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This matrix, aside from serving as a digital root calculator and possessing origin (aka reflectional) symmetry (rotate the matrix 180 degrees and the original sequence is reflected mirror-like), and aside from the fact that every diagonal is palindromic and that every row and column sums to 108 and possesses 12 bi-lateral sums totaling 9, and that the {1,4,7} and {2,5,8} members of the so-called "Trinity of Triangles" (see below) parse along the principal diagonals, which together have their own dance of bi-lateral 9's, and aside from its deep connection to the Vedic Square, this matrix represents the set of factorizations that result in the first 1000 prime numbers (and we mean exactly 1000).
As noted previously, another interesting aspect of the Magic Mirror Matrix is that it has a deep affinity with the Vedic Square. Also note that number 109, also a prime number, has properties in its decimal expansion similar to 89's.

You might call this a Vedic Square on steroids (and in fact, as we shall demonstrate below, the Magic Mirror Matrix and the Vedic Square have a deep, organic affinity).
The mathematical relationship between these two numbers is explored on our page devoted to twin primes where you'll learn that [89,109] are 'Fibonacci Twins'. For example, 432 has been declared by mystics and scientists alike to be the "frequency of the universe" to which the "music of the spheres" is tuned.

When we find a connection between primes 89 and 109 (both possessing the basis of the Fibonacci sequence in the decimal expansions of their reciprocals) and their twin prime candidates to 360 vis-a-vis 432, we are intrigued.

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