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But while searching for answers, we unconsciously attract situations that are offering possibilities to learn and experience the exact thing we are looking for. Laws of attraction is the Secret of success and happiness but it’s not the only factor for gaining those two things. The act of asking the Universe to give you something you want is actually a good opportunity to clarify to yourself what exactly do you want. Belief means that you have to behave, talk, and think like you already have the thing you have asked for. Think about it, if there is a mysterious universal secret that acts similar to a giant magnet, potentially able to draw good things your way. In simple terms, the universe will return back to us energy that vibrates at the same frequency of the energy we’ve previously and consistently sent out.
To see effective results with the law of attraction there are beliefs that will form a solid and fertile foundation. Understand that the universe lacks absolutely nothing, in fact, it has an abundance (more than enough) of all things – ALL THINGS!. I hope you grasped the basis of this powerful law that surrounds us and flows, whether we are deliberate participants or just bystanders that are dealing with whatever we are dealt. The spectrum of Fear – overcome it and be free - FEAR, Are there really variations?  There are indeed variations of fear.
Autism – The battle with the world - Autism is regretfully considered by parents as a disease which needs “curing”, post which, their child will be back to being a normal child.
Your pets deserve more - When we choose our friends and partners with similar interests and likelihood, why not our pets? This is the Law of Attraction in its simplest form; You Can Have, Be or DO Anything You want…If You think it persistently…! I attended a Meetup lead by Nick Fon a Coach & proponent of the Law of Attraction last night in Liverpool. In the same way as a home business owner, if you aren’t making a penny…it could be because you are not THINKING wealthy, prosperity, abundance; therefore believe it or not You are attracting lack and delay and very little or no income…Its time to realign your thoughts to Your Purpose. Like Attracts like…don’t spend all day thinking how you aren’t getting anyone to take a look at your business presentation…or no one is buying your products and expect to actually attract the buyers or get someone to even take a look at your video…!
At this point I realised if I didn’t stop thinking negative thoughts My life was in a downward spiral.
Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things on that frequency, and then they are broadcast back to you as your life pictures. If you think negative, quickly pull back and flip that thought into a positive…Practice this often. Whatever you want to manifest in your life it’s time to think and loudly affirm it daily…Morning and before you go to sleep. A huge Thank You to Gill Fell & the Fellsters who re-awakened our Love for the Law of Attraction. Creators of The Secret Affiliate Roadmap – “Helping you Build a Lucrative Home Business From Ground Up”. Good to hear from you and we are well glad you find our post on Business success using the Law of attraction extraordinary and Magnificent. Its great to hear from you and such an honour for you to have found our Blog and taken look. You Know what, Just reading your comment has given me a great feeling of camaraderie and well being.
Thank You Liz, We truly believe we attract what we ask for whether consciously or unconsciously. Anthony on May 20, 2013 in Manifestation, Relationships & Sex with 0 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest E-mail Love ThisPrint PDF The following is part 2 of the article “A More Attractive Law of Attraction”, which comes from the book of the same name.
It’s in our nature to seek for answers about the surroundings, meaning of life, love, unexpected things or unwanted events. Actually, the Secret can primary help us penetrate deeper truths and find out the meaning of our existence.
There are a lot of Universal laws that we should follow in order to get nearer to our Ideal and achieve our goal in life. The moment you answer this question to yourself in a clear way, is the moment you send the request. The moment you are switched on the same frequency with the thing you have asked for, the Law of attraction starts launching events, circumstances and people that are bringing you (closer to) the desired thing. Instead, start thinking about how you are already experiencing the benefits of the perfect body weight. You can even create your whole day to be exactly the way you want it by thinking about the things you wish would happen to you.
It is said that it can potentially bring you peace, happiness, wealth, and physical well-being.

Taking into consideration our 50,000 daily thoughts, it is futile and unrealistic to attempt changing individually. One assumption of users of the Law of Attraction is that life is meant to be joyous and fulfilling. This is a hard sweat to swallow for some because of the apposing beliefs they so tightly grasp.
We have taken so long to talk about this so crucial factor in life, business, social success we have to remedy that Today…so networking communication will come next time! Trust me even if they do take a look they won’t be interested…it’s the law.Tracy Friend says exactly the same in her article read it Here.
Let me tell you a story, some 8 yrs ago I was in such a dark place in my career & life. If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts. Before you step out of your home, say I am loved by everyone and I am Happy…smile and step out. And a huge shout out to Nick Fon for confirming my reawakening in “The Secret”…I have dusted my old copy and am re-reading it. CLICK HERE if You Want to Specifically Learn how you Become part of Our Elite Travel Club, full of Proponents of The LOA!
Deeply Chopra has similar ideas and the sooner this becomes accepted business practice, the better for all. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you want to gain worldly wealth and status, you can use the Secret, but beware, by failing to comply other Universal laws you can also lose that wealth.
Try to start with the little things (such as finding a parking space) and soon you’ll experience how the Laws of attraction work. As you allow yourself to focus on certain thoughts that run through your mind, you actually shape your reality. Instead, it is more effective and realistic to concentrate on harboring positive emotional states.
If you fully embrace this fact, there can never be a lack of anything that you want if you follow the Law of Attraction. Remember the Law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, its like the law of gravity…you cannot argue with it!
The Universe always delivers what we ask for via the law of attraction…our thoughts not our actions or deservability deliver our results…You Better Believe it! How about elevating that feeling 1000 times, How about keeping that feeling on top of your ind most days if you can.
I literally woke up thinking negative things and went to bed in a state of anger or imagined hurt…Before I knew it I was always angry, and attracted all kinds of anger & criticism from those around me; customers, clients, tenants, which escalated!
Thoughts that build you, thoughts of abundance, thoughts of beautiful great things happening to you, thoughts that will deliver great, big, results that build you up too!
Reminding myself of all the good thats come into my life because of the great big mind shift since those yrs ago when I was literally thinking myself into an early grave and all kinds of nasties into my family’s lives!
I have always felt that there was something like this out there, but I didn’t really understand why or how it works. Wonderful times, I as well have a renewed focus after listening to the Think & Grow Rich audio book last night! You see, as humans residing within the confines of this universe, we can’t help but to participate in the Law of Attraction.
Many people feel that their lives should be full of struggle, below average relationships, poor health, and a sea of debt. Unless these thoughts, beliefs and attitudes change, they will always struggle to send out the right vibratory frequencies they are attempting to attract. You must Change Your Mindset and truly understand that the Law of Attraction is attracting to You what You Think! We’re even more focused than before and know without a shadow of a doubt that our Targets for our family, team, business and Life WILL come to manifest this year for sure! You call the law of attraction into action through your thoughts… So “Be careful what you think & wish for…For it could more than likely Manifest!
I seemed to attract all the weirdos…Somehow I started to think about flat tires and got 5 flat tires in 2mths! The universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling and manifest, because that’s the way you feel”.
So, if thought is a form of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency as everything in the universe is a form of vibrating energy. This is especially true because some people want certain things and other people want something else.

The Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful system that can be harnessed to help you align with business success or in fact anything you want in life.
That spooked me out and somehow I started thinking accidents…well you know what happened…yup I was in a bad road accident…! Whatever frequency the vibrating energy you send out, it, by law attracts like vibratory energy back to you.
You should leverage the Law of Attraction to help you attract new clients, reps, increase sales, attract investors or to assist you in picking a new opp or have new business ideas – while the Law of Attraction is automatic, it can be used in every thing in your life consciously or unconsciously!
All that one of the naive LOA advocates would have to do would be to name a particular (reasonably difficult goal), then apply the LOA and wait for it to manifest. It would have to be something that was not too easy (say, eating a nice Chinese meal), instead being reasonably difficult to attain (say, getting a feature piece on the front page of the New York Times).
Feel, Feeling, Felt… This is the key to Tapping into the Law of attraction, your feelings are the Radar that tells you your thoughts and how you can expand on those feelings or STOP and change direction Fast!
You might like to think about why.No doubt some of you are thinking that this Marcus T Anthony is probably just a loser. I have been quite systematic about applying such processes, and over quite a long period of time.
With the naive law of attraction narcissism, selfishness and delusion are strong possibilities. This occurs when the individual takes the LOA and decides to try and get whatever he can from life and the universe without bothering to look within himself, or develop an understanding of the mind (ego). So they apply a spiritual take on the LOA.The stepsUsing the feeling sense along with Gentle Aligned Action is actually very simple. This is very important, as desire, expectation, fear and doubt will all distort your feeling sense. You can permit the experience of presence by focussing upon something within your immediate environment. Natural objects are good – especially trees and plants – but almost any object will do. Alternatively, focus upon your breath for half a minute, or until such time as you are centred and present. Simply observe them without judgment and then return your attention to the thing you are focusing upon.
It should take no longer than a minute to quiet the mind in this way.2) Within your mind, bring your attention to your desired goal. If it is a job you want to get, imagine yourself in the interview, or working in the place you desire. Imagine the scene as if it happening now.3) Pay careful attention to the subtle feelings that emerge as you do this.
Remember, expectation and desire will tend to mess up your subtle intuition. Pay attention also to images, voices and any music that comes into your head.
Subtle feelings are the most reliable ways of sensing alignment.4) After bringing yourself out of your light meditative state, commit to an action (or non-action) based on your guidance.
In particular, if you get a strong sense of the action being right or wrong, follow through and align your future with that feeling. If the feelings are confused or indifferent, you might like to delay any action, and repeat the meditation at a later date. As a general rule, don’t commit large amounts of time and energy to imagined futures with an indifferent feel to them. Why order a bland counter lunch when you know that in an abundant universe a five-star restaurant might be just around the corner?5) As you take action towards the goal, pursue it purposefully and with strong intention, yet with a light and joyful heart.
It is about allowing life to mirror back to us what is within our psyches, and in doing so we become wiser and more loving.
Gentle Aligned Action is not about trying to control things so that we always get what we want. The great gift of this is that through such “setbacks” we get to love and forgive ourselves and the world. The key to forgiveness is non-judgment, and that in turn means that we have to learn to be fundamentally present in our lives.
The greatest limit of the naive LOA is that it tends to place your mind’s focus in some imagined better future. Not for any price is my soul on the market.In a nutshellWhat then does life look like when we apply Gentle Aligned Action versus the naive law of attraction. Can you observe all this, either without judgment, or by gracefully acknowledging the judgments you have towards those who believe in the naive law of attraction.

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