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Click the right mouse button on the image, select Set as Desktop Wallpaper or Set as Background. She was born to John Blackwell and Amelia Blake on March 28th, 1995 in Chance Harbour, Washington. She is a newly discovered witch who, since the death of her mother, Amelia, has resided in the town of Chance Harbor, Washington.
While Cassie initially dislikes the idea of being a witch, she later begins to accept her destiny and her family's heritage of magic.
Cassie, along with the other girls in the Circle (Diana, Melissa and Faye) are all involved in the action on the show; they often use their witch powers to fight evil or opponents. Although before she finds out her abilities and about he twitch heritage, she is seen as more of a Damsel in Distress. This makes Cassie significantly more powerful and dangerous and she can become very out of control when she uses her dark magic. Cassie is not to be messed with as although she is the smallest of the Circle, she is also the strongest and the most powerful, despite not having as much experience as a witch as the rest of her fellow Circle members. Although Adam is a warlock who can conduct magic himself, Cassie often throws herself into battle more frequently and gets involved in the action much more than Adam. She is also immensely powerful because she possesses Dark Magic which empowers her to engage in combat or battle or fight the enemy much more effectively. Also in comparison, Adam is also more cautious and logical when it comes to approaching things, but Cassie is much more impulsive and hotheaded in how she chooses to approach things. Action Heroine: Cassie is perfectly capable of defending herself and others when the time comes for it. She is a powerful witch who possesses many abilities and powers that allow her to combat or fight the enemy when it is necessary for her to do so. Unlike her other fellow Circle members, Cassie is the one who is more likely to resort to physical violence of any kind and even kill in order to solve problems.
Because of Cassie's tendency to resort to the use of violence than other more diplomatic ways, the other members of the Circle often have to stop her, primarily Adam and Diana, from going over the edge and possibly harming people. She has been seen to be very idealistic, awkward and has even described herself as a loner who doesn't have that much in the way of a social life. However, Diana and Adam as well as the other members of the Circle help to being Cassie out of her shell and open up.
Adaptation Dye-Job: In the novel series, Cassie is a brunette, but on the show, she is a blonde. The reason for having Cassie's hair colour being changed for the television adaptation are not known but it could be assumed that the producers didn't seem to put much care or consideration into what Cassie's hair colour should have been.
Despite the differences in hair colour, Cassie in both the novel and television adaptations both have blue eyes. Afraid of Needles: Cassie admitted to Adam during a spell that required her blood that she was deathly petrified of needles.
Her fear of needles was so bad that during the spell, Cassie had asked Adam to be the one to poke her with the needle so that they could get her blood.
It is unknown how or why Cassie has a fear of needles and it could be assumed that she has had this phobia since childhood.
Cassie and Adam have a very chaotic relationship due to the fact that there are always numerous obstacles and problems trying to come between them and keep the two from being together.
Adam and Cassie often confess their love for each other whenever they are facing possible death or any kind of possible danger. There is much angst surrounding their relationship to begin with as their love was originally forbidden as Adam was dating Diana. Cassie and Adam would often confess their deep connection and their feelings for each other with much sadness and angst due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship and their situation.
Cassie had even told John that she didn't want him in her life and that she would be just fine without him as she had been fine for the past sixteen years that he wasn't a part of her life.
John had always had bad intentions from the very start but the concept of family blinded Cassie to John's true intentions and his real personality.
Anti-Hero: Cassie may be the main heroine of the show but she possesses more qualities of that of an anti-heroine than an Ideal Heroine. Although she has good intentions, she is highly capable of crossing the morally grey line from time to time. While Cassie wants to save and protect people from danger, Cassie has shown that she seems to have a preference of going about achieving her goals and mission in sometimes underhanded ways. Cassie also possesses Black Magic, which also makes her very dangerous and can make her become a rather dark person who often forgets that she is crossing a moral line from time to time.
Even other members of her Circle, like Diana and Adam for example, have to keep Cassie in check whenever she gets out of hand or loses control of her magic.
Cassie originally starts off as an Ideal Heroine at the very beginning of the series but she becomes a Type II after she discovers that she is a witch. Cassie becomes more of a Type III as the series progresses later on after she discovers her heritage of Dark Magic. As the series progresses, although Cassie has good intentions and uses her powers to save people, she also becomes much of a darker individual especially when she discovers her Dark Magic ancestry.
One could argue that Adam and Cassie's relationship was very tumultuous due to various outside obstacles standing in the way of them officially being together. Although destiny wants the two of them to be together, as their families have always been "written in the stars", it seems that fate wants them to be apart.
Adam and Cassie have never had a long period of actual happiness together and when they do manage to find some kind of contentment and happiness with each other, it ends up being taken away from them immediately.
Not only this, but it seems that they often have to put their relationship on the back burner for the sake of the Circle and for the sake of some people's feelings, such as Diana's for example. When she uses her dark magic, she can become rather scary; she can also choke and suffocate people to death. Whenever anyone that she loves is hurt or threatened, Cassie will not hesitate to use violence or combat in order to take her enemies down.
Cassie may look cute, adorable and approachable, a young teenage girl who appears to be shy, but DO NOT underestimate her, Cassie can be a major force to be reckoned with if you so much as mess with her, cross her or hurt the people she loves under any capacity. Just because Cassie appears to be the loveable young and shy teenage girl who would gladly befriend you, does not mean that Cassie would not kick ass and make sure that you pay if you so much as hurt or cross her or the people she cares about.

Cassie also has dark magic, which also makes Cassie very intimidating if she is provoked in any way. Badass Boast: Cassie has her moments when you anger her, cross her or piss her off in any way, you better watch out. Cassie has shown that she is not above threatening others in order to get what she wants and that if you do not give her what she wants, she is capable of resorting to either a dangerous use of her own magic or physical violence. Her mother, Amelia Blake, was once a powerful witch back in the day but she stopped practicing because magic was abolished and was no longer allowed to be practiced due to the tragedy that had happened. Jane had become sort of a mentor or a teacher for Cassie and she helped Cassie to learn and understand her identity as a witch and help her to control her abilities.
Her father is John Blackwell, a very dark, dangerous and powerful warlock who has immense power;. Because John is descended from dark magic, this makes him excessively more powerful and more dangerous than other warlocks like him. Cassie had inhabited White Magic from her mother and Black Magic from her father, making her the most powerful witch within the Circle. Although Cassie is normally capable of taking care of herself and even those that she cares about when she has to, she has shown that she falls vulnerable more than anyone else in the Circle. Her dark magic abilities are highly powerful and Cassie would sometimes let her dark magic overtake her. Cassie admitted to Diana that she liked using her dark magic and she got a a thrill and excitement out of it. Later on in the series, Cassie was seen to be starting to overuse her dark magic; Diana would often warn her to stop overusing her dark magic and letting it overtake her. It showed that Cassie was strongly capable of becoming very dangerous if she did not stop overusing her dark magic and she let it overtake her. Sometimes her dark magic would consume Cassie so much that her logic and her morals would slip right out the window and she would therefore, become unpredictable and unrecognizable. Diana also possesses dark magic just like Cassie, however, Diana is able to keep it under control and instead, keep her morals and her logic in tact. This is because unlike Cassie, Diana is seen to be more levelheaded, more calm and more practical in how she approaches things in general, while Cassie has been seen to be more impulsive, more unpredictable and more hotheaded. She and Adam are said to be soul mates who are destined to be together and are "written in the stars". When Cassie first met Adam, she had felt a strong and magnetic pull or connection towards him. This is because according to a legend, the Blake's and the Conant's were destined to be together and that it has always been that way. Interestingly enough, although destiny has panned for Adam and Cassie to be together, there have been numerous obstacles and endless problems that try to keep the two from being together or even staying together. It seems that although destiny has planned for them to be together, fate seems to disagree as Adam and Cassie can never seem to find some semblance of happiness and peace with each other due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship.
It's made even more complicated by the fact that Adam was the boyfriend of Diana, who happens to be Cassie's friend (and later discovered to be hear paternal half sister). Adam and Cassie could be considered the epitome of Starcrossed Lovers, two people who love each other and feel such a strong connection to each other but cannot be together due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship, not to mention the endless obstacles thrown in their way of being together. Cassie and Jake have always shared a loved hate relationship, which involved lots of bickering, arguing and teasing.
Through all of that, it was obvious there was a mutual attraction on both sides, much to Adam's dislike or disapproval. Berserk Button: Messing with Cassie's loved ones, especially her family and Adam, in any capacity is a huge no-no.
Big Damn Heroes: Cassie is pretty much the one who always saves the day, since she is the heroine of the story. They are all witches who share a lot of things in common in terms of family life, personality and outlooks. Black Magician Girl: Cassie possesses Dark Magic due to her Balcoin bloodline and ancestry.
Although Cassie primarily practices White Magic and uses her powers for good, sometimes she will dabble in using her dark magic. Blessed with Suck: Cassie sees her magical abilities, her gift of magic as more of a curse than a gift at the beginning of the series.
She had lost her mother in a tragic fire, her father died shortly after she was born, she discovers that she is a witch, she discovers that her real father is John Blackwell who is said to be a man with bad intentions, she discovers that she has Dark Magic ancestry, she had been manipulated into making Adam forget his love for her and then she lost her grandmother Jane, her only blood family aside from her half-sister (Diana) and their father (John). A lot of trials and tribulations surrounding her destiny as a witch seem to cause Cassie un-safety as well as everyone around her.
Character Development: Goes from being a reluctant and naive ordinary teenage girl who discovers she's a witch to a very powerful witch who is highly accepting of her magical abilities.
However, she does possess Black Magic and when she lets this dark magic overtake her, she becomes not so cute. Damsel out of Distress: Cassie occasionally finds herself in trouble from time to time, but she has proven that she is perfectly capable of defending herself against other dangers. She has also shown to be effective in the use of combat when she has to resort to doing so. Cassie has shown that she doesn't need either Adam or Jake to save her or help her defend herself as she has shown that she is capable of doing so very effectively without their help. Hell, Cassie has shown that when it comes to the use of magic, she is more powerful that both Adam and Jake and the rest of the Circle overall. Although not as sassy and sarcastic as Faye, she can certainly hold her own during a Snark-to-Snark Combat with anyone, namely Faye.
Deus Angst Machina: Cassie is constantly going through a rough ordeal and always has problems, issues, and obstacles thrown her way that prevent her from being happy or finding any kind of sanity and peace. However, it turns out that Cassie's actual father, John Blackwell, was still alive, however, Cassie had no knowledge of him whatsoever. But, he is killed at the end of the series when Cassie and Diana use their combined magic in order to reverse the spell put onto the skull, which resulted in John's death.
Distressed Damsel: Cassie is perfectly capable of taking care of herself but there are times when she does need help from others and there are plenty of moments where Cassie finds herself in peril or in deep trouble.
Everyone Loves Blondes: Cassie has blonde hair and she is the primary object of affection for all of the males in the series including Adam, Jake, Nick, and Luke.

Extraordinarily Empowered Girl: Cassie happens to be a witch with ultra strong witch powers and abilities. However, just because she is powerful and strong, Cassie is capable of severe vulnerability emotionally.
She is still a normal teenager with normal teenage problems and the fact that she is a witch doesn't make everything easy for her either.
Fate Drives Us Together: Her romance or relationship with Adam is centred on fate and destiny. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Cassie is the Foolish Sibling to Diana's Responsible Sibling. While Cassie is capable of being reckless, impulsive and careless, Diana is more logical, sensible and responsible, especially when it comes to the use of magic. Girly Bruiser: Cassie is very feminine but she is also very tough and very much a fighter that is not to be underestimated. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Cassie is blonde and by personality, she is young, innocent and has a heart of gold. Hair-Trigger Temper: Cassie has always had a short fuse, even before she discovered her dark magic, which made it worse.
Heartbroken Badass: Cassie has been through a lot of pain, loss and grief during her very young life. Cassie loses her mother, Amelia, in the beginning of the series after she is murdered by Charles in a fire. She discovers her true identity as a witch and that her mother had lied to her her whole life and kept the secret that she was a witch. She becomes depressed and withdraws into herself and she starts to lie to her grandmother about not being aware of who she is. On top of it, Cassie falls in Love at First Sight with Adam, who happens to be the boyfriend of the girl who befriended her when she first came to town (and later, revealed to be her paternal half sister), Diana. Because of this, Cassie struggles to keep her attraction and her connection with Adam a secret as her and Adam's lover for each other is forbidden.
When Cassie and Adam do manage to get together, they never end up having any lasting moments of happiness or peace.
So, for Adam and Cassie, it seems as though destiny does want them to be together as their love is written in the stars, fate seems to disagree and does everything to keep the two from being happy in any capacity. Cassie also discovers her father, John Blackwell, after 16 years of not knowing him or who he is.
Eventually, she starts to trust him but this turned out to be bad or poor judgement on Cassie's part, as John had proven that he had evil and bad intentions the whole time. There is also the fact that Cassie's friends are always in constant danger and she has to do everything that she can to protect them and keep them safe as much as possible. The Heroine: Cassie is the heroine of the series whose primary role is to save and protect everyone. Hero Protagonist: Cassie serves as both the heroine and the protagonist of The Secret Circle.
Her primary role is to save and protect everyone and she is the protagonist as the story centres around Cassie's development as a witch. However, as the series progresses, she goes from being a classic heroine with very good intentions to someone who is more dark in nature due to her dark magic ancestry. Innocent Blue Eyes: One of Cassie's defining physical attributes, along with her blonde hair.
At first, not only is Cassie skeptical of witches and witchcraft, but when she does eventually come to accept her witch heritage, she wants nothing to do with it and tries to escape it as much as possible, feeling that it brings nothing but trouble and pain. Also, Cassie is the Dark Feminine to Diana's Light, especially after they discover that they are half sisters who share the ancestry of dark magic.
While Diana refuses to let her dark magic overtake her and has strong principles and morals regarding the use of her magic, Cassie happens to think that using her dark magic is highly effective, especially during desperate times.
Diana is also opposed to killing people at all, while Cassie doesn't seem to be completely opposed to killing someone, mostly the bad guy. Little Miss Badass: Cassie appears to be small and petite, but she can kick major ass when she has to. She has also shown that she can be very dangerous and scary especially when she is crossed. It also helps that Cassie possesses Black Magic and that she can prove very deadly when she overuses it. Cassie has shown that she is highly capable violence and of killing other people whenever she loses control of her dark magic. There are times when Cassie has displayed very disturbing and creepy behaviour while using her dark magic, especially for one who appears and looks so young, fragile and innocent.
She has shown that she even poses a possible threat and a possible danger to her friends or her fellow members in the Circle. Cassie could be considered a Waif-Fu and a Cute Bruiser who is not to be underestimated and who is not to be provoked to the point of anger.
It is revealed in the middle of the season that Cassie and Diana share the same father (John Blackwell) and are therefore, long lost half-sisters.
When Cassie first laid eyes upon Ada, she said that she felt a strong connection and pull towards him.
It was so intense for Cassie that she would lose control of her magic whenever she was in Adam's presence.
This is because it was revealed that the Conants and the Blake's are "written in the stars" and their families have always been destined to be together.
Cassie has a special connection with Adam, but she also develops a romantic connection with Jake.

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