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Kids who read any 8 books from summer challenge book list by July 31st will receive a FREE book!
Kids in grades K through 5 can read 10 books and keep track of it on the provided form and then take it to their local TD Bank where $10 will be deposited into their Young Saver account! Students in Grades K through 8 can search for qualifying books in the program, read them, then come back to quiz on them to earn points which they can redeem for prizes in the Prize Library. Kids ages 14 and under can commit to reading for at least 15 minutes each day in the months of June and July to earn $5 in Half Price Books Bookworm Bucks. Often local libraries also host programs, so make sure you check with them to see what they have to offer!
As a class, predict the answers as your teacher leads you through the Powerpoint presentation.Explore Your 5 Senses! AmericanFolklore: This website has folk stories from native America, Mexico, Canada and USA.

AllBooksFree: This site offers books for online reading and books for kids download for free in PDF format. Feedbooks: This site has a wide collection of good fairy tales that are hard to find on other sites. WebPop: This is a very attractive website with books for reading, listening as well as downloading. They are even hosting a weekly Story Time at participating locations where they can enjoy activities and snacks all while working toward their reading goal!
Using the Lab Worksheet, draw pictures or write words in the appropriate boxes with their observations.
It is common knowledge that there are numerous benefits of reading books right from a young age. Reading can make your kids aware and also give them a lot of social and physical knowledge.

Since there are so many benefits of books, books for kids are indeed wanted learning materials in the home.
The number of story books for kids is huge and when you go to a bookstore, you can literally find yourself lost in the world of books for kids. Now, instead of going to the store and buying books for your kids, you could look for books for kids online that are free to download and read. Your kids will be more than happy to spend time on the computer reading books with beautiful pictures and illustrations.

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