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There is recorded evidence of numerology's use ten thousand years ago it was in use in our ancient cultures of Greece, China, Rome and Egypt as well. In this grid, the total of all numbers when they are added up vertically or straight, horizontally, downwards, diagonally or sideways, comes to be 15 only. Remedy: Wear a bracelet of the yellow metal in your hand or wear a watch with a yellow strap. From the following table, we will find out as to which element is lacking in a particular date of birth and what is the remedy for that the chart will also give in brief the effect of a particular direction in our day to day life.

Fix a poster of waterless mountains with high peaks wear a pendant necklace of silica a ring of pearls. We are sure that with the simple tips given in this table enlightened readers can makes their sweet life sweeter bitter less bitter.
ENGLISH MALAYALAM TAMIL HINDI KANNADA TELUGU,GUJARATHI, MARATHI, BENGALI through email in PDF format. But inspite of best efforts very few people in the world are satisfied with their achievements.

To make up for the lack of numbers 3 and 4 (wood-element), wear good quality of Rudraksha bead or any wooden bracelet and use wooden body pen.
Keep a red energized pyramid in south of room use furnishings having triangles in the design.

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