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Read and respond to "An Invasion of the Bees." The vocabulary on the reverse side is similar to last week's practice and is entitled, "What Would You Do with a Crevice?" Due Thursday. Read and respond to "A 10-Day Ordeal" and complete the vocabulary worksheet that accompanies the reading selection.
Due to the MLK Holiday on Monday and Wednesday's 8th grade writing assessment, next week's homework will be provided to students on FRIDAY, JANUARY 12. This week's homework, due Thursday, is to read and respond to "The Reluctant Ballerina Part II" and to complete the vocabulary practice, "Famous Women." Due to our shortened week next week, a new homework handout will be provided to students this Friday, due next Thursday.
Read and respond to the questions that accompany "Mohammed Ali - Part I." This is due Thursday.

Due to next week's plans, students took their spelling pretest and received next week's homework packet.
Monsieur Israel-Hiles had emergency surgery last Wednesday; instead of attending the leadership retreat, Madame was at the hospital until Friday.
5) Please be patient with our substitutes - they are here to help us, and this is a time when Madame needs their help! Read and respond to the article, "The Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962." This work is due on Thursday. Due to our shortened week (field trip and Friday's student holiday), there will be no homework assigned in the Reading classes this week.

Classes will be blocked on Wednesday, September 6, and Monday thru Friday, September 11-15. There is a wonderful online student dictionary created by Merriam-Webster that should have any information students will need to complete work at home.

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