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Actually that's how it is in Mexico too, each state has its tag, same thing in Canada (with its provinces). Where possible please place your order in advance of arrival to reduce waiting time, especially if you require rolls to be slit or metres wound off. We have accounts with specific couriers and use the most suitable one depending on the product. Any loss or damage, or shortages must be reported to us with 24 hours from delivery via telephone, 00441268858796.
If for any reason we are unable to fulfil your order or part of your order we will contact you with details of anticipated delivery date and an option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait. The third-generation offering from Campeche, this is another striking issue from the state.
Here's a slightly revised version of the Hidalgo plate, with the slogan changed from white to black, presumably for visibility reasons.

The new Durango graphic, featuring a treeline at the bottom and the government logo at the top left. Mexico consists of 31 states and the Distrito Federal (Federal District, consisting of Mexico City, roughly equivalent to Washington, D.C. The graphic shows images of the Mezcala suspension bridge, a jumping sailfish, and the gates of the Fort of San Diego, among other things. The background is an ocean scene with sailboat to the left, sailfish, and the cliffs of Acapulco to the right.
The plate has a graphic of an agave plant in the background to symbolize the production of tequila in the state. A child playing the fiddle wearing traditional native dress is also featured, at top left, as is the state shape at bottom right.
This plate features an expanded graphic with, among other things, a Grey Whale tail, mountainline and cardon cactus (exclusive variety to Baja California).

This is one of a handful of these new plates to include both the full state name and the old abbreviation (GRO MEX) at the same time.
The blue graphic to the right is the current government logo, which I believe shows the state shape in blue being held up by a hand in white.
The state seal is over the lower right bolt slot and the state government logo is at top left. On most European cars from France etc they all have them so you can normally tell where a car has come from. Baja California is one of the only Mexican jurisdictions to use validation stickers, this one has a 2002 sticker.

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