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Outwardly, she seems unflappable, chilly and even alienated, but this hides a sensuality and sexuality. Relationships with family are of paramount importance to her, and it a lot of time and effort given to them. Idealization of personal relationships can lead to that, choosing a partner, she committed the unpardonable blunder. She is ambitious and lives at such a pace that it is difficult to tie any serious relationship. In Numerology, 1 carries the energy of being an individual, a solo player and everything that entails. Just as the number 1 comes first in the numeric system, so it carries this energy through in a numerology analysis. In terms of the personal characteristics of the numerology number 1, the energy is associated with that of the stereotypical alpha male; assertive, dominant, masculine and self-reliant. As it relates to time, numerology 1 represents new beginnings, new occurrences, new arrivals. The rules of reduction in the calculation of Numerology measures takes every number greater than 9, adds the digits together to reduce to a single number.
Numerology 10 meaning – Numerology 10 can represent the very beginning of new ideas and developments.
Numerology 19 meaning– Numerology 19 can represent the the self coming into power and being tested by it.
Numerology 28 meaning – Numerology 28 can represent people connecting or disconnecting which brings about new beginnings. Numerology 37 meaning – Numerology 37 can be quite a strong spiritual number as it can indicate the coming together of mind, body and spirit creating new understanding of the self. Numerology 64 meaning – Numerology 64 can represent new love in the home or the workplace. Numerology 73 meaning – Numerology 73 is another great vibration for writing and expressing thoughts in creative way.
Numerology 82 meaning – Numerology 82 is the vibration of the successful organization.
As you read the meaning of the double digit ciphers you will get a good sense of the Numerology 1 characteristics; new beginnings, new ideas, leadership. Use the form below to delete this Including Your Age Or Date Of Birth Dob On CV Used To Be A image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Click On The Download Button To Get This Birth Certificate Template image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Numerology Birth Date 1a€¦5 For Women Meaning image from our index.
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After having taken one’s numerology, refer to the different numbers below to know what your number tells about your life. Those who are born on dates 1, 10, 19, 28 who have 1 as their number are known to be bold, greatly esteemed persevering, hardworking, honest, and trustworthy.
They are also born with leadership skills which make it easy for them to connect and make friends. People with 2 as their numerology are easy to fall in love with and that they easily attract friends. Their lucky color is light green which increases mental ability and wearing of white clothes increases luster and valor.

We provide accurate psychic readings about life, love and success and immediate answers to your questions to help make you happier and more successful in every aspect of life. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Master Numbers are ciphers that carry the potential for greatness; great success and achievement or great failure and destruction. It may help you to get a sense of the energy to think of Master Numbers as being 11 times as powerful as the single digit cipher it is made up of. A direct translation of the Master Number 11 would give us both the self focussed on itself and it’s accomplishments and achievements and also the individual leading others. Those with 11 dominant in their charts tend to be creative and intelligent with an ability to inspire people, for better or for worse. If we look at the formation of the Master Number 22 we can interpret it as strong partnerships supported with understanding and flexibility to produce structure and stability. Those with 22 dominant in their charts tend to be hard workers, sure and steady, but very personable too. If you thought a Numerology 3 could talk your ear off, you just wait till you come across a Master Number 33! Those who are channelling the 33 energy in it’s highest form may approach perfect integration of mind, body and spirit.
Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery and Bob Hope are just some of the well known celebrities to carry the 33 vibration strongly within them. Please visit part 2 of this Master Numbers series to read about the next three Master Numbers (44, 55 and 66) or jump to part 3 where the last three Master Numbers (77, 88 and 99) are covered. She needs care and understanding, and the wish to dominate both physically and emotionally.
She needs an intellectual partner, with the same strength of character that is able to counter the ambitions of her own. Or the like and get their way, or does not like, allowing himself to love, but without claiming a right of ownership, freedom and faith. Prefer to communicate with educated and intelligent people, creative people, whose interests lie in the fields of philosophy, art and culture.
When looking that the various Numerology 1 characteristics, we keep in mind the individual nature of this energy and the underlying strength, determination and fortitude it can take to stand alone and lead the way. It leads the way, it takes action and dictates the course of action as opposed to following and doing what it is told. The flip-side is that people dominated by this energy can be very hard to work with and often would rather cut off their right hand than compromise. It can also be associated with needing to change jobs due to family issues or possibly tensions on the family due to work commitments which could result in change. It speaks of connecting like minded individuals or groups to bring about new ideas or beginnings. How you are affected by this energy depends on where it presents itself in your numerology chart.
These people who are a number two are flighty and imaginative and they are stronger mentally than physically. It can be said that 5s are people who are endowed with thinking power such as new arguments, modern thoughts, wonderful scheming, logic, and understanding. These people are considered most attractive as they also like to dress up and be surrounded by beauty.
Water and travel are their fetishes and so they have the chance to find great fortune in these. There is no shortage of excitement when Master Numbers are in a chart as they are an intensification of energy. If you consider this in terms of each number being ray of light shining from a torch at you, the brilliance of a Master Number would be 11 torches shining light at you which would be a considerably brighter and more intense experience. If a simple number gave you the capacity to be a capable leader, the Master Number variant would give you the capacity to be a great leader. Below we will look at the individual interpretations of the first three Master Numbers, namely 11, 22 and 33. It is also the Master Number with the most transition binaries (numbers such as 29 which, when the individual digits are added together produce the final number, in this case 11). Of course the negative aspect to this vibration could result in something being built that is not in the interests of mankind or alternatively in someone determined and capable of destruction. One difference is that the 33 will communicate with such style and artistry that you will often beg them to keep going when they choose to stop.
But, given that 3 is all about self expression and this is intensified here, and the fact that 6 is associated with sex, a Master Number 33 can descend into the depths of sexual debauchery. If it will partner to make decisions and take the initiative to limit their control, you will find stable relationships and inner confidence, which always seeks. She likes his friend to walk together on the various exhibitions, participate in community, social or political life. This desire to lead, to organise and to take responsibility means that managerial or leadership positions are a good numerology 1 career choice.

Selfishness and stubbornness can be a challenge faced by those trying to work with people who have the 1 energy dominant in their lives.
But each double digit cipher has it’s own meaning, a focus put on the resulting single digit number. If there are issues they can be around exercising good judgement, socialising with others, achieving success.
Accordingly, there are issues around family, love and affairs of the heart with this number. Depending on how this energy is aspected it could be the disconnecting of groups to create new enterprises such as happens with mergers and acquisitions. This energy can inspire an individual to thoughts of creating new life, be it an organization to carry on their legacy or having a baby. Use the descriptions above as a guide to what to be aware of should you find that these numbers are prominent for you. Because these people are gentle and merciful, they tend to live for others and that they find it hard to say no to people. Although 3s are rather religious, they are not tied to conventional religion and that they are in tuned to their spiritual side. The ultimate thing is that it all still lies in the hands of the person living his own life. But all numbers, including Master Numbers, can be expressed in a negative fashion and in the example above the person who was a bullying leader with the simple number becomes a despotic tyrant with the Master Number variant. In part two of this Master Numbers series we will look at the next three Master Numbers and we will conclude in part three of this Master Numbers series by examining the meaning of the final three Master Numbers. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this number is very common in the charts of those that rise to fame and high status through what they achieve in whatever they have chosen to excel at.
For those that are religious in nature it is interesting to note that Jesus is an 11 vibration. This Master Number is not about the creation or conception of new ideas but rather about giving shape and form to these ideas, about taking a dream and manifesting it into reality. This ability to communicate the beauty of the world in such a way that generates joy and happiness in others means many famous musicians, poets, actors and singers have 33 prominent in their chart. Thus, if you have Master Number 33 in your charts then you will want to be very wary of not succumbing to this temptation.
She is a stranger to self-interest in romantic relationships, but in other cases it may show it to the full. If this energy relates to a person it relates to an individual who can lead or instigate such changes.
Since the number 18 is a two-digit, then it will have to be reduced to 1 number (between 1-9).
These people also tend to be lucky as they are known to look younger than they actually are. Though people who are a 6 are sensual, healthy, and powerful, they can also be materialistic as they love to spend. People may like to be with them because the pure luck of 7s is contagious to those who go with them.
The things that are built do not always have to be physical structures like houses, but could be musical compositions or codes of conduct. Many famous singers have this vibration prominent in their chart as two is the first vibration of music and multiplying this by 11 gives structure to that musical ability along with the discipline and self control associated with the 22. A candlelit dinner in a solemn ceremony at her intoxicating effect and leads to the creation of a strong alliance. The issues can come if family values and respect for all parties is not held sacred in the process of creating and leading the organization.
If there are challenges it will be with the execution of good judgement, the ability to handle power, the maintaining of social interactions. The health of these people deteriorates with age so they are advised to take care of themselves.
It achieves these masterpieces through steadfast hard work, discipline and routine mixed with a superb ability to balance the resources available and the needs of the stakeholders of any project.
Often underestimates the true intentions and the quality of the partner, it is a catalyst for the fears and complexes.
They can oftentimes be selfish and intolerant especially that they believe that it is their right to break the rules. It can dissolve in love to elect, to give myself completely to him, or did not know what love is, and love it was.
Good long-term relationship it can arise with a partner who has low it makes her material comfort and a sense of freedom.

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