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The horoscope or astrology natal chart or astrology birth chart or astrology chart is a diagram which reflects the picture of the relevant celestial bodies at the time of onea€™s birth. The position of the relevant heavenly bodies for a particular day and time is calculated with the help of ephemeris, and accordingly they are placed in twelve places called houses in astrology chart. Each of 12 houses in astrology natal chart represents number of things which we should know. 1st House- This is also called ascendant and it denotes body looks, caste, physical appearance, mental characteristics, nature of birth, fame and defame, success, general health, childhood, personality and all sorts of personal traits. 2nd House- Signifies wealth, family, speech, vision and financial prosperity, charity, death. 3rd House- Signifies younger brothers, sisters and relatives in general; it has governance over courage and also concerned with throat, ears, fathera€™s death, communications, sports, business, and talents. 4th House- This has reference to mother, immovable properties, domestic, education, mental peace, vehicles and general happiness. 5th House- Signifies children, emotions and feelings, religion, intellect, creativity and to certain extent it also concerned with speculative tendencies. 6th House- Represents accidents, health, enemies, mental affection, sports, maternal uncle and misfortune. 8th House- Deals with longevity, legacies, gifts and unearned wealth, nature of death, disgrace, degradation and details pertaining to death. 9th House- Signifies father, righteousness, preceptor, grand children, intuition, religion, sympathy, fame, charities, leadership, long-journeys and communication with spirits, this house in astrology natal chart is also concerned with foreign trade and travel.

10th House- Represents occupation, profession, temporal honors, authority and power, self-respect, knowledge and dignity and means of livelihood.. 11th House- Deals with elder brother and sister, friends, acquisition, money and freedom from misery and happy tidings. 12th House- Signifies losses, extravagance, expenses, waste, confiscation, bed comforts, left eye, feet, interaction, divine knowledge and piety final emancipation.
There must be some readers who may find certain points which are not included in these pages; I invite them all to contribute their knowledge and share thoughts through this site. Astrodownload Get a free guide to astrological interpretation, plus software that lets you do an unlimited number of natal charts - everything you need to calculate and interpret your chart, or those of others! I am a professional numerologist and practicing numerological services for more than 30 years. Your Birth Chart (also referred to as a Natal chart or Horoscope) is a diagram that shows the position of the planets in the sky at the precise time you were born. The sign on the left horizon of your birth chart is the ascendant, or rising sign; this sign changes every two hours or so. Once the signs are positioned, the Sun, Moon and Planetsare placed in their appropriate areas to represent where they were at the time of your birth. The birth chart doesn't really solve any problems for you, but it may give you some insight into why you behave the way you do.
The Birth Chart Calculator can be an excellent tool to turn to when you want to understand yourself better.

This makes knowing your correct time of birth very important, as the rising sign affects how you present yourself to the world. Each moment in time is blessed with strengths and weaknesses and the moment of your birth is no different.
Visitors would love to hear your thoughts or stories and they too can contribute their one.Your writing will be added to this page and others will be able to comment on it.
The colored lines through the center are the aspects, and they will affect how a planet is expressed. It can also point out some talents you may not be aware of or new areas of potential in your life.
By understanding your chart you can make the most of your talents and abilities, as well as overcome your weaknesses so you may grow to your full potential. Those planets that were visible at the time of your birth are recorded above that line, while those that were not visible are recorded below it.

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