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JBL will display five new gadgets at CES 2013 including JBL Charge, OnBeat Mini, Rumble, Harman Kardon AVR 2700 and 3700. Portable AC units are generally used in order to cool either a room or an outbuilding and most of the times they are considered as a viable option due to the many advantages they have (like mobility and cooling efficiency for instance).
First of all, people need to understand that air conditioning units are designed so that they will be compatible with the voltage available in their homes (which is one hundred and twenty volts for people living in the US, specifically North Carolina).
However, this can all be fixed by making use of a power inverter, so the direct current from the battery will be changed into alternating current. The AC unit will be able to draw around one thousand watts of power or even more, depending on its cooling capacity and what individuals need to know is that automotive batteries will provide them with around forty amp hours of service or four hundred and eighty watt-hours. The good news is that individuals can easily increase the AC unit’s runtime by going with a battery that comes with a large amp-hour rating. Another aspect people need to keep in mind is the fact that higher capacity units will of course draw more power than smaller models.
Last but not least, while it’s possible to run an AC on a battery, in time this will imply higher costs than considering installing an electrical in an outbuilding. As this article conveys, a battery powered air conditioner is a great solution for those who cannot install an electrical service in a space that always needs to be cooled down.
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If you want to enjoy your music and charge your smartphone at the same time, JBL Charge portable wireless speaker may be able to draw your more attention. Also, portable units run on AC current, but if the outbuilding or room people want to cool lacks electrical service, it’s a good option to run the air conditioning unit using heavy duty lead acid batteries. Regardless of the fact though that a lead acid battery is capable of providing sufficient power in order to run an AC unit, the unit itself cannot use the power provided directly (the AC needs alternating current, while the battery offers direct current). After that, in order to increase the single voltage so that it matches the household electrical voltage, the AC voltage will be passed through a transformer. This means that using a lead-acid battery powered air conditioner, people will be able to get around twenty eight minutes of operation time.
For instance, a two hundred and fifty five amp hour battery will allow people to run an AC unit that draws 1000 watts of power for around 3 hours. In turn, this will affect battery life a lot and the results might be an uneven cooling for the outbuilding or the room. But for places where this is just not possible, going with a more powerful battery is just the best solution to consider. While it may not sport any savings, it definitely is possible to use a battery for powering up an AC unit. Moreover, the Bluetooth speaker also features a 6000mAh rechargeable battery not only for the portable speaker, but also for your mobile devices just like a backup battery, and the LED indicator shows you the status of the backup battery.

Below, this article will focus some of the aspects regarding the use of a battery powered air conditioner.
It will provide more than 500 recharge cycles and can add up to 72 hours talk time to your iPhone and costs just $29.99 from Amazon.
It runs off a rechargeable Samsung Grade lithium-ion battery which is chargeable by USB and costs just $24.78 from Amazon.
The battery is compatible with all universal USB chargers and will provide more than 500 recharge cycles.
Product Link .Duracell InstantThe Duracell Instant has a 1150mAh battery will charge up almost any mini-USB device and is supplied with its own cable for charging. Plugging your iPhone onto it will charge it on the go and it will also add up to 180 minutes to your talk time.

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