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Our team will help you to download audio and visual software to start this excellent journey in the quest of understanding Quran. The One Who hears all sounds and voices, in all of their different languages and all their many and various needs. The One who judges between His Servants in this life and the Hereafter with His Justice and Fairness. The One Whose Knowledge encompasses all the secret and hidden matters, Who is Aware of all that is hidden (in the deepest depths of the heavens and the earth) and is Aware of everything down to the most minute and finest details.
The One Who bestows favors, both outward and inward, lavishly to His creation despite their many acts of disobedience and transgression. The One Who recognizes and rewards the small quantity of action, Who forgives the large quantity of sins. To Him belongs highness in all of its aspects, Highness of His Essence, Highness of His Attributes and esteem, Highness of Strength and Power. VoQ online provides with one to one Quran learning lessons through professional Quran tutors.

2]At numerous citations of the holy Quran Allah Almighty orders his believers to Learn Quran and ponder upon the verses of the Glorious Book. He will not oppress anyone to the extent of an atoms weight and none will be made to carry the encumbrance of another. He is the One Who multiplies the rewards of His sincere servants manifold without any measure.
Our courses were designed to motivate young children and make their first learning of the Quran interesting and easy. The significance of learning the Quran and its teachings is of great priority, especially for a true Muslim.
He is the One Who recognises and rewards those who give thanks to Him and remembers the one who remembers Him. For it we started and Online Quran reading institute to spread the teaching of holy scriptures. We provide One on one Quran classes for you to learn Quran tajweed and noorani qaida lessons.

It has the tendency and power to bring anyone out of the darkness. It shows a ray of hope for a prosperous and dignified life.
The reward for reading even a letter of the Quran is so great; it is next to impossible to imagine the reward for reciting the entire Scripture.
This is surely the best place for you to become acquainted with the knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah. While bringing you contentment through the improvement of your own lifestyle at the same time.Acquiring awareness and apprehension is one thing but grooming your personality along with the theory is another.
The program brings you quality services including the reading, interpretation, recitation and memorization of the Quran through the use of interactive software.

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