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The hotels on the Rate Table and the Interactive Map are grouped into color coded price categories based on their average room rates.  The average rate for each hotel is calculated from the average of it's high and low room rates observed over a period of one year. See Hotel Rate Analysis and Classification Details below for a detailed explanation of the classification price breaks. The rate analysis routine will step through the rate table and then post the new results below.
For more analysis results, see the Discount Rates Page after you have updated the rate table.
After updating the rate table, check to see if any new hotels are listed on the Discount Rates Page. For the April 7, 2009 analysis, the resulting mean room rate for Trenton, NJ MSA hotels is $148 and the standard deviation is $48. Hotels with average rates greater than one standard deviation above the mean are categorized as deluxe.  One standard deviation above the mean is $196, so Lawrenceville hotels with an average rate higher than $196 are classified as deluxe hotels ( magenta ) on the map.

Hotels with average rates falling in the lower half of the range below the mean are categorized as budget.  The rate halfway between the low rate and the mean rate is $113, so Lawrenceville hotels with an average rate lower than $113 are classified as budget hotels (green ) on the map. Everything in between is categorized as moderate priced hotels, so Lawrenceville hotels with average room rates greater the $113 and less that $196 are classified as moderate priced hotels ( cyan ) on the map.
Hobby Lobby, the largest arts & crafts supply store in the United States, has over 500 locations nationwide and they have entered the New Jersey market within the past two years. In Lawrenceville, Hobby Lobby filled a 42,000 sf space on Route 1 in a strip center that is strategically located next to Quaker Bridge Mall. In Totowa, Hobby Lobby filled a 50,000 sf space in Totowa Square on Route 46 formerly occupied by Conway. The Goldstein Group, New Jersey’s leading full-service commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializes in owner representation, retailer representation, investment sales and management services. Other locations include Marlboro, South Plainfield and they are in negotiations for several others.

Tenants at this prominent location, strategically located on Route 46, include Bob’s Stores, Toys R’ Us, Babies R’ Us, Applebee’s, Citibank and Office Depot. The firm, founded in 1986, represents over 12,000,000 square feet of retail space and more than 50 national and regional retailers. President, Chuck Lanyard, and Sales Associate, Rich Slater of The Goldstein Group and David Osterhus of the Keith Organization, represented Hobby Lobby in the transaction.
President, Chuck Lanyard of The Goldstein Group and David Osterhus of the Keith Organization, represented Hobby Lobby in the transaction. As an RBN affiliate, The Goldstein Group provides clients assistance throughout the United States with qualified retail specialists in over 65 offices in the United States and Canada.

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