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This is supposed to be a case study, but as I’ve been a customer of this bank for some years, a certain amount of disappointment is bound to creep in. As a user experience professional, there are always irritations with websites and I just have to bite my tongue because (a) sometimes they’re not THAT bad and (b) they’re not my client.
Apart from breaking the user’s journey on the site to include offline devices and offline interaction, the level of total security needed before I can make a payment becomes overbearing, especially when compared with that needed to make a payment from the Co-Op’s internet business banking.
If this is about creating a secure online banking environment rather than belt, braces, pegs, staples and helium balloons attached by strings to trousers in an effort to keep them up, surely the bankers are clever enough to work out a more elegant solution? This entry was postedon Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 15:02and is filed under UCD, usability, User-Centred Design, UXD. I sometimes misplace my card reader (ok, my fault), which makes the whole process very frustrating.
It takes so long…what should be a simple process is made time consuming and laborious. LloydsTSB use a telephone call to your mobile phone to authorise transactions to 3rd-party accounts – maybe you would find this more palatable? Have you ever been on a computer at a cafe, library, or school that doesn’t have a PDF reader?
Samuraj Data is the perfect online PDF reader because it doesn’t require any registration, and it’s fast! As you can see in the screenshot above the interface for navigating a PDF is rather bare, but in return you get a fast and intuitive experience. There might be better online PDF readers or viewers out there, but it will be hard to find one that is as simple and fast as Samuraj Data. I would give it a 10 out of 10 if they offered a slightly better interface and more than 256 colors when viewing the PDF’s.
The Firefox web browser does not support the EPUB format by default which means that you can only download the file to your local computer system if the website is not providing access to an online EPUB reader. The Firefox add-on EPUBReader changes this by adding support for the EPUB format to Firefox. Controls include text formatting options to increase or decrease the font size, navigate pages, access a library of locally stored ebooks or free online libraries, or saving bookmarks to continue reading at the saved position at a later point in time.
EPUBReader is a handy Firefox extension, especially for users who regularly work with ebooks in epub format. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005. Although it says, "It basically means that you can read epub ebooks online in the web browser," the Firefox EPUB Reader addon does not work with the existing epubs already on my system.
The new ebrary online Reader was developed with extensive input from researchers and debuts on the ebrary platform in early August 2014.

Chapter downloads are clearly identified in the new Reader from the navigation tool bar and also on the new Reader Detail Page. In the search within book box, type your search term, making sure to put phrases in quotes. Sharing a link allows you to copy a URL to the current page in the book which you may share with authorized users. Click the bookmark icon in the toolbar or the bookmark icon in the upper right of the page to bookmark a page. Zoom options include zoom in (+), zoom out (-), and fit to width, or fit to page (under Zoom options). Click on top of the page number and enter your desired page to navigate to a specific page in a book.
Yup, I can be an armchair eco warrior and tut at all the awful things going on in the world, safe in the knowledge that my money doesn’t finance any of them.  But maintaining customers’ brand loyalty is a fickle thing when the user experience of online banking goes down the biodegradable compost toilet.
Fails to consider context eg making a quick payment during lunch hour will require a card reader left at home.
The personal result of this means I’ve missed another company’s credit card payment, been charged, ramped up more debt and probably received a black mark on my credit record. Hmmm … maybe history tells us not and maybe they should employ some good user experience consultancy (I know I’ve got a few choice words for the industry). It drives me up the wall that I have to locate both my card and card reader and bring them together just so I can perform a minor transaction! All the security around the device would prevent someone from transferring money unless they were with you. The customer is alleging that someone has stolen his laptop, used his own wi fi from outside his house (so the IP address is the same), and then emptied his life savings account.
In cases like that you need a handy online PDF viewer that will do the dirty work for you, without installing a single thing on the computer. All you have to do is specify the location of the PDF file, which can be on the Web or a file on the computer, and then hit the View button. There are keyboard shortcuts available to navigate from one page to another, or you can click the View All link to have all of the pages displayed one after another. And in addition to handling PDF files it can also open PostScript and Microsoft Word DOC files. It offers features such as css styling, word wrap or vector images, and its files - the ebooks - have the extension epub. It decompresses the files, processes them and makes them available in a readable format in a new browser tab. The left column displays the index of the ebook, the right the contents and some controls at the bottom.

He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.
You may download a chapter, a page range as well as an individual page in image pdf format.
But like a number of banks they’ve adopted the use of a card reader device for making online payments.
Having to call the bank on a premium number in an open plan office, go through security checks, and complete my transactions with someone over the phone is neither private nor convenient.
You’ll instantly see the download and conversion status on the screen in a terminal-like fashion.
Not every user may need that functionality, especially users with ebook readers may prefer to read EPUB books using those readers instead.
You can use the search to find a specific ebook on either site, or browse the epub books by category or other sorting filters such as popularity or upload date.
Ebooks that you have downloaded this way are added to your private library from where you can open them at any point in time, even if you do not have an Internet connection. Here it is possible to change fonts, backgrounds or the margin to customize the reading experience. Click on the triangle to the left of the chapter for counts of results per page and contextual snippets of text. If you select the icon from the toolbar instead, you may select and highlight text in yellow. If you’ve never used one it’s the size of a pocket calculator, you insert your debit card, enter your PIN, enter the code the website’s given you, and then enter the code it gives you, back into the original website. All PDF’s are converted to images, and after the download is completed the process will wrap up rather quickly. If you select the note icon in the toolbar, you create a note for the page and the note icon is placed in the upper left of the page, independent of text. It took under 30 seconds for it to download and convert most of the PDF’s that I threw at it.
Some banks use this when a customer sets up a payment to a new recipient, but the Co-Op requires it for any payment beyond shuffling money between your own savings accounts.

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