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From Maine comes producer Jared Fairfield (as introduced to us by Stadiums & Shrines), who recently released the split album EMF together with Portland's Afraid, available for free via Bandcamp.
Euphonious EP is available in pay-what-you-want format over at the duo's bandcamp page, along with the rest of their material. Los Angeles' mastermind and NFOP regular James Ferraro returns to the moniker of his given name this fall, following another two strong releases as Bebetune$ and the Ferraro vs Teams project Bodyguard. Reported last month, the legendary Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound released the second 12" of remixes from Lindstrom's Six Cups Of Rebel, featuring a name that is generally quite unassociated with the art of remixing: Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti. Throughout its near 10 minute long spin, Lindstrom's "Call Me Anytime" receives a bizarre re-arrangement, evolving from a fusion of noisy ambience into tropical psych-pop, filtered over sonic beats and hints of Chicago footwork. Order the 12" via Robot, also featuring another mind-boggeling remix from Oneohtrix Point Never and Mark McGuire Roadchief on the B-side. NFOP are both out of town so unfortunately this space has (and will) be slightly dead until October is upon us. From the same director behind Blouse's "Ghost Dream", a brand new creation for Denton, Texas duo Fight Bite recently found its way to our inbox, described as a "post death trip into a fake paradise made of palm trees jungle, a luxury hostel and memorial tanning bed".
A young man claiming to have psychic powers offers his help to the FBI in solving a pair of murders, but when he leads them to additional victims, Jane and the team begin to suspect that he is in fact the killer they’re hunting.
Jane takes extreme measures as the team tries to apprehend a deadly gang of armored car robbers before their desperation to remain free costs more innocent people their lives.
Jane worries for Lisbon’s safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.
A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she learns that her underachieving younger brother, Jimmy, is being sought as a key witness.
The FBI is brought in to consult on a botched DEA raid, but when Abbott’s former boss tries to blackmail Abbott into keeping the agency’s missteps quiet, he is forced to choose between his career and morals.

A chance encounter with a military colonel leads Jane to believe the soldier is hiding something, leading him to dig into the closed murder case of the man’s wife. The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane’s familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes. Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of a high-end car theft ring.
Jane and Lisbon decide to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigate the murder of an undercover agent. With time running out to save the victims of a kidnapping ring before they are transported overseas, Jane and Lisbon zero in on the criminal enterprise’s mastermind. Jane’s freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empanelled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. When a woman is found murdered near a remote men’s social club, Jane must find a way to insinuate himself into the insular group to find the killer.
Jane and the FBI take up the cause of a death row inmate who has two days to prove his innocence before his sentence is carried out.
Jane enlists his colleagues in a dangerous sting operation to catch a deadly team of art thieves. Grace is kidnapped by the killer who has been hunting former CBI members, but when the prime suspect appears to have an airtight alibi, Jane must rely on all his skills to locate her before time runs out.
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The distinct bedroom atmospherics may still be avail in the '2012' Waskerley Way, but also proves to dip into so many other genre fragments, from the delightful, noisy pop to breakbeat or even shoegaze. Out on Hippos In Tanks this November, Ferraro's Shoop2DaDope is probably that one record we're the most excited about this fall. His new extended-play, Shimmering of heated air, blends acoustic guitar loops with small electronic glitches and drone textures to create outstanding compositions. As we've seen the internet flowing over with new Lindstrom works (and re-works) from his upcoming LP Smalhans as of late, it may seem a bit eccentric to lean back to Six Cups Of Rebel only a month before his next release.
As we're moving towards the soundwave's end, its constantly shapeshifting beat dissolves to dust, slowly moving back to the beginning of the trippy voyage; an organic puddle of sound in true Ariel Pink spirit. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington, D.C. Somehow it has never felt very important to classify the music of our dearest English friend, as he always have impressed us with soulful pop melodies. Then again, it's not exactly every day Ariel Pink puts his soul into someone else's work, and if we know the guy right, likely by following his personal time table. It's perfect timing, too, because the five tracks utilize wintery sounds like slightly dissonant ringing of bells and reverb-laden male and female vocals. Innocent singing starts out the track, followed by an uptempo drum beat with monotonous reed instruments backing the song.

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