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All you need to do is take the year you were born, then find the corresponding year to the Geek Zodiac sign. You might be interested to have a look at another set of images with 35 Zodiac and non-Zodiac constellations that contains images with ID's: 16961545, 16961693, 16961757, 16961794, 16961842, 16961898, 16962001, 16962155, 16962238, 16962312, 16962405, 16962495, 16962531, 16962617, 16962654, 16962673, and 16962689. It is similar to the Chinese Zodiac (Year of the Rabbit, Rat, Dog), however The Geek Zodiac twist is placing it in world of fandom (Year of the Robot, Wizard, Alien).

You`re feeling both wise and cautious, which can work hugely to your advantage as you move toward your heart`s desire.
Collect as much information as you possibly can without being detected, then make your big plans for later in the week. The set includes images with the following ID's: 17751219, 17751233, 17751252, 17751269, 17751282, 17751292, 17751303, 17751315, 17751325, 17751337, 17751344, and 17898383.

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