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The term luck is been often misunderstood, In our life, we used to identify some people as lucky who always get what they want, they never struggle or face hardships, such people are branded as lucky fellas. Numerology name change should not be done primarily to earn money or to become successful in everything, the best way to assess a name change would be that of soul’s need.
What is paid numerlogy reading, i mean can i know about my financial, career , educational future or may make better my life. Hello, I am a student from China, I’d like to give myself a English name, but I do not know which one is best for me.
Medieval Jewish rabbis developed the mystical knowledge known as Kabbalah to find hidden meanings in the Torah.
The software developer who wrote this app dated Steve Jobs’ wife when they were in high school! For each word in the name (two words joined by a hyphen are considered one word), add up the values of the letters. 2 + 22 + 5 + 6 = 35 (compound number)3 + 5 = 8 (single number)Some sources make X equal to 6. Kabbalistic numerology is different from the more popular Pythagorian numerology, which includes your birthdate. Once you identify it, then there will be only success in that field,Because you are destined for that.

Also, if there is any field you are facing trouble such as marriage or finance or career then that can be corrected too. I feel I have struggled my entire life and would like to create flow starting with the name. Based on what i’ve read, the name number for the baby (the first name) should be 1 but my wife checked with a numerologist and was told it should be 5. If your name has an X, try entering your name with a U (or a V or a W, all equal to 6) in place of the X.
A name is something the child carries forever, and it isn t a decision parents should make lightly.
Most people name their children according to their will or the names they like or inspire, But there are lots of factors to be considered while naming a person. When the vibration level of our self matches the vibration level of universe of a particular or a set of events then that event  materializes without any efforts.
But leaving that, whatever things you might try, it may still not materialize.¬† Hence, we must know the soul number in our life. Whether Gangster or Dancer, the soul’s purpose should be attained or the soul takes birth again and again to fulfill it. Great People are the ones who go by their soul’s desire, whether its good or bad, it doesnt matter, stick to what your soul says.

As early as the first century BCE Jewish scholars converted letters into numbers to find hidden meanings in the words of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). Likewise every object emits certain vibrations which affects the life cycle of this universe. If this second sum is still over 9, add the digits again (etcetera, until you reach a single-digit number, or 11 or 22).
A name too carries a vibration which influences the person’s life based on the nature of vibrations. There are many reasons to change a name, some might me financial, career oriented, love relationships or business. Identifying the soul planet in our chart and having the name vibration of that planet can fulfill the souls purpose.

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