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Guruji me or mera partner masale ka biusness karte hai usme growth nahi aa rahi hai or kya hum carorpati ban sakte hai? RishabhaThis year 2015 would guide all Rishabha Rasi natives to utilize their full potential in life. MithunaThere would be some major changes in your lifestyle all you Mithuna Rasi natives out there. KanniDuring this year, Kanya Rasi natives would find a calm and soothing environment around them. TulaIn this year your life would be full of peace, balance and a compromised approach keeps you going. DhanusDhanus Rasi natives would be able to plan and execute the ideas that have been hitherto put in the cold storage.
MakaraFor the year 2015, the planetary positions would boost the course of actions in your life.
MeenaThis year of 2015 would be more favorable for Meena Rasi natives, despite the bad effects of Sani lingering around.
RishabhaThe year 2014 would be a generally favorable year for those born under Rishabha Rashi or Taurus Moon sign.
MithunaFor Mithuna Rashi born natives, the first half of the year 2014 would pose a series of troubles and trials in life.

KatakaThe year 2014 is a generally bad period for natives born under Kataka Rashi or Cancer Moon sign for the first half year period. KanniThe start of the year 2014 would be a testing time for you due to the positioning of Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and even Mars turning Retrograde.
TulaThe placements of Guru or Jupiter and Sani or Saturn would give mixed results for Tula Rashi natives in the first half of year 2014. DhanusThe starting of the year 2014 proves to be very lucky and beneficial for Dhanus Rasi natives due to the good positioning of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Rahu. MakaraThe year shall begin for you on a sober note for these natives due to the positioning of the planets Jupiter, Saturn , Rahu and Ketu. KumbhaThe planets Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are well-placed for Kumbha Rasi natives for the first half of the year 2014.
Get detailed list of remedies with guidance for any kundali "dosha" or Sade Sati or any mahadasha. Vastu Shastra  is the ancient Indian science of constructing and decorating homes, working places, offices, temples etc. These are the results which a person may expect when Shani is transiting the Lagna (Ascendant) in the horoscope:1. The position of Guru shall help you to consolidate your professional and personal life for the better.

One calls for a calm and peaceful home-bound life and the other one would be an aggressive you. Our Indian astrology horoscopes provide excellent insights into your personal life for the year 2014. This is because Guru or Jupiter is Retrograde and the bad period of Sani or Saturn called as Kantaka Sani is running for Mesha natives. Mars position is likely to bring in unwanted expenditure of all sorts, hence maintain some caution in this year.
However after June, things shall turn in favor of you thanks to the good placement of Mars for these natives along with the transit of Rahu. Be prepared to ward off any troubles that might come your way during the second half of 2014.

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