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The Karmic Lessons are found by finding which numbers are missing among the letters in the full name at birth. The number that is most often repeated in your name represents your specific field of expertise, or a concentrated talent – this is called your Hidden Passion. The Karmic Lessons and Hidden Passion chart is represented by a square divided in 9 smaller squares. So far, we have talked about the strongest, and usually the most obvious, aspects of a person's character.
Numerology is based on the understanding that we enter life with certain strengths and weaknesses.
You may well recognize your Karmic Lessons as weaknesses you have learned to overcome in the course of your life, however, the challenges implied in your Karmic Lessons will continue to come up occasionally for the rest of your life.
For people with three or more numbers missing, it is supremely important to focus on your career and talents, and to persevere in the face of any difficulty or obstacle. Your Hidden Passion reveals one or more special strengths and talents that you rely upon and are available to you.

As soon as the baby is born, it is the right time to find a good and harmonious name which would help him fetch emotional, mental, spiritual growth. You have to give your three potential or optional names along with the correct date of birth.
Each of those nine squares is numbered 1 through 9 and arranged in order starting with 1 in the top left and ending with 9 in the lower right corner. But now we enter into the more hidden realms, where people are driven by desires or ambitions that even they may not be aware of. Karmic lessons are areas that we are currently weak in and must be faced and worked on in this life. These characteristics can be compared to a workshop in which certain tools are available to you. The kind of keyhole energy suggested by such a name gives you the ability to achieve great success in a specific part of life; but before such a success can be achieved, adversity must be overcome.
In the top of each square is another number indicating how many times the number below it is represented in the full name at birth.

In order to become free human beings, we must make these subtle, unconscious traits conscious. Missing numbers, those that are not represented in the letters in your name, imply tools that are unavailable, and must be learned and mastered during this lifetime. Having the talent demands that you express it, that you experience this part of you, and that you live according to its nature. We must become aware of ourselves in our deepest recesses in order to take control of our lives.

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