swatches for your reference. This entry was posted in Benefit Cosmetics, Makeup and tagged Beauty, Benefit Cosmetics, Brow pencil, Brows, Cosmetics, Deep, Eyebrow pencil, Eyebrows, Instant Brow Pencil, Makeup, Medium, Medium to Dark, Pencil, Product reviews, Sponsored, Spoolie by J.
I personally love IT Cosmetics long-winded Brow Power Universal Transforming Long-Wear Eyebrow Pencil with GrowLuxe Technology, but I’m interested in checking this out too!
For Ooh La Lift, some people like to put it in the refrigerator before using it, to give the skin a cooling effect. Kim Fox9 February 2013 at 11:16I use a Jemma Kidd eyebrow palette but I like the look of this too! If you have dark hair, you need to go for a slightly lighter shade or at best, two shades light than your hair color.
If you have light hair and light skin or pale skin, the best eyebrow colors will be two shades darker. Blondes should avoid colors that are too dark as they might be too much or look harsh on them. With the above basic ways on how to choose eye brow colors, let us look at how to color eyebrows. If you want specific way to color your brows, the following articles will help in giving tips, secrets, best brands, how to apply and much more. Ensure you have groomed your brows, which might include eyebrow threading, waxing trimming, (especially for people with bushy eye brows), plucking, shaping, etc. If you are dying or using a permanent eyebrow color, you need to apply Vaseline around your brows to keep the color off your skin around your eyebrows. The specific technique you will use will be dependent on the type of brow colors you are using. While applying it, in case you make a mistake, ensure you remove it using the correct makeup remover and if necessary, reapply correctly.  This might not apply to people using eyebrow dyes.
Once you are through with the application process, you need to brush your eyebrows from inside out in short upward strokes to ensure they look perfect.
This book is all about brows dilemmas, from how to get a thin and sparse brow into a fuller looking ones, how to get the best shape of an eyebrow and what are the main products for eyebrow grooming and shaping.
Eyebrows, personally, is one of the most important factor that frames you complexion and face.
After the explanation about the book, I strongly agree that waxing (or any kind of shaping and trimming) is important.
First, as much as how neat my brow drawing are on a "virgin" brow, it wont be as neat as the brows that have been trimmed and shaped. I hope you are clear-er now when it comes to the most important eyebrows products and you can easily get them at Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia boutique but i am not sure whether this book is still available? One of my favorite models, Camille Rowe, taught me this a few years ago when I was happily in the mind frame that brows had to be smoothed over and perfectly groomed.
A Spoolie Brush or Brow Gel: I would advise a brow gel because you want them to stay in place. Now that the beginning hairs are directed toward the opposite brow and the rest of the base hairs are directed straight up, brush the tail hairs outward in the direction of their natural growth. We know that brow styles are a personal preference so if you’re not into this natural look, that’s ok!

Would be nice if the product came in one of those twisties instead of a pencil that needs to be sharpened.
It is mad painful for me trying to take selfies, but my sister told me to take a bunch of silly ones and it'll make the process better.
I believe Medium to Dark is now simply called Medium to avoid confusion, now that they have Deep. Despite that, though, I have to sharpen it after every three uses, which means it’ll run out really quickly.
The Instant Brow Pencil makes the brows look naturally full, and kind of looks just like real hair. It contains raspberry extracts and light reflecting pigments to help the eyes appear less tired. Also, it has a handy little eyebrow comb on the other end, which is great for those last minute touch-ups.
Color choice will be affected by many factors, which include personal preference, occasion, age, eye color, skin color, hair color among many other factors. You still have the right to try various colors or get advice to help coming with the best color for your eyebrows. This will ensure best results since oily eyebrows often cause smudging of eye brow colors you have applied. Cotton swabs are the best since they can perfectly remove eye brow colors even on thin eyebrows before you can reapply again. I know it is still a taboo to do anything with your eyebrows unless you are married, but i dont believe that.
Second, it is kinda hard for me to pin point the shape of the brows due to the hair, although i always successfully did them but to draw the shape and to see it is pretty hard if you have a dark hair of the brows. She borrowed my spoolie brush and directed the beginning hairs inward, away from the others.
My three favorites are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, Amazing Cosmetics Brow Gel and Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel. She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor. In a nutshell, you apply it to your forehead to pull the skin up for a smoother appearance. Any oil or makeup on your face will cause the piece of tape to not grip well and possibly slide off.
Gathering up your loose skin and pulling it up can help show you the best place to put the tape. Pull the string around your head, and find the hook to the other piece of tape, hidden under the hair. It's best to wear your hair down, as you'll need to hide them on the back of your head as well as around your temples where the actual tape is. Each pencil comes with a spoolie on the other end, and that's for brushing and setting your eyebrows. HAHA I realize the difference is barely noticeable in these pictures, but I promise that in reality this product makes such a huge difference. My experience was that powders and pencils made them too dark, and gels and waxes made my eyebrow hairs clump together and look oily.
Notice how the hairs grow differently and in different directions - trying too hard to make them 'look the same' can lead to over plucking. I like to use their Dual Pencil Sharpener (my first Benefit product!) for all of my Benefit pencils. Mornings are such a rush and I usually only have a couple of minutes to get my brows done, so this is a real time-saver! For instance, although most of the Hispanic and African American women get flattering eyebrow looks with brown eyebrow colors, some find black to be the best.

Otherwise, your effort will be to no consequence if you still need to groom your brows after coloring them, especially with temporary eyebrow colors. You can see the pop-art  that said "Laughter is the best cosmetics" and "Wax, tint, tweeze and please" Benefit Cosmetics concept are fun.
I received quite a lof of compliment on my brows if i may say and i am going to exposed my secret on how to get them!
I have a naturally high arch brows which makes me look angry at all time but i swear i am not.
I personally would go for this one but if you are a beginner and still shaky in doing your eyebrows, get the Instant Brow which is a pencil that is smudge- proof and water- proof. I think aside from the eyebrow, you an use this product to high light because of its white and pink undertone to brightens the skin area. I personally barely use this due to my eyebrow that are sparse but if you have a thicker eyebrow and dont want to do all of these steps, get the brow-cara and apply it by brushing it onto the hair of your brows.
Instantly I saw how sexy and youthful it made everything and my perspective on brows was changed for life. While reviews are fairly mixed for the results, knowing how to use the product properly can increase your chances of a good result. You'll need to place it near your hairline to keep it hidden, so above the ear is usually a good choice, especially for sagging around the eyes and cheeks.
Finally a while back when I was checking out one of Benefit's Brow Bars (pop up at Sephora, Toronto Eaton Center), I was introduced to Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil, and now I always fill in my eyebrows.
You will be truly a beauty queen if you do it correctly in addition to using other eye makeup such as eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascaras etc well. Using the wax and powder will give a stronger shape of eyebrows and I personally find it easier to draw and to fill in my eyebrows with the wax one. This product is placed on the brow bone beneath the highest arch of your brow, apply it and blend it well. You can purchase instant face-lift tape from a pharmacy, and the packaging should include pictures to help you understand how to apply it to your face for the best possible results. Nothing finishes off that bold lip look, like a set of strong yet natural looking eyebrows. I've been using the kit for a few years now (more than one haha) and just keep the pencil for on the go touch ups. It all begins with correct eyebrow color kit choice, application and having the correct tips, all of which we are going comprehensively to cover in this article. Benefit's Instant Brow is great for filling in sparse areas, but I wouldn't recommend this product to those who really need to draw in their brows.
I always prime my eye area with Stay Don’t Stray, which helps brighten up the skin as well. Most manufacturers, cook it, steam it, and dehydrate it so that all you have to do is pop it in some water and it’s done.
Because they do this on such a massive scale, some quality and texture is lost in the process.But, there’s good news! If nothing else, I think I’m going to start cooking my rice this way because I always have rice scorched to the bottom of the pan. Dozens of people have emailed me over the years saying they only use this method now to cook any kind of rice and it always turns out great. Cover it and when it is steaming hot, remove it from the heat and let it steam until rice is thawed and fluffy.

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