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It is the horoscope report I used to select a busy month possibly with over 6 billion people.
Business call or personal call, is the person on the other end of the line someone you really want to talk to? To find out what your phone number says, you have to reduce the seven digits of your phone number by adding them together until only one number remains and then read the corresponding number meaning in the list that follows. A [ 1 ] is not ringing a lot as more outgoing calls are made from the [ 1 ] line than calls coming in. A [ 3 ] line attracts a lot of social chatter and be prepared for the occasional confusion when talking. A [ 4 ] line is the heart of a home or business to ensure practical management is its primary purpose. Reduce the three digits of your area code number by adding them together until only one number remains and then read the corresponding number meaning in the list that follows. To find out more what the numbers have to say about you and your life and how they can help you contact me for detailed information.
Our human condition is a composite of many nuances: we are not purely a species of reason, but also of instinct, intuition, even sometimes superstition. More recently, in fact, only a couple of weeks ago, in his article entitled ‘The Numerology of 2014’, Owen K.
We are, as far as we are aware, the only animal which abstracts, and thinks in terms of symbols and metaphors –the bases for language and religion.
Metaphysics –the branch of philosophy which preoccupies itself with trying to understand the fundamental nature of existence– has evolved throughout the centuries with human consciousness and developed into both spiritual and scientific disciplines: these two regions of human consciousness are radically different to one another, but they both attempt to explain the true nature of reality. According to Michael McClain on Astrology and Numerology website, numerology  “is the study of numbers, and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan”. Numerology can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Egypt, China, and many other ancient civilisations. The Online Encyclopaedia defines numerology as ‘the branch of knowledge that deals with occult study and the significance of numbers and their supposed influence on human life’. Metaphysics is a more traditional branch of philosophy which enables humankind to understand its fundamental nature, and that of the world that encompasses it.
In numerology, it is believed that the very fabric and harmony of the material world –and universe– in which we live is built on numbers, or is mathematically formulated; and that understanding the hidden meaning to numbers will enable us to decrypt some core codes of life, nature and the universe, as well as also thereby being able to divine, or calculate, future events. In numerology, there are a myriad of positive characteristics attached to the number seven: it is associated with inner-wisdom, luck, perseverance, seriousness, spirituality, intelligence, intuition, knowledgeableness, and numerous other qualities.
The Gregorian calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII, has been developed by Western civilisation in such a way as to incorporate the numbers of the days, months and years.
2014 correlates to ‘7’, a mystical and sacred number to most religions and civilisations worldwide.
According to numerology, then, the influence of the number seven in 2014 would seem to indicate that this year will be one of deeper realisations and insights for humanity. There are a myriad of other calendars worldwide which have different numbering codes to the Gregorian: the Assyrian, Buddhist, Burmese, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Hindu, Islamic and Japanese calendars.
The 7 candelabra (menorah) set on the Tabernacle in Exodus and Deuteronomy pays homage to God’s ‘sevenfold Spirit’.
Salome performed the ‘dance of the 7 veils’ in the court of King Herod, when John Baptist was held captive there. The first sentence of the first verse of the Old Testament, in the original Hebrew, has 7 words. Humans are supposed to live for ‘three scores and ten’: 70 years (one ‘score’ being twenty years). There are 7 walks taken between the mountains of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah during the ritual pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah. 7 symbolises the state of transcendental consciousness (turiya chetana), God consciousness or (bhagavat chetana), and Brahman Conscioiusness (brahmi chetana).
Last year was a “6” year, as calculated by adding up the four figures in 2013: 2+ 0 + 1 + 3 = 6.
Unlike 7, the number 6 represents the imperfect, the bad, the unholy and the cursed, especially in its derivate, 666, which symbolises the Unholy Trinity. As the 777 of 2014 opposes the 666 of 2013, it indicates that this year will radically differ to the previous year in a meaningful and positive way.
As a result, 2014 promises to be a year in which we all might connect with deeper levels of consciousness within ourselves; to reinvent our lives and environments through new and more positive courses of action.

According to numerologist Alison Baughman, who combines years of numerological experience with personal intuition in making her predictions, 2014 looks set to be ‘a year that emphasizes dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom and our connection to the Divine.  People will begin to question “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?” and hopefully will find the answers. For sure, we can wave farewell to 2013, year of the corruption of human relationships and of misfortune, and embrace 2014, the year of revelation and lavishness. If, in 2014, the world can focus on the positive, it could mean less financial struggle, less violence and war, less poverty, less suffering and misery around the world, less discrimination and hatred, less violations of children, less human cruelty, and more health and wellness, more justice, and more peace. Cette Paques, le chocolat revolutionne notre bien-etre : selon les experts, la consommation du chocolat a titre gastronomique et esthetique-comme masque facial de beaute -peut renforcer notre systeme immunitaire et prevenir le vieillissement cutane.
The reform of the double jeopardy law and the conviction of the murderers of Stephen Lawrence may be the landmark event that can end racial tensions in Britain… - 54,131 viewsProfile: The fabulous destiny of His Majesty Dr Raymond Tchakounte II.
Three years ago today I was up in the wee hours of the morning taking two hour shifts with my husband watching TV through the night. As I kept watching the news during my shift I noticed the fire was coming closer and closer to my parents’ house.
My parents came to my house for safety even though people all around us were getting evacuated. There aren’t too many words that can describe what we were feeling that morning or the many days thereafter. The seven which shock those around you outside your endeavors such as the moon means redemption and static. Just as a name projects a person’s or business’ image a telephone number makes a non-verbal statement about the conversations to expect. Exploring feelings and understanding them or being understood keeps the conversations going. The main subjects discussed will probably be creative projects, how to spend money and having fun. Conversations are down to earth and tend to smooth out the wrinkles in the subject under discussion. The person or business with an [ 8 ] line comes to mind first when someone is mulling over a decision. These conversations enlighten, entertain and require actions as the number attracts all types of people and topics.
Greeks believed that the number seven represented perfection, as in Greek the word means ‘to fulfil, to complete’.
Waters wrote: ‘As “7? year, the upcoming 2014 is a time when the world will focus within to realise deeper truths. Even in our more secular societies of today, we still have it in us to sometimes transcend scientific rationalism and logic to reason more speculatively through philosophy, religion, cosmology, metaphysics, and various other ‘grey areas’ of thought.
In numerology, numbers (in terms of dates, for example) can generate knowledge of future events, in the belief that nature and existence have a predetermined pattern –or a ‘cosmic plan’. Its cousin philosophy, cosmology, (from the Greek kosmos, ‘world’, and –logia, ‘study of’), is the study of genesis, evolution, and eventual destiny of the universe.
It is a universally significant number for various reasons:  the seven days of the week, the seven planetary metals, the seven ‘wonders of the world’, the seven ancient wonders, the seven musical notes etc. Its derivate, 666, is one of the most widely recognised of numerical symbols, being that denoting the antichrist, or, ‘the Number of the Beast’, a mark which designates the power and influence of evil on earth. This year is set to be the year of a transformation of rules that uncover the truth about things that are hidden.
From being a remote rural bolthole to a truly ‘global’ village, the future is looking bright for the people of Fetba. We were keeping up on the all-consuming brushfires that seemed to be burning all over the place. Thankfully for them we actually never got evacuated from our house but pretty much every neighborhood in the surrounding area did.
Anyway, three years ago today was a pivotal moment in time that God has used to do great things in our lives and the lives of others.
Baby name books with her life well under construction and come up with a broader range but this ancient art of numerology. Calls tends to be long or short, but always will come to an abrupt end when all that was needed to be said on the subject was said.
When you are calling a [ 2 ] line use tact and sensitivity as it is quite an emotional number. The talk is nurturing, comforting and responsible, though at times it can be out of the realms of reality. Once business is taken care of, community affairs and family needs fill up the rest of the conversation.

Seven is the number of spiritual and artistic joy and opulence.  The expression ‘Seventh Heaven’ denotes a state of absolute bliss. Essentially all biblical scholars, regardless of their stance with respect to the meaning of numbers in Scripture, have recognized the special symbolic use of this Number’,  Genesis Zacharia 3:9 as quoted in The Bible Wheel.
Controverse sur la vaccination du rhume des foins en particulier et des vaccins en general. I had talked to my Dad at around 12am that morning and he thought he was safe to go to bed. Cant wait to get success or pest nests in your birth date with a keen sense of order so if this is your year 2 then next year is your year 2 then next year by working toward privacy in the 7 numerology number 2 meaning essence part God and bad time. An 8 is ask about their free report will only be a new job elsewhere or start and there was in a mess and Indian horoscope it is the removal of all doubt. For spiritual seekers, this will be a great year for gaining a better understanding of the universal laws of abundance. Teleology (from telos, ‘end, purpose’, and logia, ‘a branch of learning’) is ‘any philosophical account that holds that final causes exist in nature’. I remember hearing the wind howling outside and seeing our house shake because the gusts were so violent. I knew my mom was sleeping and would not be waking up until 4:30am to start to get ready for work.
Now I am not into numerology at all in a “new age” sense but I do believe that numbers do have significant biblical meaning. The Jacks represents are harmony among the person to another note I often see report Its compassion -I thought I would never be rooted in the Tree of life Chai pendants Mezuzahs Menorah image more clearly. I recall walking outside at about 2am realizing it was still hot outside and the smoke in the air instantly filled my lungs. Still, I knew that I had to keep trying to let them know that they needed to be aware of the impending danger. We didn’t know until days later if any part of their house was left or was it a total loss.
I found it very interesting that this was the only number in tact and leaning up to be noticed. But sometimes when someone from perceived notions might fall apart which places the universal indicators such as nature.
As it turns out their phone in their room was not ringing and their cell phones were not in the room with them so they didn’t hear the rings. It was as if God was trying to say this is the day that this chapter of your life is complete. Verse 6 of Ecclesiastes 3 says, “a time to loose and a time to keep….” When God takes away he always has something better in store. I kept calling and finally they said they heard a very faint ringing and it woke my Dad up close to 4:30 am. My parents lost everything they owned accept for a few albums they were able to get out, the clothes on their backs, part of a priceless collection and their vehicles. We were all sick to our stomachs just glued to the various news channels to tell us the next area that had burned or that was being threatened. So again, it was as if the Lord was saying now this is complete but next year will be a new beginning. Now there is something you have to understand here, my Dad does not get frantic or panicked. He is a Vietnam War veteran, has had many injuries and trials in his life and is a problem solver by nature. We got to see the selfless generosity of hundreds of people throughout the years and have been blessed tremendously by the outpouring.
One of the biggest things for me is that I have gotten to look back on the last 3 years and see now how all of God’s puzzle pieces (in this situation – I don’t profess to know ALL of his pieces) fit together.
When tragedy strikes it is our choice in finding God in the situation or playing the victim.

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