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Ajoutez la carte adherent a votre panier et profitez immediatement de 5% sur tous vos achats. Puis 14 jours a partir de la date de retractation pour retourner votre article au vendeur a vos frais. I love how three people can come together and play with each other and figure out each other’s rhythms. Jazz musicians have to have this true understanding with each other that artists in other genres have to work at. That is something that I can truly admire.All this brings us to the documentary Lucky Girl, about Jazz singer Jacqui Naylor.

The film is about Jacqui and how she works with others in her band, the people who help her make her albums, her friends and more importantly her husband Art Khu.
Never really resting and constantly shifting from one character to the next.How Jacqui got involved with Jazz in the first place is one of those great life moments you hear about. She was sent to an older lady to work on her singing.The lady who helped Jacqui hone her abilities is named Faith. She talks about her fascinating days decades ago when she started out singing in clubs all up and down the East coast, mainly Massachusetts. What she didn’t realize at the time was that all these night clubs were owned by the mob.Next we meet her husband and writing partner.
They have a real understanding of each other and get to create music and perform together every day. How many couples get to say that?Jacqui’s approach to her music is simple and yet, it’s very refreshing.
The music sounds great.This essentially is what the documentary’s 75 minute runtime involves. One of those is how Jacqui’s religion, Buddhism, influences her and her music.Lucky Girl succeeds at having fantastic pacing.

For the film not really having much force to it, I really enjoyed how it moved throughout its story. It was never boring.My only concern with the film is we really don’t get to know who Jacqui really is. The influence of her religion on her music, what makes her tick, what sets her off, her ideas, her aspirations. None of this is really explored and that’s unfortunate because the documentary is well made. Trailer It is not often that you find a female taking the lead in a teenage sex comedy, the role is typically dominated by males, Turn Me On, Dammit!

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