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It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Enhancing Technology adjusts to all brow hair colors and skin tones.
I have used this eyebrow pencil for well over a year now and I’m so glad I decided to buy it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A couple of weeks ago, someone told me that they like my eyebrows because they look natural, instead of plucked and penciled to perfection. Lancome Sourcils Tint is available in blonde, a lighter red brown, an ash brown, and black.
You're going to find an eyebrow pencil in every makeup collection, and you may already have a favorite. Even better, the pencil itself is a twist-up, so you won't have to carry a sharpener around with you. This multi-purpose brow tool gives you all the best parts of a cream or pomade along with the precision of a pencil. My favorite way to use it is to go in and softly fill in places where my brows are more sparse, dotting on the pencil and then diffusing the color with the spoolie brush on the opposite end.
Available in four shades, the Brow Power Waterproof Perfector is especially ideal for people with lighter hair, brows, and skin because the blonde and auburn shades are flattering against fair tones. Pencils are great for effortless application, but if you prefer having maximum control, you're looking for a custom shade, and you like a bit of blendability, you might want to reach for a powder. There are two pans of powder, a light and a dark, plus wax for shaping, two small angled brushes, tweezers, and two mirrors. The two tiny brushes probably aren't ideal for applying your makeup in the comfort of your own home, but they get the job done when you're on the subway, in a bathroom stall, or wherever you find yourself needing them.
While this brow cream is among the top tier of brow products, it's not going to leave you looking like an over-filtered Instagram model or a drag queen (and I say that with nothing but love, since like two-thirds of my friends are drag queens. Of all of the creams and pomades that I've tried, this one is the creamiest and most malleable, giving you intensity where you need it but allowing you to blend it out where you don't. Taking a stiff angled brush, I draw under the lower line of my brows, filling in any spots where they're uneven. Even if you DGAF about brows, or really don't care to add them to the list of things you need to "do" in the morning, you'd do well to keep a tube of MAC's Brow Set in your purse.
The gel itself is very thin, thinner than a mascara, so it glides on evenly without any clumping and layers without getting heavy or building up.
Amazing one day offer for It Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Anti-Aging 4-PC Collection on QVC, plus review and swatches! First off, you get a full size Bye Bye Under Eye concealer (which retails for $24).  This is one of my all time top concealers. It comes in a tube that you squeeze, and you soon learn that you need the tiniest amount for astoundingly natural looking full coverage. This is a dual ended brow product.  One side has a spoolie, use it first to brush your eyebrows up. Ok, so for gorgeous eyes you get a full size Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and a special travel size Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil.  To complete the look with fabulous skin, there are more fantastic full size products.

Included in this one day only special is a Supersize Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Anti-Aging Micro-Powder (retails for $48).  This is a larger size than the one they have offered in the past. The matte color is strongly pink and cool-toned, though, so this color might not work if you have yellow-based or warm-toned skin. This product is simple to use because of its pencil form and gives you very precise application, allowing you to cover small areas like the bridge of the nose or the cupid’s bow. This entry was posted in A, Brands, Grades, it Cosmetics, Reviews, Swatches and tagged A, applied, brightener, brow, brow lift, Brow Power Lift, Highlight, highlighter, illuminator, it, it Cosmetics, pencil, reveiw, swatch, swatches. It’s time to meet your brow match, the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny Pencils are here and, as expected, they’re wonderful! The IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny Pencils have a revolutionary, automatic, ultra-fine tip. Besides the precise 1.4mm tip, the incredible formula, and the convenient built-in spoolie at the other end,  I absolutely love the color selection. Attention beauty fans everywhere – the game-changing beauty and skincare brand Beautycounter is coming to a Target near you! The oval-shaped tip creates the most natural looking eyebrow and is perfect for both thin and thick brows.
I do feel like my brows look better now that I started using this pencil, but I do think that threading and my efforts to grow my eyebrows out also have something to do with it.
There's a fine line between filling in your brows and overdrawing them, making them ideal for Instagram but not so much for your everyday life. You can subtly enhance your brows with just a few light dashes of the pencil, giving you soft coverage that blends in with your natural hair. I always have too much extraneous shit in my bag already, so for me, any product that needs a sharpener is an automatic no, regardless of how good it might be.
Whether you're looking to define the shape of your brow, lengthen the tail, or make it fuller, this is your first step to really manipulating size and shape.
Available in two shade duos, this little box is your all-in-one kit for perfect brows, and it fits in the palm of your hand. You can blend your own shade of powder or use the powders to mimic the coloring of your natural brows. My biggest worry when filling in my brows, especially with a product like this, is overdoing it and making them too harsh. Then, I take the remaining product on the brush and, using short strokes, brush backward toward the inner corner of my brow (closest to my nose) where the hair is most sparse. While it's not going to give you the sharp definition that a pencil would, since the product is clinging to your brow hairs instead of being drawn onto your skin, it helps shape and fill your brows in seconds, making them look fuller but still natural. Furthermore, it’s the first ever super skinny micro-tip that is actually designed to mimic the exact width of real brow hairs, which means that every stroke of the pencil gives yu natural looking, full, symmetrical brows.
I’ve been stuck in the situation, where I color in my brows, and the powder or pencil formula smears so easily. With 7 lovely shades that utilize IT Cosmetics Brow Power universal transforming shade technology, it is guaranteed that you will get a perfect match to your hair color in your color range every time. After years of over waxing my eyebrows, I switched over to threading to try to make them thicker.

Whether it grows my brows out or not, I still love how I can customize my eyebrows and how the strokes look natural. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of overdoing it in every aspect of life, but there's definitely an art to doing your brows just enough. Or, with just a bit more applied pressure, you can fill in patchy spots, draw more defined edges, or sharpen your arch. The added bonus of the twist-up pencil is that the tip is thin enough to stay fine, so you'll never find yourself going at your brows with a blunt object. After using it to do my brows, I swatched all four colors on my hand and they were still there after doing the dishes and taking a shower. This is the kit Batman would keep in his utility belt for when he needed to touch up his brows right quick.
The powder is dense, but applies and diffuses out nicely, so whether you're looking for just a subtle wash of color or more intense coverage, you'll be able to achieve it. The IT Cosmetics Build-A-Brow Waterproof 5-in-1 Micro Fiber Creme is your gateway to the harder stuff. Even when using the darkest shade of this cream, I found it gave me enough time to diffuse any hard lines and blend to look natural before it set.
It's a tinted brow gel that helps shape brows and keep them in place, while making them look fuller and more sculpted. Wherever you apply this pencil, the micronized pigments instantly make that area look more lifted and youthful.
I’ve had the embarrassment of  sliding sunglasses over my eyes and into my hair, and have had two lines going up my forehead because the formula did not stay put. It Cosmetics Brow Enhancing Complex uses a patent-pending blend of  ingredients to target the look of brow hair loss and helps restore your brow hair follicles.
Trouble is, not every brow product gives you versatility to build your brows the way you want to. After all, there are few things scarier than fussing with your bangs only to discover that you just wiped off your eyebrow. After this, I might drag the brush down the tail of the brow, defining the outer corner where they tend to lose the plot.
IT Cosmetics has had pencils that I’ve recommended over and over again, which is why I was super excited about the launch of their new, sleek pencils.
This pencil ensures natural looking brows that won’t budge even if you rub, sweat, or accidentally touch with your sunglasses! I start by making short light strokes to fill in small gaps, them I apply medium pressure to blend it all together. So I gathered six different products for six different skill levels that will give us all better brows, and, in turn, better lives.
In my experience, it always gives me as much or as little coverage as I want on my first try.

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