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Last week, it seems the worlds of mainstream and social media were ablaze with talk of whether the current zodiac was correct. You only have to change your sign if you were born after 2009 when the Ophiuchus constellation appeared in the sky. Another idea I’ve seen over and over is that the original zodiac did, in fact, use 13 signs to go along with the 13 4-week months of the year. The argument goes on that we once lived in a matriarchal society (ruled, led or otherwise heavily influenced by women) and we didn’t switch to the current 12 sign system until we transitioned to a patriarchal society (ruled etc by men).
As you can imagine, people have been up in arms over the potential changes to their astrological sign.
Before we move on, it’s really, really, really important that you understand the difference between astronomers and astrologers.
This means that your average astronomer is no more able to explain astrology than an average astrologer is able to analyze the chemical composition of the sun. So, when they say the moon is in Pisces, they mean based on the way they divide the sky and the season of the year, not that the moon is physically in the constellation Pisces.
Basically, if you’re referring to the tropical zodiac when you tell people what your sign is, nothing changed.
About Jen WhittenJen Whitten is a paranormal researcher and writer, specializing in psychic development, Empaths, modern day vampirism and dealing with entities. Well, I thought someone had to try to make sense of it since half the news outlets were acting like astronomers deal in astrology. The Mind Behind YDPJen Whitten is a paranormal researcher and writer, specializing in psychic development, Empaths, modern day vampirism and dealing with entities. 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings compatibility, Learn about what all 12 zodiac signs means and how affects your life. Zodiac signs - horoscope dates, Discover the secrets of the twelve zodiac signs: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, and pisces.
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This is an exciting week for you, so much that I wrote a special article for the Exclusive Access since Venus and the Sun get in touch with Uranus in your sign. If you aren’t clear yet, these alignments with Uranus can disperse your attention, make you reactive and sabotage previous efforts and THAT’S NOT WHAT WE WANT! No dear, be a strategist and take advantage because the Full Moon will happen with the Sun in Cancer, next to Jupiter, whose feet are ready to move to Leo (your LOVE area) but before, he wants to make sure he leaves you stable, already moved in, with a new family plan or with emotional security. One last thought: the “objective” of that Full Moon is ending a period that started on January and that was about where and how you live, how your work and talent are supported and thus, preparing you for a new period of your life in which the lover or business partner is your wonderwall. It’s funny how money, fame, work, status and the entire social combo helps us see the reality of people…. Over the last month, those lessons came with reactions you didn’t expect from people close to you and, even though that, with Venus in your sign you opened up your heart (or were receptive) to see if it was only a crazy idea in your head, something that could change or improve. There’s a good side however: the main issue about money or pressure to save something works wonderfully for you. That being said, I want you to know that Jupiter is closing its cycle in your area of self-worth and before he leaves on the 16th, he wants to leave you with and emotional and real bank account that you can handle.
While this is happening, what’s foreign, advertising, publications, public image, making your name known, changing roles or positions before others also comes along and therefore, we can say the little crab has left its shell and won’t hide again.
This also ends with a period of time, ending the way you looked at life in a state that won’t continue. The area of home, emotional stability, family, relatives and how to cover your needs seems “taken care of” thanks to an excellent opportunity at your job or, because of a man who’s willing to help. If you’re married, your hubby will get great news from now until the end of the month and that means an improvement in the quality of life for both of you.
To wrap things up, let me remind you that Jupiter only has 9 days left in your sign and won’t come back in 12 years.
Every time we have a New or Full Moon, with the Sun –your ruler- involved, it is your time.
For now, the Sun is in Cancer, trying to illuminate the past so you can see it JUST AS IT IS, and not as you wished it was. Now, being more specific, stability on emotional matters or for moves is available, once you make the decision to take responsibility and take a step further.
Before I go, this week what you say and agree to has special importance: it’s a good week to sign contracts, apply for visas, permits or to send your portfolio to someone influential.
In professional or emotional matters, right now you won’t move a finger unless there’s a formal proposal….after all dear Virgo, you know what you want. This is the thing: Jupiter stays in Cancer once every 12 years, changing your goals and strategies. If it only depended on you it would be awesome but, it depends on someone else and you’re waiting for that someone to “manifest” so you can make specific plans, which is exactly what the alignments of the week are showing.
This is what you deserve, what you’ve worked hard for since January and, if this is about a creative project or a romantic relationship then it has even more weight, more opportunities to be real and give you satisfaction.
For Libra relationships are everything, but before you can have a relationship with anyone you must have a healthy relationship with yourself.
You’ve left behind many of your fears and the empty space you had was filled up with ambition to grow, to have what you deserve, to be recognized for how much you’re able to give, for what you’re able to do.
Before the Full Moon, the Sun in Cancer is in aspect to our erratic friend Uranus so, you have to take the risk, get out of the comfort zone, take advantage of Jupiter’s protection and dare to do something you wouldn’t have done before.
Since January, Mars –planet of action- is in Libra –the sign behind you- so you took on a passive role allowing others to take leadership, be at the frontline and carry the load. Besides, what the tension between the Sun and Uranus is looking for is for you to break away from the habit of disorganization you may have or, to call your attention to your body, health, habits and daily routines. At the end of the week we’ll have the famous Full Moon in Capricorn and that’s twice as important or gratifying to you, because the Moon will be close to your planet Pluto and the Sun will be close to Jupiter, planet of abundance. I tell you this also because the last aspect of the week is a beautiful trine between Venus and Mars, a trine of passion and reconciliation…but honey, you must have the intention.
Here’s the thing: if your emotional life isn’t in order, you can’t be successful in any other area. Notice how the indecision of not knowing if you’ll move or stay at that place, if you’ll travel or not, if you’ll have the time and energy to compromise with something else could make you miss wonderful opportunities.
And don’t tell me that your emotional life is a rollercoaster and you can’t decide…that’s an excuse my friend! To wrap things up: I know your love life is VERY exciting now but, this Full Moon in Capricorn is dead serious about money, salary, properties and the end of the dependency on someone who used to support you or made you feel safe…because you know, you have to learn to support yourself, feel certainty and make your own decisions. I will begin by telling you the same thing I told Sagittarius: if your emotional life isn’t in order, you can’t be successful in any other area because you won’t feel motivated and determined.
I was talking to my trainer the other day and he told me how a man who is a player has more difficulties to be successful than a man who has a stable relationship, since his attention is all over the place and is always looking for attention without compromise. Since the Full Moon also happens in tension with the Nodes of karma, this is a time to receive just what you deserve and if what you deserve is a promotion for your work or a Ken in your life, so be it! Also, at the time of these events the Sun is in tension with Uranus while Mars is in harmony with Venus so, you have everything on your side to take on a new responsibility, move in with your love, open up for someone to enter your life for real, taking that relationship that’s just beginning to the next level, partner up, start a new project because the one you were working on is already finished and in general, the center of everything is STABILITY…and I repeat myself my friend, the stability has to be emotional, otherwise everything I just told you about can’t become real, just as you like it….so get to work!
I’m sure you also realized that some situations that drained your attention remain that way because you’ve failed to set limits, you’re getting organized or because a big project came to an end. Now, let’s go back to the New Moon in Capricorn on January 1st when I’m sure you set the intention to do less of what you don’t like and a little more of what you like.
The downside is that there’s also a lot of energy accumulated in the base of your astrological chart where we analyze issues of family, home, children, moves and that has affected your decisions but, here comes the twist. In love news: these structural changes that come with the Full Moon in Capricorn will show you if that person is forever or not. If we’re talking about light love, with Venus in Gemini you can have multiple dates, people and flirting.

All the energy is focused on your legacy, what you produce, what you create or what you want to create.
2 – Maybe you already have the project, the child or you’re working on it, but this energy also covers EVERYTHING related to the project or child; for example: Do you have the economic stability? Read these questions and realize those have been a focal point over the last 12 months and, I know the economic factor was key to be successful because Mars has spent 8 months in Libra, which is your zone of properties and joint accounts, commissions and royalties. On the other hand, if you’re single or you don’t have help on that project, Mars in Libra was putting pressure on you so you could appreciate yourself more, chose well who you relate to and opened up to allow someone to enter your life. The Sun in Cancer is going over the degrees of the Cardinal Cross, giving you the impulse to take action on those themes. If you work with a company, this is a great time to ask for a better position, an opportunity to show what you’re capable of and earn a promotion.
The Full Moon in Capricorn happens at the end of the week so: it’s ok for your ambition to be higher, for you to be more determined and decide to invest more time on the people who are also working hard, instead of focusing on old habits or relationships that don’t add anything to your life.
For many Pisces gals, this is a time of acknowledgement for a job well done, that takes you to a new role or social status, leaving behind a job or collaboration you were doing for a while; so honey, congratulate yourself and get motivated to achieve even more, before December gets here and Saturn enters Sagittarius. Ophiuchus has been on my research list for several months now because of its supposed link to 2012, so you can bet seeing it on Twitter caught my attention.
In the new society, they wanted to get away from the heavy influence of the moon and women, so they dropped a sign and changed the calendar. If we were in a matriarchal society today, textbooks might say that it was always this way, even if it weren’t. After I sifted through a bit of the madness, I dug around until I found dozens of articles about the change. An astronomer is a scientist who looks out into the cosmos and deals with scientific evidence, calculations and theories.
I mean, do astronomers really think that all astrologers are too stupid to look at the stars and realize they’re looking at Aquarius instead of Pisces? If you’re referring to the sidereal zodiac when you talk about your sign, your sign may have changed. She regularly discusses the paranormal realm, as well as the dark inner workings of the mind. Much less when we’re on the week of the Full Moon in Capricorn that happens in the area of your chart that rules success, the public side of your life and formal relationships. There’s so much to take advantage of if you calm down and clarify your thoughts, of course. Even if this is something completely different from what you’re used to doing, you’ve prepared yourself so, this wasn’t unconscious my friend. If you have business partners, it’s possible that one of them is selling his shares and that’ll make you the main shareholder or, maybe it’s possible that after so much work and increase of clientele you really need to delegate.
The people you meet from now until the end of the year are quality people and “the one” could be among them, since Saturn leaves Scorpio on December and won’t go back there for 29 years.
You’ll receive great news and even the victory on a legal matter, visa application, residence issue, degree, permit or loan. But honey, it seems, with the Sun in tension with Uranus and the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn, that you have to learn that some things aren’t meant to be. You get the loan to pay a debt so you can leave a place on good terms, ready to open or for a fresh start at a different environment that you could call home. This time, it’s what the Sun does before the Full Moon what tells us the story for this week and for months to come. If you realize it wasn’t a perfect past, you’ll understand that what you’re living now or the opportunity you have now is more perfect than what you give credit for. The week starts with Venus and the Sun in aspect to Uranus, planet that brought to you an “agent of change” which is about to open up your eyes to new perspectives. How about accepting you’re not happy at that job, that you’re ready to do something new on your own?
The master plan was “reconfigured,” changing your environment or one of the characters in the story. To be honest with you, even if you don’t get an answer now, you’ll get information, have a conversation and get a sign or opportunity that’ll show you it’s on the way…Saturn direct on the 20th will give you that for sure. We are exactly in the last 9 days of Jupiter’s stay in Cancer, the area of your astrological chart that rules success, change of roles, marital status, status in general and how you’re perceived by the public.
Also a few hours after this alignment, the Sun chats with Saturn so, if you take the risk you’ll land on your feet!
People from your professional area or that you meet through professional events look promising.
We’re on the way to the Full Moon in Capricorn, which makes real something you desired to accomplish or see grow since January but, if we were only speaking about that dream we could celebrate.
Because the alignments before the Full Moon tell us how we get to the event: the Sun in Cancer is helping you organize several things at the same time, to be there for those who need you, to ignite your ability be more receptive and to try to do it all. This could make you reactive, waiting and longing for the result that the Full Moon could show. Something you’ve been planning or organizing for a long time is done successfully, as long as there’s no sabotage from your ego. Pay attention as well to see if you’ve taken and indirect attitude, being passive-aggressive and waiting for others to react…realize there’s a safest and more mature way to do things.
Venus in Gemini wants to be heard or has to hear something before she makes a decision so, you should pay attention if you don’t want to remain in limbo land…wondering what guy should you choose? I’ve said it before: the only thing a woman needs is to have herself and to know what she wants. Organize your life and rearrange your priorities if you don’t want someone else to come and do it for you.
Back to being as focused and active as you’re used to, instead of ambivalent and without using you power. Something you wanted since the beginning of the year is becoming real and you deserve to be acknowledged because you’ve worked hard, even though your success or growth seems to bother someone else, since the Full Moon happens in tension to Mars and the Nodes of karma. And when I say emotional life, I don’t mean Peter or John; I mean your relationship with yourself, before you can have a relationship with anyone else.
The way one does one thing is an indication of how one does everything else therefore, when you’re already committed to someone, to your career, to your profession or to a cause, it’s easier to organize your emotional life and redirect the energy with determination.
But if you haven’t measured up to the test, you’ll realize you can’t postpone the necessary changes any longer.
Since we’re now experiencing a “cosmic reboot,” it’s time to put things where they belong and end with a limbo that persisted for a long time.
With Jupiter about to enter Leo, your opposite sign, compromised love is more important now and you don’t want to waste your time with someone who isn’t worth it. Here’s the thing: the Sun is moving through Cancer, which is your area of what you BRING into the world, such as children or projects, whatever you have being producing to share it.
Moves, issues related to home, family and supporting the home are the most important factor now. In terms of your creative projects, it’s time to take your power back and make clear what everybody’s duties are.
Now, we have the astrological sign of Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign that will now throw everything we know about our horoscopes and personal charts into question.
I believe the article CNN published on the zodiac explains it the best, even though it doesn’t explain why people think it changed.
The astronomer also noticed that the sun may not be in any of the 12 signs at one point in the year, but in a 13th constellation, Ophiuchus. An astrologer is a metaphysical practitioner who uses the relative positions of the sun, moon and stars to determine personality traits and, some would say, divine the future. We’re expecting that an astronomer just stepped well out of their comfort zone to revolutionize the way astrologers work. Instead of being all about where the constellations are, the tropical zodiac concerns itself with the seasons.

Suffice it to say that if you get your horoscope out of the daily newspaper, magazines or Western online sites, you were under the tropical zodiac and nothing changed.
Remember, using content from this site without prior written permission will either land you on Dexter’s table or set off the zombie apocalypse. On the one hand, the desire to have stability, a home, a family or simply a better quality of life; on the other hand, the search for excitement, staying forever young and maintaining your genius side alive it’s also very important. Love, behind the facade, it’s the heart of the matter because Mars, your ruler, is connected to Venus all week. In fact, you made very conscious efforts since January to achieve something far from your usual environment, to shine with your own light and, even though you experienced many setbacks and lessons, now that we have all personal planets in direct motion, along with the Full Moon in Capricorn, this is a done deal for you.
I know that having Saturn at your back makes you hungry for life and , you have accumulated experiences so, you cannot deny clients or income but, you can’t deny either that can’t do everything on your own.
This is the preview and you can sense it, even after receiving a notification or certain information, but the whole deal will be settled after July 20th, when Saturn wakes up from his retro nap. Do your part of the job leaving behind what doesn’t motivate you, cutting the umbilical cord with what feels safe, what’s small and even with what’s childish. Once again, you’re changing your environment and either because you need support and didn’t get it or, because someone achieved something and forgot all about you, you’ll be metaphorically cleansing and chopping heads off.
Now you have a clean slate and so you begin to surround and associate yourself with people who are like you: growing and investing on their personal development. And I know that you’ve felt one step behind for a long time, when in fact what you’ve done since December 2013 is take one step forward….but how could you realize it if you keep certain emotions distant when you should feel them completely. Uranus wants you to realize – you’ll read something or talk to someone who’s far away or a foreigner- that you have what you need in front of you. I’ve been telling you for weeks that the idealization bubble is over for Leos and that you must appreciate this time, when Jupiter is about to enter your sign, but the last 9 days of his stay in Cancer and his participation in the Full Moon it’s a loud Let Go & Let GOD for you, because here you go towards your new life. You didn’t take so seriously the idea to work on that project or relationship until an urgent situation, out of your control, showed you there were changes to be made through decisions. Jupiter enters Leo on July 16th and won’t come back into your area of success for 12 years so, since we also have the Full Moon in Capricorn, you’re about to take a leap of faith thanks to a professional opportunity you receive or a proposal for compromise from an important man in your life. If he’s an artist he does something out of the ordinary or has a risky plan under his sleeve, which would take you to live somewhere else or buy a house, start a family…boy, you have a lot going on for you. At the end of the week, Mars in your sign connects with the North Node and you can “open a door” to someone who shares your interests.
But the truth is that many other things have accumulated, because that’s the nature of desire: ever expanding.
But the Sun in Cancer is going through tense aspects this week so, I know you feel unstable or your attention is everywhere but, YOU have to take the initiative to communicate clearly (Hey!
So speak, write, express yourself and don’t stop until you reach an agreement because in the same way that the Sun is arguing with Uranus, he’s being pretty nice to Saturn in your sign and that will present to you a written contract or agreement. Seeing the achievement will make you take seriously the idea of having a new structure or a new schedule to reach more ambitious things, earn more money or acknowledgments.
You can’t take advantage of any of that until you know what you want but, since we’re on the way to the Full Moon in Capricorn, a specific and important matter has to make you step it up a notch to get your life organized. So, when the Sun and Saturn start putting pressure on you to know if you’ll sign that contract, if you’ll compromise with that project and you don’t even have a clue where you’ll live…then take a break. Any other year I would tell you this is a time when you’ll see your efforts very clearly and that’s the case, but this year we have an additional element that makes it extra special: this Full Moon happens with the Sun in Cancer and next to Jupiter –planet of abundance- which only visits that area every 12 years.
Here’s a good explanation about that and if you want to know about love, let me tell you that while the Sun is next to Jupiter, the Full Moon in your sign comes back from meeting with Pluto –planet of transformation- so you will see exactly what you have to change or leave behind, if you really want to get your emotional life together to welcome someone who wants stability. This is also a big week when it comes to work, interviews, new projects and putting a plan together…not a life plan, but at least a mid-term plan. This is important because the Sun is calling attention on those themes just when Jupiter –planet of abundance- is finishing his visit there and won’t return for 12 years. Also, it seems that you’re working hard so an event or project becomes a reality and you can start cashing in on it but, that hadn’t been possible due to some issues about certifications, webpage programming, protocol, visa or work permit.
If you still aren’t sure, you can probably expect that astrologers will begin posting information about which zodiac they use. For people to find out what you’re planning before it is ready or for a relationship to get too much attention from others when you’re not committed…..No way! I hope you have a substitute, assistant or someone to take over your place while you leave to go around the world, opening up new doors, because I don’t know if you’ll return anytime soon since the Sun in Cancer gets in touch with Saturn and that looks like a 2-year-contract. Later on, you’ll see this time as a graduation from the University of Life and that, will open your eyes to a new perspective and your mind, once open, won’t shut down again. A new and independent Taurus girl is ready to start her own company, tribe, family and lifestyle. Make sure you don’t get involved again in those situations where you depend on someone else. But hey, there are new responsibilities on the way, sharing the load or the prep time for the arrival of a spectacular being but again, this process could only be faster if you open up. And the thing is honey, that even though this is something that you want, it takes you by surprise because of how things develop…The more out of the blue it is, the more IT’S MEANT TO BE. Mercury is already direct, remember?) and avoid assuming others know what you’re doing or what you’re going through. If you aren’t organizing an event or have an important date marked in your calendar –such an engagement, wedding, etc.- then this is about a trip, clients overseas, a legal matter or publication. You need structure and the opportunities are showing so you can set a custom plan for you…and of course, there will be elements that leave or that you leave behind. So, if you haven’t grown, produced or managed to get pregnant over the last year and you really wanted that, this is the time before the 16th when Jupiter takes its energy to a different area of your life.Ok, don’t panic!
Don’t let others know about your plans or moves until you’re ready, until you’re clear, until you learn to breathe and count to 10, even when the people close to you are testing your patience.
Since December you’ve worked hard to get ahead and earn what you want, change your routines, adapting those routines to your dream, etc…you’re learning and thus, you had ups and downs. Saturn waking up on July 20th and several aspects to the Nodes of karma tell me that good company is already present if not on the way.
You have to know what this is all about and also, if this is a commercial or emotional issue.
Human beings are too naive when they evaluate what they see as THE SUM OF EVERYTHING, when they could see the totality of things. Open the door, let whatever doesn’t do you any good go, let who wants to love you stay and step out of the way. Not only are you favored on those themes, but also you must take advantage because Jupiter is there…but he’s leaving. Part of the gift that Jupiter gives you before he leaves Cancer is removing the obstacles so, you can have the resources that will allow you to take the time to write that book, put together the portfolio, take your family to a different city, get pregnant, have your own house. Even better: How do you get that project or untamable guy so he can create a new stability with you? Maybe at the beginning of the year you asked the Universe to bring you a “Ken” and now it’s manifesting…what I do know is that Capricorn is the sign of Saturn, who also participates in this Full Moon and then, whomever owes you will give you what you deserve, because you’ve aligned with the worthiness and you vibrate it…there’s no doubt this is for you.
I know you want change and if the direction of the change aims at creating stability then, you’re aligned with the stars. And there’s more: know the talk is about faithfulness, compromise, stability or, if this is a commercial issue, it’s about starting a personal project and what’s even better  having the resources to do it.
So, when you don’t accept that something present in your life is the door to everything, you’re not settling and that makes you feel proud, but you’re not present enough either dear, in order to grasp this situation that represents a transition. That’s the type of questions Venus asks and sometimes she answers back, pushing further the moment to make a decision and get a plan moving…but chatting with Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Chiron will erase any doubts.
And there comes the Full Moon in Capricorn indicating a new lifestyle is here, and it starts when you assume where and who you’re with, the plans you have together and what you’ll be willing to leave behind to start over, either together or separately.

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