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There are numerous branches of the occult, the information regarding palmistry collected here for the benefit of  natives who are interested in the palm reading is given by the ancient Rishis, and palm readers, pandit’s and occult teachers for the benefit of the readers. The fleshy part at the base of the thumb is called the Mount of Venus, which represents  emotion, grace and compassion. FINGER TIPS — According to type of fingertips either square, rounded or pointed or even a mixture of these, we can know about some characteristic of persons. FINGERS – Some of the people   have   length of fingers either very short or very long when compared with the size of the palm.
The Mount of Saturn below the middle finger represents sanity, sobriety, wisdom, introversion and karmic events such as good or bad luck. The Mount of Apollo below the ring represents confidence, creativity, impulsiveness and extroversion. it also indicates our desire to share all that has been learned from the profound nature of Saturn.
The Mount of Mercury below your little finger has to do with ability to sell yourself, communication, quickness, connection as well as writing and mathematical abilities.
Below the Mount of Jupiter (follow the index finger downwards) lies the Lower Mars, which deals with aggression, hostility and capacity for evil. The Life Line usually circles the thumb and begins under the mount of Jupiter and travels in an arc towards the wrist.
The fourth main lie on the palm is called the Line of Fate (also known as the Line of Faith. The line of Apollo is a vertical line that is found on the upper part of the Mount of the Moon. The line of Mercury denotes intuition, spontaneity and the ability to communicate effortlessly. The minor lines that have a direct influence on our lives and relationships will be discussed.  The minor lines can be found in most hands.
The formation of a strong Mercury line in the hand indicates that an effortless ability to communicate with others has been developed. 2-If the line is strong and undisturbed, then you tend to have a strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard to make money. 4-A broken line, tends to show that poor health will create problems in your business situations. There are many Minor Lines that don’t appear on every hand, but one of the best known is the Girdle of Venus that starts between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn and ends around the little finger.
The most interesting aspect to the nails is the way they show the current state of health of a subject.
Earth hands are square palms with square finger tips, thick or rough skin, and red in appearance. Some people’s hands are full of lines while others have nothing more than main basic lines.
We have to look  the thumb’s tip is square, rounded or pointed, thus indicating a bias toward a practical, artistic or idealistic nature. The fatter and fleshier this part of the hand is, the more sensitive and compassionate the individual. If finger tips are Square tips signify a practical, realistic, rather down-to-earth person who likes method   and   order, if finger tips are Pointed   tips   are   fairly   rare  but they are preferring   to   live   in   a   world   of fantasy, imagination, idealism and dreams. People with Short fingers they think and act quickly and cannot be bothered with lots of small, fussy details. Sometimes the Mount of Mercury will be feathered with short vertical lines that are called Lines of Affection. Whereas Mars negative relates to our physical energy, Mars positive deals with our mental strength.
A famous Sanskrit verse tells us that “our present is the result of all our yesterdays, and the future depends on how well we live today.” This sums up the relationship between Rahu and Ketu.

In some traditions, the line is read as starting from the edge of the palm under the little finger and flowing across the palm towards the thumb; in others, it is seen as starting under the fingers and flowing toward the outside edge of the palm. It encircles the Mount of Lower Mars and Venus and in most cases ends at the base of the hand. This line runs vertically from the middle of the base of the palm and up towards the middle finger.
It has been called the line of the Sun, and the line of Brilliancy, and to it has been ascribed the gift of great artistic talents, wealth and fame. This line appears on the at the base of the hand under the little finger to the mount of the moon. This is known as The Lucky Triangle, where the broader the area of the triangle, the greater your luck. This line looks like a loop circling three of your four fingers and its presence is supposed to indicate beauty and luck in romance. A sudden shock, an emotional upset can be easily dated as fingernails take about six to eight months to grow out. The length of the palm has been usually equal to the length of the fingers.  A square palm with few and clear lines. Stiff thumb –  as the name suggests, is fairly rigid and inflexible, so the tip will not bend backward to any noticeable degree,  indicates that the person is stubborn, has fixed ideas, does not easily adapt to changing circumstances, derives more satisfaction from saving money than from spending it and does not tend to be naturally generous. They usually possess poetic, musical or artistic abilities but, as they lack drive and practical application, they seldom utilize their capabilities. These sometimes indicate the number of deep emotional connections or significant relationships in a person’s life. Positive characteristics include endurance, persistence, and a calm mental state.Right below the Mount of Mercury (below the little finger there are two more mounts. Palmists interpret this line to represent matters of the heart, both physical and metaphorical, and believe it can indicate emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression, and stoicism, in addition to various aspects of cardiac health. An optimum Head line runs straight, is deep and has a long extension almost to the other side of the palm. The hand is filled with all kinds of markings, lines, feathers, stars, and crosses –each with particular meanings.
The concept is that the left hand shows your inherited potential, while the right hand shows what you’ve acquired  with that potential. Earth Hands are down-to-earth, practical and level headed, but can also be materialistic, serious and stubborn They can be quite traditional, and prefer to be outdoors. The mounts of the palm, readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints and palmar skin patterns and the structure of fingers. The lower half of the hand represents primal instincts, health and basic drives of the subconscious.
If finger tips are Rounded   tips  give   a   nice   balance   between   the   square-tipped   realist   and   the pointed-tipped   dreamer. Jupiter stands for ambition, leadership, religion, honor,confidence, leadership and justice.
About half way down is the Mount of Upper Mars, which reflects your temperament: if this mound is fleshy then the person tends to be more courageous or war-like.
This more the headline curves downward towards the list, the less control the individual may have over his or her emotions.
The deeper, stronger and less broken the line, the more likely the person is likely to be successful. If you have this line you are an extremely sensitive, intuitive person and may faculty of clairvoyance.
If a such health problem is not resolved, a variety of health problems can arise of emotional, mental, or of physical nature.

They  are creative, perceptive and sympathetic, but can be moody, very emotional and reserved.
Palmistry is all about proportion, symmetry and distortions of what would be considered to be a perfectly formed hand. It indicates a generous-natured person who enjoys giving or spending and is versatile, adaptable, restless, changeable, tolerant, flexible, interested in many things and willing to listen to new ideas. The pinky finger belongs to the planet Mercury, which is about your ability to communicate with others and sustain relationships. Below that, near the base of the hand is the Mount of Luna (also known as the Mount of the Moon).
This line is believed to represent the person’s vitality and vigor, physical health and general well being.
Peoples who live to moderate age usually have one bracelet and if one has more than two or three bracelets it may indicate a very long and prosperous life. People with Air hands are great conversationalists, but they can take their feelings too much. What first arises purely in the mind can subsequently appear as very real physical effects in our hands in shape of  palm lines, type of hands, and other marks,Changes in mental outlook will accordingly cause changes in the palm lines.
They are quick to think and act and their motivations are based on intuition or inspiration rather than on  reason, logic and rational analysis.
The longer and straighter the finger, the more good fortune a person can expect to have in these areas. Palmists generally interpret this line to represent the person’s mind and the way it works, including learning style, communication style, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. The life line is also believed to reflect major life changes, including cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocation’s. He may not have a wide circle of friends.  Some people have much, much more lines than main basic lines, they are very careful.
The lines you see in your hands today tell you what sort of future to expect, IF you do not make any changes to your outlook and continue your life as you are now.Ultimately, it is still the use of our will  that will shape our lives, and not our palm lines. All these fingers have their own mounts, which are located on the palm right below each one.
When we consciously focus on what we really want and how we want to be, we can actually see our palm lines change – they may become deeper or straighter, new lines may form, or some lines may disappear.
People with Knotted fingers belong to people  like to analyze and thoroughly investigate all the facts. They reason things out rather than act on feelings or sentiment.
The more developed or pronounced these fleshy mounds are beneath the finger, the more developed that trait is in a person. As no one gets success who believes in his fate and sit idle without karma’s  or action or working for the livelihood as success comes only after lot of  preparation and working for what we require or want to be, As you sow so shall you reap. People with many fine lines shows a refined and sensitive nature, a friendly and gentle approach to others, and a generally weaker constitution. With many broken line markings, one can become tensed  with a life filled with many heartbreaks of one sort or another. The right hand represents who you are today, also shows your realized personality.  both have their own significance. Medium thumb is the average, neither large nor small, so it endows its owner with the potential to achieve an average degree of success.

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