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Nadi Astrology is the most reliable method of discovering your story from a previous life and providing precise details of your current and future life. Chapter 1- General Kandam – helps to identify your personal details like your name, your parent’s name, and your spouse’s name. Want To Meet The Best Vedic And Nadi Astrologer In Hyderabad - Astrology, Numerology & Vastu Services In KPHB Colony Hyderabad & Secunderabad - You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.
Kirti Agarwal is a certified Theta Healer, Trained Family Constellation Facilitator, Tarot card Reader, Past life Regression Therapist, Angel card reader, Inner child integration, Vedic Astrologer, Tasso Therapist and Reiki Master.
A professional Astro Numerlogist, Vastu expert since many years, Sri Kamal is been practicing these divine art, to give you the right solutions for your problems.
Corporate astrology is the application of Astrological principles to companies, firms, industries, institutions, organization etc. For astrological points of view Corporate Entity is ruled by various individuals which include the CEO or Managing Directors. The analysis of the horoscopes of the key persons of the organisation helps in identifying the areas of investment and selecting the line of business.
It calls for tactical analysis so the efforts put in for the initial public offer or seeking project finance from the financial institutions are successful. While the strength and weaknesses of the persons under consideration can be evaluated through the horoscopic analysis, Astrology does not help only in chartering the course of lives of persons, but it also helps in chartering the course of Business enterprises, Institutions and Nations. Sreemannarayena is a Vedic Astrologer, Numerologer, Mantracharya and Prana Pratishta Expert. He has been giving predictions and giving solutions to overcome from all kinds of economical and emotional problems.
He encourages the corporate world to experience the revolutionary Indian astrology reading to achieve global leadership, enhanced image, dynamic progress, client satisfaction and maximum productivity. It will help you to understand why you do the things you do and it explains the hurdles in your life. Now you could easily book the slots well in advance by calling us in the numbers provided below.
I am Nadi and Vedic astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Face Reader, Expert in muhurthams, Ancient and modern Vasthu expert.

I will explain about job (promotions , change of job, transfers, foreign travel, termination of job, foreign job) Business( which business, profits, risk times in business, partnership problems) marriage (arranged, love, late, dating, elope, secret and 2 marriages),Family problems, Health problems, death(serious) years of your family members, Relationship problems, Education, movie chances, artistic growth is there or not, Speculation, movie names, movie title designing, muhurthams for house constructions, which direction house is lucky for you and which direction is your life long bad direction, your lucky name change, cesarean muhurtham for pregnant ladies(In this maximum raja yogas, good qualities, intelligence, good progress to their parents, child health etc are added to the muhurtham), Garbha dana Muhurtham ( which is most important for child future, which declares a good raja yogas after 9 months), muhurthams for political entry, muhurthams for jinind into new job. He utilizes his deep knowledge of the of Numerlogy, Vastu Shastra and believes in logical scientific approach based on ancient method of calculation. It is known and accepted by all that due to planetary forces certain companies prosper well and others fail miserably. Nowadays all corporates and leading multinational companies have started taking help of Corporate Astrologers for maximising their efforts and for global leadership.
The horoscopes of these key persons become of paramount importance for its smooth running operations and its growth prospects. Good analytical power to take best decisions in the available circumstances which are governed by Mercury.
Intuitive power in managerial decision making, which is jointly represented by the Sun and Jupiter.
Capacity to keep all concerned well informed about the activities, which is governed by the moon. Developing the Senior and Line managers for taking as various positions for operations which is governed by the Jupiter. The Horoscope analysis of the new entrant for the management team gives an insight which is so significant that it can not be overlooked. One can attain a good quality life, personal and spiritual development with his mystic solutions. The corporate brand name of a company is decided based on Nameology,Numerology and an individual horoscope analysis.He also offers several corporate wellness programs. Your soul’s entire journey is traced through the Nadi leaves; previous births and current birth…even your future years are precisely predicted. A prescription for a sacred talisman is given that will negate the effects and provide protection. This package was designed to get your remedies done so that your destiny will be truly transformed. That is one difference in Nadi Astrology that sets it apart from traditional astrology that requires you to give your birth details.

In order to implement measures and to ensure the prosperity of the company and those associated with a detailed study becomes inevitable. If these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people then there will be very good chances of success of a body corporate. Here, the horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs.
None of the present management or scientific tools for recruiting personnel can substitute for the horscope analysis. He is practicing Astrology for the past 12 yrs, giving predictions on major aspects of Life.
Your karma manifests in lack of finances or career fulfillment, yearning for meaningful relationships, but unable to have them, weak health and inability to have a peaceful state of mind. The availability of the project finance, once the project has been decided again depends on the sentiments of the stock market and economic conditions. Not only the horoscope tells the basic capabilities but it also tells whether the person in question could be able to use his or her capabilities for the benefit of the project. He has expertise in various Astrology fields like Vedic Astrology, Numerlogy, Mantracharya (Mantras and Yantras) and also Prana Pratishta.
The initial reading reveals the past general reasons for today’s pain and suffering and offers remedies to transform for a better future. AstroVed works with only those readers of the highest integrity and skill from years of rigorous training. He also specializes in Nameology by suggesting the best name to an individual, business or organizations or movie names also Logos which helps them fetching good results. Authentic Nadi Readers are a select few who have learned the art from being passed down from generation to generation in the same clan.

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