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The Numbers Lady led two interactive presentations, first leading children ages 1-3 on an interactive numerical exploration with plush numbers. The Numbers Lady then led children ages 3-5 on an interactive numerical adventure through Washington, DC, will the help of plush number characters, and her book NumbersAlive! Stay tuned for future appearances by the Numbers Lady at the Library of Congress Young Readers Center!!!

The Library of Congress Young Readers Center is located on the ground floor of the Thomas Jefferson Building, Room LJ G29 at 10 First Stree, S.E. Numbers Lady BlogAntigua, West IndiesThe Numbers Lady presents programs at the invitation of the US Department of State.
Reading from her book, Hello Numbers, children met Team Ten and learned about their personalities based on global history and culture. Below the lady I added an equals sign before finished with a greeting about being 40 & fit.

Klemm at the City Book ShopYou’re invited to East City Bookshop’s Grand Opening Celebration on April 30th from 10am – 8pm. Klemm In Washington Family magazine!Check out the latest article on The Numbers Lady, online here or at the following rack locations in DC!

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