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A wildlife recording as displayed in the Sound and Moving Image catalogue, with reference number, species and call number fields highlighted. So, if your birth number is 2 and fadic number is also 2, then you are completely under the influence of MOON. If they already have names in agreement with their DOB and DMY Numbers, they will be leading a wealthy and influential life.

As these subjects are under the full influence of the moon, they must form names in numbers under the influence of Neptune or Venus. These persons will get profit from dealing in luxury goods, cosmetics, food articles, agriculture and all articles of green colour. Make your adorable number concepts more appealing with number 4 illustrations in different styles and colors. Others misunderstand them as obstinate and gossip-mongers, though actually they are tender hearted.

Like the moon which waxes for 15 days and wanes during the following 15 days, their minds also get confused and clarified alter­nately.

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