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Karmic-Life Path Report: *BEST SELLER The Karmic Life Path report provides an in-depth look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime. NEW* Life Progression: Life continually changes and moves forward in time… changing us along with it. My Spiritual Path Report: Our individual spirituality is something that no one can teach us, and no one can dictate. Solar Return: Each year the Sun returns to the exact position it was at when you were born.
The report clarifies lessons and goals recreated from the past for resolution in this life. It has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs, though they certainly may be an important part of it for some of us. This report is based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities that you aren’t exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles.
They are complex and mysterious and it is very difficult for us to see them objectively from the inside.
The more information we have on what each person brings to our relationships, as well as, how we can interact with each other provide us a greater chance of successful interactions. Each number has a life and meaning of its own and, can help you understand such things as your Heart’s Desire, Your Life’s Direction and more…. The report concentrates on the planets that are most involved with karmic lessons such as the Sun, Moon and Saturn. One of the most popular astrological techniques for measuring these changes is the Secondary Progression. Find out how you can best interact with the world, where your hard work will pay off, how, where, and with whom you can build career success, insights in money, and how your career growth can follow your higher purpose. Our personal spirituality is the way in which we connect with our God, the universe, and guiding forces we feel deep inside.

Although the Sun is at its exact same position other things are different, the Sun’s House may have changed and the other planets will also have changed positions. It works by looking at the planets’ relationships to the places you’ve asked about at your birth moment.
The more information we have on what each person brings to the relationship and how our needs and expectations interact with each other, the greater our chance of success. Compatibility reports allow us to see our relationships more objectively and provide us with insights into what drives the relationship. Using only the date of our birth and our given name (as recorded on our birth certificate), we can find those numbers that represent our particular life force. The Karmic insight report also discusses struggles (major hard aspects) and gifts and strengths (major soft aspects) brought forward from past lives. With this system, astrologers equate one day after birth to one year of life (the day-for-a-year method).
A Spiritual Path report is written to help you identify your personal spirituality and the path you could naturally follow to achieve the balance and harmony that comes with true spiritual development and maturity. This will describe in depth and in detail the influences that work in your life, your personality characteristics and the relationships you are likely to attract. From this chart done at the seed of the new year we can determine what will be the main themes of the year.
If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place.
Compatibility reports allow us to see our relationships more objectively and provide us with insights into what drives our relationships. The report describes our different styles of interacting which in turn can guide us to understanding each other better. When these life numbers are seen in the context of the continual interchange and play of numbers in the world around us, certain trends and opportunities become clear.

Secondary progressions offer insight into the unfolding of our unique personalities over time. The opens a window on the spiritual nature you were born with, showing you its nature and direction.
This is the closest you can get to an actual reading with the world famous psychic Edgar Cayce.
They also give advice on how to deal with the difficult aspects that are a part of every relationship. At any time during our life we are working with one or several specific numbers and what they symbolize. Life Progressions uses this important astrological tradition to provide you with complete, detailed reports on your life (or anyone’s) as it progresses through changes and stages.
The report gives information on your past lives, interplanetary life and advice for clearing up difficulties in this life. This exciting report helps you make the right choices at the right time, avoiding unnecessary stumbles and pitfalls. He gives specific remedies and even vocational advice based on difficulties and talents brought forward from past lives.
It has the same highly spiritual and inspiring tone as a real Edgar Cayce reading since it is rooted in a deep study of the works of Edgar Cayce.

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