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Topics scheduled for 1st Quarter in Comprehesive ScienceThis includes The Practice of Science as we prepare science projects for Nautilus Science Fair and learning problem solving through scientific method and learning through inquiry. Science Projects were due last week but are still being received for audition for Nautilus Science Fair.Science Fair will be in the Media Center October 29- November 2.
Sir Isaac Newton, the renowned 17th-century mathematician and physicist whose work laid the foundations for classical mechanics, calculus, and the law of universal gravitation, was actually a big fan of alchemy.
Held in a private collection for decades, the 17th-century manuscript written in Newton’s hand describes how to make an essential ingredient of the Philosopher’s Stone — sophick mercury. Following Newton’s death, most of his manuscripts were held by his family until they were auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1936.
However, it wasn’t until after Newton’s time that the definition of a chemical element, as we understand it today, was developed.
The newly discovered manuscript, entitled “Preparation of [Sophick] Mercury for the [Philosopher’s] Stone,” is Newton’s handwritten copy of a recipe authored by famed alchemist, George Starkey. But the document’s true significance may lie on its back, where Newton wrote his own procedure for alchemically subliming lead ore.

What historian’s are most interested in is evidence of Newton’s collaborations with other alchemists — which likely influenced his work on optics — the physics of light.
Although some scholars believe alchemy is not practical and is a pseudoscience, Newman told National Geographic, alchemists were the first ones to grasp the idea that compounds could be deconstructed into parts and then recombined — a principle recognized today. If it hadn’t been for Newton the alchemist, we may not have had some of the most famous discoveries from Newton the scientist. Bring in the beginning of the paper to finish it in class with groups designing the assembly of their rockets for launch this next week.
Kern presented a special event to Science students on Survival of the Everglades at Nautilus Middle School.
It was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into precious ones like gold.
The text was purchased earlier this year by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Dozens of private collectors bought his alchemical manuscripts, however, most of these papers have since been donated to the University of Cambridge, except for a handful like the one acquired by the Chemical Heritage Foundation. While Newton was around, many thought that metals were comprised of multiple compounds, including a mercuric or sulfuric principle, and it was believed that changing one of those principles could change a metal.

However, there is no evidence that Newton correctly decoded the recipe for sophick mercury. Alchemy may have inspired Newton’s groundbreaking discovery that white light is a mixture of various colors. Its ultimate goal was figuring out how to transform lead into gold, and the elusive “Philosopher's Stone” was a substance believed to do just that.
The group is currently working on uploading digital images and transcriptions to an online database so more people can study Newton’s alchemical text.
It was these tree-like growths that made Starkey believe that the sophick mercury had become animated with life, indicating its power and importance.

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