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Who does not wants to peep into ahead times and know that what the future holds for them. Many people nurture the idea that learning astrology is a daunting and a challenging task. But systematic study approach and simplified lessons, in a logical manner, can be learnt with great ease and easy understanding.
This divine science of astrology can be easily learnt by you and can be effectively utilized in many forms. The Basic course offers fundamental understanding of Indian Vedic Astrology, Functional nature of planets, their strength, placement, conjunction and aspect. The Intermediate course will teach the learner about chart reading, analyzing of birth chart, identification of problems in the birth chart and rectification of horoscope. The Advanced Course on Astrology will discuss actual case studies on different aspects of life, profession, career, relationship, marriage, progeny, health, diseases and many more.
After enrollment into the online course, the syllabus or the contents of the course will be sent are in a set of 10 astrological books.
This online course will not take more than 6 to 8 months and would be coordinated through email.

The learners would be issued Valid Certificates according to courses completed by them. The lump sum fee for learning Basic, Intermediate & Advance course on Astrology would be USD 1100.
Monthly fee for learning Astrology through our portal would be USD 150 per month or equivalent to Indian Rupees. In this option, the set of ten books of astrology will be charged additionally at the rate of USD 150 or equivalent to Indian Rupees (including postage). You can place the order online through credit card Some other payment options are given below.
The westernunion people will provide you 10 digit MTCN # that you have to send me by email. Vedic Astrology, that is a noble science from the ages of Vedas, is an accurate and a precise way to just know the same. One can not only study his or her own horoscope but also consider this study as a lucrative career option. This course will also teach how to operate main and sub periods, planetary transit etc.

It would averagely take about 6-8 months for accomplishment of these courses depending on the student.
This innate knowledge of past, future and present was founded, investigated as developed by the Sages of Vedic times. After learning astrology in professional way, there are ample chances of acquiring online astrological-consultations assignments. No problem of finding a teacher or an institute that would be suitably near to your home.
Also there would be no problem of time-suitability as you can learn online astrology at any time suitable to you. The learner would not require more than one to two hours of daily study daily for this course as everything is explained in a simple and understandable manner.

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