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When I offer numerology consultations , I look at all universal clues from as many perspectives as I am able. View the number artistically, as a visual whole (two’s have a crooked feel with a straightening out that indicates initial rocky life paths with a likelihood of eventual evening or balancing out).
Call upon other symbol resources such as the Tarot for more intuitive insight.  In this case, you may consider the Priestess as she is the second archetype featured in the major arcana. If there was more knowledge needed, I would take the entire my client’s birth-date and reduce it getting the resonating birth number. I think you get the idea – I use whatever tools I have available to me to help those who need a little additional insight about the spiritual meaning of their numbers.
Simplified to its core, 22 may be evaluated in terms of duality, balance, division, separation. Often when we cannot cannot find the peace of unity (being one with ourselves, or our Source) we are divided. I could never presume this to be the answer to your query, but I am thankful for your post and wish you every happiness on your path.
The world is full of self-help guides for those people who feel the need for improvement, extra guidance, or even a means of building a better future. Numerology embraces the philosophy that numbers have magical meaning and strongly influence people’s lives. To calculate one’s life path number, a person would add the month, day, and year of his or her birth. Keywords: Words often used to describe a one are autonomous, imaginative, unique, determined, strong-minded, self-assured. Numerology Number 1 in Regards to Love: Those who have the number one as a life path number are pursuers in love. Keywords: Words often used to describe a number two are cautious, kindhearted, diplomatic and understanding.
Numerology Number 3 in Regards to Love: On a date, the number 3 likes to have fun and play around.
Keywords: Words often used to describe a four are trustworthy, cooperative, balanced, reasonable, restrained and logical. Keywords: Words often used to describe a number 5 are flexible, independent, idealistic, imaginative, funny, inquisitive, adaptable and helpful. Numerology Number 6 in Regards to Love: A number 6 likes to run the home while maintaining peace and harmony. Keywords: Words often used to describe a seven are unexpected, meditative, instinctive, intelligent and aloof. Keywords: Words often used to describe an eight include determined, professional, down-to-earth, commanding, prosperous, bold, skillful and prepared. Numerology Number 8 in Regards to Love: A number 8 is both reliable and dedicated in a relationship. Keywords: Words often used to describe a nine are accomplished, benevolent, kindhearted, cooperative, responsive, open-minded, dynamic and firm. Numerology Number 9 in Regards to Love: A nine is supportive and understanding in relationships, so he or she could easily be taken advantage of.
Keywords: Words often used to describe a number 22 are successful, intelligent, forceful, fervent, capable and loving.
The meanings of numbers and how numbers influence individuals is a science of philosophy, psychology, and math. A funny thing happened to us on the way to the new millennium or The Naughties as some of us Aussies like to call it. Within this shift itself was a power energy that has lain dormant for many ancestral years, until our DNA brought with it a rememberance of memories, dreams that became tangible and something to strive for. Those that are born with the Number 22 are born with such an intricate connection to the world, at times, they do not seem to feel part of it.
Those with the Number 22 within their birth dates and life lesson numbers have the ability to connect others to their life’s gifts. Spiritually the Number 22 is linked with those connected to both the spiritual realm and that of the physical (Earth) realm. Those born in February will feel more of a pull to change their life and lifestyle around their birthdays. If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 22, you are being asked to re-connect with those you feel you can be yourself with.
Master Numbers are ciphers that carry the potential for greatness; great success and achievement or great failure and destruction. It may help you to get a sense of the energy to think of Master Numbers as being 11 times as powerful as the single digit cipher it is made up of. A direct translation of the Master Number 11 would give us both the self focussed on itself and it’s accomplishments and achievements and also the individual leading others. Those with 11 dominant in their charts tend to be creative and intelligent with an ability to inspire people, for better or for worse. If we look at the formation of the Master Number 22 we can interpret it as strong partnerships supported with understanding and flexibility to produce structure and stability.
Those with 22 dominant in their charts tend to be hard workers, sure and steady, but very personable too. If you thought a Numerology 3 could talk your ear off, you just wait till you come across a Master Number 33! Those who are channelling the 33 energy in it’s highest form may approach perfect integration of mind, body and spirit. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery and Bob Hope are just some of the well known celebrities to carry the 33 vibration strongly within them.
Please visit part 2 of this Master Numbers series to read about the next three Master Numbers (44, 55 and 66) or jump to part 3 where the last three Master Numbers (77, 88 and 99) are covered. Twenty-TwoNow Ahab the son of Omri became king over Israel in the thirty-eighth year of Asa king of Judah, and Ahab the son of Omri reigned over Israel in Samaria twenty-two years. Since twenty-two derives its significance by doubling number eleven, let's review what number eleven means. He was in a good position to make a difference since seven is the number of spiritual perfection. Four easy tips to prep your home for summer entertainingWith summer just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how to best prepare your outdoor space for parties and guests after the long winter.
Little girl born without hand wins national handwriting contestPeople who look at Anaya Ellick, a 7-year-old from Chesapeake, Virginia, they may think she has a tough road ahead of her.
Keep in mind! There is a difference between the numbers 11 and 2, 22 and 4, and 33 and 6. These master numbers are not reduced any further. Considered to be the most influential number of all, it can give deep spiritual understanding, facilitating the appliance of knowledge in a practical way, which will eventually lead to success.
It can be a much disciplined number, taking big ideas from scratch and transforming them into pure reality.

With 22 in your chart, you have great potential as a leader, organizer, builder, politician, entrepreneur or manager. Self-confidence and inner strength is the key when working at these positions. If one becomes overwhelmed by these situations, the path of his development can turn downwards.
Persons with the master numbers 11 and 22 are great partners, lovers or friends who will never disappoint. They will help you even in the most difficult situation, because they are extremely empathetic and knows how unpleasant is such situation. Kim Kardashian, Leonardo da Vinci, Will Smith, Hu Jintao,  Paul McCartney, Dean Martin, Sri Chimnoy, John Assaraf, Dale Earnhardt  or John Kerry. If someone were to calculate the money being spent every year on such products, the cost would be millions of dollars. Even longer when one considers the perfect synchronicity with which numbers show themselves in nature.
While studying the meaning of basic numbers, it is important to understand that no single number is more important than the others. A one expresses negative characteristics through arrogance, stubbornness, impatience and self-centerdness. Sometimes the chase and actually achieving love are equally important in the life of a number 1. A 2 might express negative emotions through aloofness, manipulation and passive-aggressiveness. A number 3 might express negative emotions through excessiveness, disorganization and insincerity. The 3 shows some contrariness in that individuals need both privacy and social contact to be happy.
In family and love relationships, the six will do whatever necessary to keep a balanced and healthy relationship. 7 might express negative emotions through gloominess, eccentricity, detachment and aloofness. A number 8 might express negative emotions through tension, narrow mindedness, materialism and heavy-handedness.
As such, the 9 is an open-minded, sometimes idealistic individual with sensitive vibrations. A number 9 might express negative emotions through reckless spending, unpredictability, intimidation, gloominess and edginess. They support their partners by both listening to and taking on problems in an effort to solve them. Perhaps it is an ambiguous science, but for those people who seek guidance through numerology, it provides the hope of a better life, future, and society. A shift occurred around us, within the elements of the space time continuum, but, and most importantly, a shift began to awaken WITHIN us. We stepped out of the industrial age where we needed to work hard for less, and began to question why we were working in the first place. Instead they see the potential of life, the dance of energy connecting everyone to everything. They are teachers, and scholars, needing to learn more and more about how and why people behave the way they do. They have a unique ability to read others thoughts, and predict patterns in behaviour of those they feel strongly connected with. There is no shortage of excitement when Master Numbers are in a chart as they are an intensification of energy. If you consider this in terms of each number being ray of light shining from a torch at you, the brilliance of a Master Number would be 11 torches shining light at you which would be a considerably brighter and more intense experience. If a simple number gave you the capacity to be a capable leader, the Master Number variant would give you the capacity to be a great leader. Below we will look at the individual interpretations of the first three Master Numbers, namely 11, 22 and 33. It is also the Master Number with the most transition binaries (numbers such as 29 which, when the individual digits are added together produce the final number, in this case 11). Of course the negative aspect to this vibration could result in something being built that is not in the interests of mankind or alternatively in someone determined and capable of destruction. One difference is that the 33 will communicate with such style and artistry that you will often beg them to keep going when they choose to stop. But, given that 3 is all about self expression and this is intensified here, and the fact that 6 is associated with sex, a Master Number 33 can descend into the depths of sexual debauchery. It is significant in that it is double the disorganization and disintegration that eleven is. Under the influence of his wicked wife, Jezebel, Ahab neglected God and gave way to idolatry. Margaret Minnicks has been a licensed minister since 1995 and an ordained minister of Christian education since 1996.
The meaning of master number 11 can be found in our previous article, but how is it with the master number 22? The holders of a master number 22 have the highest chance to turn their dreams into reality, they are efficient and can handle large projects.
Number 11 is responsible for a high intuition and visionary thoughts, and the number 4 carries the practical nature. Persons governed by this number will always have high ideals, plans and objectives to achieve. You can approach a problem systematically and with a cool head, and your solutions tend to be always unique. People who practice numerology use it to discover how the meanings of numbers illuminate information about an individual’s skills, personality, future, and other life experiences like dating and relationships.
Many ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, Greece, India and Rome made use of numerology.
A world lecturer, she helped advance the theory of numerology by explaining the science and mystery behind numbers. This calculation represents who the person is at the moment of birth, and it identifies the attributes with which the individual will face life.
They do have a tendency to be self-centered, but in love relationships, they are willing to experiment. Numerology Number 2 in Regards to Love: A number two is willing to do anything he or she has to in order to have successful relationships.
Numerology Number 5 in Regards to Love: Since a number 5 is both questioning and approachable, he or she easily captures the attention of others. Occasionally a number 6 becomes too complacent in efforts to keep peace, and it is possible that this leads to built up frustration as the harmony is just a facade.
Numerology Number 7 in Regards to Love: A number 7 is a little flaky and sometimes withdrawn when it comes to dating. When you add the two digits for both the 11 and the 22, you get a two and a four respectively.

Keywords: Words often used to describe a number 11 are committed, perceptive, thoughtful, charitable, tolerant and loyal. Their zealous pursuit of goals makes them the type of personality that people either detest or adore. This is hope that comes at little or no financial obligation to the seeker, and that might just make it worth the cost. That of leadership and learning, growing and stumbling, and now, albeit rather slowly, we have started shaking off the blinders and begun questioning not why we are here, but the reason of what we are to do, while we are here.
They feel connected to the wind and the ocean currents, the Moon is their ally, the Sun their guide.
Touch is very important and a feeling of being overwhelmed by others emotions can hamper the psychic abilities of the naturally born 22. But all numbers, including Master Numbers, can be expressed in a negative fashion and in the example above the person who was a bullying leader with the simple number becomes a despotic tyrant with the Master Number variant. In part two of this Master Numbers series we will look at the next three Master Numbers and we will conclude in part three of this Master Numbers series by examining the meaning of the final three Master Numbers. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this number is very common in the charts of those that rise to fame and high status through what they achieve in whatever they have chosen to excel at. For those that are religious in nature it is interesting to note that Jesus is an 11 vibration. This Master Number is not about the creation or conception of new ideas but rather about giving shape and form to these ideas, about taking a dream and manifesting it into reality. This ability to communicate the beauty of the world in such a way that generates joy and happiness in others means many famous musicians, poets, actors and singers have 33 prominent in their chart.
Thus, if you have Master Number 33 in your charts then you will want to be very wary of not succumbing to this temptation. If you do not obey the first commandment, then you alter God's laws and His plan for your life.
In other words, number 22 is a powerful combination between these two, which can help achieve a goal in a very rapid manner. Interior pressure can cause an ambition that seem untouchable to shrink. A person guided by this number may have to pass a couple of trials throughout life, before being prepared to embrace his true calling, just as it is for the holders of the master number 11.
Pythagoras, the ancient philosopher and mathematician, theorized that without numbers nothing in the universe could exist. The life path number is the most important number ascribed to an individual as it describes the nature of the life journey. This can lead to an exciting relationship, but a number 1 bores easily and quickly loses interest making him or her much more likely to seek the variety offered by singles.
When dating, if the number 3 is given a balance of freedom and commitment, he or she will be a happy, supportive partner. A number 6 might express negative emotions through shallowness, jealousy, suspiciousness and obstinacy. However, a seven is perceptive, and although he or she might seek solitude, the 7 is also fervent and loyal with loved ones. For the most part, however, eights are both sensible and confident, so their loved ones find constancy and safety in the relationships. Both the master numbers of eleven and twenty two are considered to be higher vibration of the 2 and the 4. You may feel more drawn to the water, and your emotions will be closely tied with the Moon. The things that are built do not always have to be physical structures like houses, but could be musical compositions or codes of conduct. Many famous singers have this vibration prominent in their chart as two is the first vibration of music and multiplying this by 11 gives structure to that musical ability along with the discipline and self control associated with the 22.
After Jeroboam's death, eighteen kings sat on the throne of Israel, and not one of them gave up the golden images. The number two is closely connected to the Moon, and the Moon rules the astrological sign Cancer. Fours have a tendency to thrive on conflict, so little skirmishes in a relationship are not unexpected.
Humor shows intelligence, and as such, the five needs challenge and variety in relationships.
Disenchantment is sometimes a large part of the relationship, as a seven is sometimes too idealistic, and reality does not live up to the fantasy.
Numerology Number 11 in Regards to Love: A number 11 sees his or her partner in an idealized way. Long lost friends and lovers where reunited, and our need to learn from our own mistakes and let them go forever became our number one goal.
Your hands may have felt hot and shaky, and this is just the Universe reminding you that you are here for bigger things.
It achieves these masterpieces through steadfast hard work, discipline and routine mixed with a superb ability to balance the resources available and the needs of the stakeholders of any project. People i have loved and inspired me have died on the 22nd and it just has made things worse.
The ancients who studied numbers did so as a means of understanding the relationship between man and God. She focused her studies on the combination of Pythagoras’s work and Biblical theory and references. It is the path on which a person will travel through life, and it is the lessons the individual is meant to learn through his or her choices and actions.
The number 5 has no trouble adapting to change, but when a five becomes bored, he or she might display erratic choices and inconsistent behavior perhaps preferring the singles life over a boring relationship. Their emotional state needs to connect again with their body and exercises using slow breath is ideal (yoga, tai chi etc,.). And other things that have been out of the ordinary has been happening to me as in being behind people with at least one brake light out at least 5 times a day and sometimes more.
Florence Campbell, further advanced numerology by providing explanations of the science in greater detail, and most contemporary numerologists use formulas developed by these women.
While the destiny of one’s life path cannot be changed, the person can change himself or herself in response to what destiny presents. Elevens are open-minded and accommodating, so compromise is something at which they are practiced. Minnicks teaches 22 biblical and theological courses at The Way of Life Spiritual Development Center in Richmond, Virginia.

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