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But by late morning it soon became clear that many were happy to risk a fine equivalent to A?18, rather than to take overcrowded public transport. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Investigation has revealed that some people are producing fake and duplicate number plates and giving out to innocent and unsuspicious Nigerian ripping them off their hard earned money. A shocking revelation was made that OUT OF EVERY 10 CARS you see on the road with LAGOS and ABUJA number plates, at least 4 is FAKE.
The one million dollar question is, should we now go and buy this numbers at a shop in Alaba or at idumota instead of the federal government approved agencies?

Verify your car first and sort yourself out with the FRSC before you even proceed to police for tinted permit because if police are the one to find out, then you know what follows.
Note: this verification is only applicable to the number plates with this formats ABC123AB not AB123 ABC.
Pollution is believed to be lingering because of a combination of bright sunny days and cold nights, say experts.Environmentalists fear air pollution is currently rivalling notoriously dirty cities such as the Chinese capital, Beijing, and Mexico City. So you can start verifying cars of friends, families, church members and even cars that you see on the road. You can check your own now. Because FRSC did not want the general public to see the full details of the registration, you will only see the name of your car and the date of registration.

It means that they just gave you a number plate that is not even registered in their system. But if your car is for instance Toyota Camry and your verification shows the above message, then you are in.

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