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Chaldeans who occupied the southern Mesopotamia were the first people to play with numbers and they soon realized that the numbers play with their life and it is not vice versa as they had thought.
It was the idea of Pythagoras that if names are given to people according to their nature and thus, their names have a big influence in their life.
Then according to the digit that you end up with, your future and your present life can be determined.
When Greeks invaded the borders of India and when their army was led by none other than Alexander the Great, their numerology system mixed with the Vedic literature of Indians. This form of numerology acts only by name of a person and not by date of birth, as other forms of numerology deal with. Having read about the different forms of numerology reading, why don’t you try getting free online numerology reports using our special numerology analysis tools?
As you can see in the numerology alphabet chart above, each letter is assigned to a number (from 1 to 9) and associated with a color.
In Numerology, acknowledging a letter as either a vowel or a consonant is sometimes handled differently than it is in linguistics.

Numerology meaning and readings relating to the full birth name; destiny number, soul urge number and inner dreams number. See illustrations of the letters and vowel points of the Hebrew alphabet in print, script and Rashi script. Learn the meaning of each letter in your name and how they influence your life and personal patterns. The most common numerology systems like Chaldean, Pythagoras, Kabbalah and Indian numerology calculations are discussed in this article.
Even though the numerals were made popular in Europe after 10th century AD, names and words were earlier used to find the life path number and other numerological aspects. Then add the digits of the numbers until you reduce it to single digit and then you can have numerology predictions read for the eight digits.
Gematria is the art of assigning numbers to letters to reveal deeper meanings and significance to words. They arranged alphabets in accordance to the numbers 1-8 and the reason why they left 9 is that it is considered a holy number.

And the sum of the digits of these numerology numbers is again summed till they reach single digit. And since Hebrew culture has practiced Gematria numerology, which means, every letter in Hebrew has a number associated with it, the number associated with it will be sum of all these letters. It involves numbers to be plotted in the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the number corresponding to the Hebrew alphabets is considered to be your lucky number. These Karmic numbers are said to be associated with the Karma of a person and hence they advise us to avoid 4 and 8, since these numbers carry the past life burden of a person into his present birth. For example, if your Kabbalah number is 3, then you have a great possibility to become rich and famous.

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