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Vaastu, Astrology, Numerology, Feng-Shui, Pyra-Vaastu, Map Analysis, Horoscope Analysis, Residential and commercial vaastu correction without demolition.
Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields. This book reveals 108 hidden golden ancient ways to get better relations amongst staff & family members, enhance your physical and mental ability, better harmony, health and wealth. This beautiful rosary of "108 Golden Tips" will enhance Love , Health, Wealth and Success in everybody's life. This book covers preparation of grid and discovering future trends, compatibility with other persons, Determine the arrows of strength and weekness.
Also, explains how to find missing numbers from your date of birth and provides detailed solutions to over come the effects of missing numbers. This book gives you a new vantage point from which to look at your self; one with greater distance and perspective than many other self help systems.
This book introduces you to the fascinating world of numbers, and shows how they influence your destiny. Cheiro in his book of Numerology mentioned the meanings of the first 52 numbers,1 to 52,representing the 52 weeks of the year,gave specific meanings to only 35 numbers and said that all other numbers had meanings similar to those. Know how to employ your lucky numbers and lucky dates to beat your bad stars and get what you want!!

However the question of fate or destiny has always lingered in the minds of people who have sought the help of Astrology or Palmistry in getting their future predicted.First of all, are these predictions true or mere hoax?
The author is an excellent match maker and has guided many of his clients to happy marriage. Wide selection of authentic material from Vedic, Modern, Western, Karmic, Spiritual & Electional Astrological literature, this book can be of immense help to all those who are inclined to learn this ancient occult science. This book is a reservoir of information, which explores the scientific mediums of astrology from formation & conclusion of horoscope in a lucid way. This work, a magnum opus in the field of numerology is the result of the learned author’s extensive research of over thirty years.
But the ancient rishis or seers of India, in their deep meditation,discovered the meanings of the first 108 numbers and taught their disciples.
Second,if you believe they are true and correct, is it possible to make the predictions false?
Having a greater in-sight into your strengths and weeknesses will help you in every aspect of life. For instance, if an astrologer or palmist predicts that you are not going to have issues, is it possible to have children?
The purpose of this book will be amply fulfilled if you practise Numerology according to what is said in this book,become fortunate and attain success and happiness in life.

It is quite original in style and method I have tried my best to make it as simple a possible Book will certainly help both students and professionals. Only those numbers that will give health, wealth,comfort and peace are mentioned as lucky. If your prediction is that you are going to lose all your money is it possible to avert such a calamity? He represent five generations of traditional Vedic Scholars behind him and his knowledge of many languages enabled him topresent his knowledge in easy to understand and pick up.He was awarded the title of JYOTISH-KALA-NIDHI by Swami Sivananda of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University of Rishikesh. If your horoscope is weak with a bleak future is it possible to make yourself strong with a bright future?
I am sure if you select your soulmate according to this book,you are on your way to marital bliss.

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