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Life path number is calculated by adding up the digits in your date of birth till the result is a single digit. Please note: This page as well as the links directly below are all part of my previous Web Site which consisted of approximately 250 pages but was in need of a major overhaul. Email Conversations 2 of Numbers Meaning, Dream Interpretation and Life Guidance : Thee Trinity Creation, Dreams, Sacred Numbers Meaning, Purity(11). New: Email Conversations 4 of Number Meaning, Dream Interpretation and Life Guidance Sacred Numbers Meaning Numerology, Numerology of Truth(33), Life(15), Spiritual Web Site, New Age Web Site, Truth(33), Wisdom(77), Love(14), Spiritual Numbers, Spiritual Symbols, Sacred Numbers. I was not sure if I would ever hear from you again for I remember my words were rather harsh about you finding your 'twin flame' and considering the break-up of your Marriage.
You are presently confused and very unsatisfied emotionally, especially when it comes to True LOVE(14), hence your Number Message is indeed a good one.
Your email is Beautiful Music to my Being for you speak with such WISDOM(77) and this comforts me simultaneously causing my emotions of LOVE(14) to Unite with the Person in TRUTH(33) who has thus spoken, I do LOVE(14) you Harley in TRUTH(33)! Yes stay on the path that you have presented to me, it seems like a Good one and realistic considering today`s many challenges, stresses and disappointments, just to name a few. Soon 'Thee Trinity Creation' will be making Its move to the next level of recognition, stay close Harley. Yes I can with certainty tell you of your purpose in LIFE(15), simply stated it is TRUTH(33)! Here is the defining answer as to what is TRUTH(33), and when you live these words in all of your DECISION(21) making TRUTH(33) you will live and purpose you will have. Yes Family devotion and dedication is primary to living TRUTH(33), I AM(47) Truly pleased that you have directed your Energies to where it counts most, and YES LOVE(14) yourself, but not in the superficial manner in which Industry and Businesses present LOVE(14) of yourself. I AM(47) very pleased that you have once again come to me and I CAN guide you unto betterment and purpose in LIFE(15) for TRUTH(33) I AM(47)! A Powerful element in avoiding evil temptation is to avoid such temptation whenever and wherever possible. NOTE — Just a few hours after this story was posted Joseph Molina was taken from us unexpectedly. The key thing to notice here is that numerology always attempts to deliver a single digit number though double digit numbers delivered on the way can be considered significant. The notes alongside each graphic explore the basic application of numerology to the Roman numerals. The final tablet has no options there are suggestions that the first number should be eliminated but the more obvious solution is shown here. A simple summary of the findings shows how a simplistic application of numerology reveals the numbers 666, 66 , 6, 72, 7 , 2, 9, 18, 1 and 8. As can be seen in the digram a 6*6 (36 cells) table can be filled with numbers so that every line and the diagonal adds up to 111.
The magic square itself is based on the number 132 and all ten rows, columns and diagonals total 33. And so, after several days at Brenac Church all I had was the concept of a pentacle, a triangle and a lot of numbers.

Of the numbers to me the most prominent was 666 followed by 66 and 9, but what did it all mean. Brenac is a tiny village, much smaller than even Rennes le Chateau situated at the top of a narrow valley close to the source of a stream running down to the Aude river.
I believed that the Visigoths, under attack from the Franks, retreated first to Carcassonne and then to to Rhedae. To study how an extension to the navigation system might be constructed in rugged terrain one pentacle (shown in turquoise) was selected. Construction DetailsHaving satisfied myself that even in rough country,Pentacles could be constructed with reasonable perhaps good accuracy, I have made no attempt to address that issue again in the following slides.
Therefore I made the Wise Decision of Creating a New Web Site which presently consist of 19 excellent pages: a must-read! Love(14), Wisdom(77), Life(15), Number 33, Meaning of Number 33, Sacred Numbers, Thee Trinity Creation Spiritual New Age Web Site, Meaning of Number 11, Spiritual New Age Love, Numerology of TRUTH(33), New World Numerology, Spiritual Energy(99) Communication(48), Meaning of Number 77, Meaning of Number 44.
Sacred Symbols Meaning, Truth 33, The Meaning of Number 3, 11, 12, 15, 33, Eternal Life(86).
It is essentially saying to put behind you the events that brought you to this point in time and focus on ACTION(81) in TRUTH(33) that will evermore move you towards a Grander FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15)! The saying 'you are worth it' is only valid if you Actions are of worth built upon TRUTH(33), otherwise you will cause distress and suffering unto yourself and those you LOVE(14), and upon those who LOVE(14) you! This is a question often ask by many but never more than in relation to September 11, 2001, when the most shocking contemporary event in the lives of not only Americans but people from all over the world, actualized. Perhaps inspired by a knowledge of the Fibonacci series and the associated golden numbers Pythagoras believed that numbers and combinations of numbers had a meaning much wider than its application in arithmetic.The number 77 is a good example of the principles of numerology. Because in Numerology, every letter of the alphabet is associated with a single digit number. I should point out that the numbers have to transferred from Roman numerals to arabic numerals to make numerology work.
However I think I am the only person to have regarded the tablets as a classical numerology enigma. It gives a feel that 6, 66 and 666 are the dominant numbers as all the others are derived from them. To shown their mainstream usage it is necessary to return once again to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It is perfectly legitimate to suspect that almost any set of numbers can be generated from a numerological puzzle.
It shows that all the members of the Fibbonaci series can be found in the numerological puzzle and that the next two members are 21 and 34.
The pentacle and triangle I already knew about but not everyone coming to Brenac would have been in possession of that information. I did not regard numerology as having any mystic significance I simply regarded it as a way of presenting as a puzzle which was intended to be solved. From the theories about Possin's tomb I knew that the Paris Meridien ran through this area.

The character and personality traits associated with lifepath numeber 3 will represent your personality. But since a few months after my acsension has started i have started living by 'self love'. You must be very giving to those who deserve such giving simultaneously becoming very aware of those that will attempt to steal the TRUTH(33) right from under you. Nine-Eleven is a day in which a ripple of emotion passed through every man, woman, and child around the globe, regardless of race or nationality.
Or did we simply have a transmutation of energy into a new form and the birth of new terror monger? It is the sum of the first eight prime numbers, and a multiple of both 7 and 11 which are Gaussian integers.
For instance The number 1 is associated with A, J and S the number 8 is associated with H,Q and Z.
2+6 =8 This final number is then associated with personal characteristics, so my name is associated with power and sacrifice.
Mary was supposed to be both a virin and “chaste”, so what is the statue on the right of the magic square meant to represent?
It is like a maze but in fact there are rules to be followed and the numbers which emerged are quite surprising. It is calculated based on your date of birth, it reveals a lot of things about your life and personality.
So please remember Harley that TRUTH(33) MUST be prioritized above all else, but first TRUTH(33) must be fully understood.
There was a surge of energy, masked in some areas, which eventually resulted in the culmination of events that lead up to May 1, 2011. An analysis of your lifepath number reveals the positive as well as negative traits of your personality.
We have the choice to live and experience or live and be suppressed, but never the less, we have a choice. For a long time we will be wondering if Bin Landens are walking around everywhere in plain site, living in our neighborhoods, teaching our children, and operating in emergency rooms?
A thought, we certainly put to the test, with more than a few false arrests due to paranoid speculation. Paranoia materialized in the form of hoarding, especially with commodities such as oil, and fuel prices soared worldwide.
Our freedoms are truly a privilege which has been bestowed upon us by a Higher Power, whether we believe in one or not.

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