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Feel more secure in your reversing skills than ever before with the Yada Rearview Mirror Monitor Wireless Backup Camera System. Yada Wireless Exterior Add-On Cameras take your collision-avoidance abilities the extra mile – adding 60' feet of rear visibility. Backing into tight spots is a breeze with the Stellar At Ease Back-Up System calling the shots. Parallel park like a pro with the Stellar Front & Rear Back-Up Sensor System guiding your way.
We sell and delivers our security cameras or surveillance cameras, accessories and related products nationwide. We deal with Eyemax, Telpix, Seeye DVR, KT&C, CNB, Geovision with latest version 8.33 and many more brands.

Please contact us to the following address and phone numbers for any questions and inquiries. Universal Waterproof License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Camera with Infrared LED Night Vision, View rear view backup camera, Eroda wifi back-up camera system Product Details from Shenzhen Hualilong Automotive Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. With an innovative monitor that can go from single to split view with the addition of another camera (sold separately), this system increases your rear visibility with a wireless, rechargeable backup camera. Mounting directly over your factory rearview mirror, this LCD-equipped setup offers drivers ease and added security. Equipped with 4 powerful sensors and a wireless display, the Stellar backup sensor warns of obstructions with both audible and visual signals. These helpful sensors are fully-rechargeable and attach easily thanks to a strong magnetic mount.

Equipped with your choice of 2 or 4 powerful sensors, this economical backup system audibly warns of obstructions and obstacles way before it’s too late. Armed with 8 ultrasonic sensors, 4 up front and 4 out back, this powerful backup sensor audibly warns of obstructions both in front of and behind you. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

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