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General Mills is proud of its record of making cereals healthier for children, recently touting an average reduction of 14 percent in sugar levels in the last four years. But what about cereals like Lucky Charms, that are based around colorful sugar marshmallows? When you think about Lucky Charms cereal, the holiday that immediately comes to mind is St. About 20 years ago, Joann Stone planted a few blue spruce seedlings at her parents’ home in northern New Hampshire.
Who knows, maybe she isn’t the only one who has celebrated Christmas around a Lucky Charms tree. And maybe she isn’t the only “lassie” who associates the cereal with Christmas “a wee bit” more than St. Have you got a story to share like Joann’s, related to General Mills or any of our products? Kevin Hunt is the manager of social media in Global Communications at General Mills, based in Minneapolis. By clicking "post" below, I affirm that I have read and agree to General Mills' Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Community Rules. I was happy to find this post to be able to prove to people that indeed the beautiful blue spruce we have was planted as a seedling as part of a Lucky Charms offer.

Our blog seeks to provide unique perspectives on news and never-before-told stories from General Mills’ businesses and brands around the world. The primary bloggers of “A Taste of General Mills” are members of the company’s Global Communications team.
There are things we won’t be blogging about or commenting on, such as commodity markets, rumors, competitive actions, financial markets, speculation or legal matters. Comments are welcome, but must be on-topic and comply with the General Mills Community rules and not include profanity. All comments are moderated according to those rules. But, if your tastes are like mine and tend toward the trashy, then grab a box of Lucky Charms and a sack of marshmallows.
I like to go half Lucky Charms, half Rice Krispies, since the Krispies keep the treats from getting too hard as they set. To take the whimsy completely to the edge, drizzle each treat with melted white chocolate, and add sprinkles.
Welcome to Ezra Pound Cake - the food blog, recipe collection and kitchen confessional of Rebecca Crump. According to the company, cereals like Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch need to float in milk for at least three minutes before sinking. One of those trees is still thriving, as you see behind her in this photo that she just sent us.

If you mailed in two UPCs along with a certificate from a Lucky Charms box, General Mills would send you a live Colorado blue spruce seedling. He oversees content for "A Taste of General Mills," and engagement and strategy for the company's corporate social media channels. I specifically agree that all information, suggestions, ideas, or other materials I provide are freely usable and transferable, including with attribution, by General Mills and all of its affiliates without compensation upon submission. It also features employees who have dedicated their careers to the company’s mission of Nourishing Lives. Also, if you stir in the Krispies first, the mixture has time to cool a little, so you don’t melt your pink hearts, blue moons and green clovers. Over the years, her father trimmed the spruce to help keep its shape, but he can no longer reach the top with his pull saw. Patrick’s Day-themed cereal boxes with all green clover marshmallows will be available at grocery stores nationwide while supplies last. She considers the balsam fir the best smelling evergreen, but finds the blue spruce the best looking.

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