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Connecting with the right psychic is important so that you feel comfortable and get the most out of your reading. If you need Psychic advice but are too busy to make a call, why not try my Psychic Text Service. When my Psychics answer, you may receive up to 3 messages per response and will be charged per message (1 Message = 160 Characters).
Think of all the people who live or ever lived on our planet since the very beginning of time. Afterdark Psychics is brought to you by "Scotland's top psychic medium & paranormal expert John Spratt. It's no fairytale - one day, you can be free from all the hurt, hunger, aloneness, crime, and chaos infecting the world today. Answer: A The Scriptures promise that Jesus will return to this earth in the same manner that He left at His ascension--in a visible, literal, bodily, personal manner. Answer: A Every man, woman, and child living in the world when Jesus returns will see Him at His second coming. Answer: A Jesus is coming back to this earth to reward His people as He promised and to take them to the beautiful home He has prepared for them. Answer: A The righteous dead will be raised from their graves, given perfect, immortal bodies like that of Christ, and caught up into the clouds to meet the Lord.
A A Does the Bible give specific information regarding the nearness of Christ's second coming? Answer: A a€?Satan has invented many false teachings about the second coming and is deceiving millions into believing that Christ has already come or that He will come in some non-biblical manner. Answer: A There is great danger in becoming so busy with the cares of this life or so entranced by the pleasures of sin that the coming of the Lord may slip up on us as the Flood did on the world in Noah's day, and we will be surprised, unprepared, and lost.
It is true that a terrible tribulation will cover the earth just before Jesus returns to deliver His people.
9.A A Does the Bible give specific information regarding the nearness of Christ's second coming? Answer: A Satan has invented many false teachings about the second coming and is deceiving millions into believing that Christ has already come or that He will come in some non-biblical manner. Read the profiles of the psychics to understand their skills and the areas that they cover. My talented Psychics will personally respond to your question straight away and give their guidance on any area you need. Maybe it is the ability to resist some small whims or need for immediate reward and better choosing the actions that will pay off some time later. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven?
The staggering threefold (Luke 9:26) brightness of His coming will stretch from horizon to horizon, and the atmosphere will be charged with brilliant glory like lightning. As the cloud nears the earth, Jesus will send His angels, and they will quickly gather together all of the righteous people in preparation for the trip back to heaven (Matthew 24:31). He will restore to His people all of the joys and glories of Eden that Adam and Eve lost by sinning. Then the righteous living will also be given bodies like Christ and will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

This earthquake will be of such a devastating nature that it will leave the world in a state of total destruction. Through the Holy Spirit and my conscience, Jesus knocks and asks to come into my heart so that He can change my life. The psychics who are available are highlighted in green and the psychics who are already on a call are in red. Whether its love or relationships, work or family – we are here to help you whenever needed.
Maturity is also a well-measured persistence, knowing your true goals and seeking them despite of obstacles on your way.
We cannot know the exact day and hour of Christ's return (Matthew 24:36), but we can be confident that we are the people who will live to see Jesus return. Some people find that they are led by their gut feeling and drawn towards a particular psychic that would be most suited to their reading. And these are just a few of many, many positive signs that show we are in the closing days of earth's history. Spiritism has invaded the churches, as well, with the false teaching of the immortality of the soul. For example, Jesus stated specifically that He will not appear in the desert or come to the seance chambers (verse 26). As a free gift, He bestows upon me His own righteous character so I can stand unafraid before a holy God when my life is changed by Jesus.
They surround the holy city to capture it (Revelation 20:9), and fire comes down from God out of heaven and devours them.
Her daughter-in-law, Nancy, who is also accused in the fraud case, got a job washing hair at a salon for less than minimum wage, Rose Marks said, but the other family members have been unable to find jobs.They are complying with a court order to seek employment that is unrelated to fortune telling or pursue educational courses. So if you would like them to look at a specific area; it’s a good idea to tell them at the start of the reading so they can focus on the subject in depth.
For those readers that do pass we have confidence that they can connect with you and deliver a first class psychic service. Jesus is coming soon, but there is a lot of popular misconceptions regarding just how He's coming. Even religious leaders are denying the plain Bible teachings of Creation, the Flood, the divinity of Christ, the second coming of Christ, and many other vital Bible truths. Only a small percentage of the citizens of our large cities attend church services regularly, but they jam pleasure resorts by the thousands. There is no reason to be deceived if we learn what God's book teaches about Christ's second coming. Those who deny, ignore, or make light of Christ's second advent (as a literal, soon-coming event) are specifically fulfilling Bible prophecy--and doing the devil a very great service.
You could also choose to have a ‘general’ reading which will give you overall insight on your life and highlight any areas that may be coming up. We constantly monitor our team of psychics and give them out standing support and advice if needed. So take a few minutes to understand what the Bible really says about the second coming so you won't be left behind! False christs will appear and do miracles on the earth (Matthew 24:23-27), but Jesus will remain in the clouds above the earth at His second coming.

It is said that 80percent of the world's total knowledge has been brought forth in the last decade and that 90percent of all the scientists who have ever lived are alive today. Psychiatry and the traditions of pseudo-intellectuals have replaced the Bible in many religious circles. We are constantly in contact with all our team and keep them up to date with offers, regulations and for general chats. Secular educators teach our youth to scoff at the Bible record of these great truths and substitute evolution and other man-made, false teachings for the plain, simple facts of God's Holy Word. Pleasure-mad Americans waste billions of hours in front of the TV set in direct fulfillment of 2 Timothy 3:4.
The wisest statesmen of our time are concerned for the survival of civilization because crime sweeps forward seemingly beyond control. People who know what the Bible says about the second coming will not be led astray by Satan. Prosecutors said the family preyed on clients of their storefront psychic businesses in Fort Lauderdale and beside The Plaza Hotel in uptown Manhattan.According to the charges, the Marks women told customers they could tell the future, cure diseases, chase away evil spirits and remove curses in exchange for money, jewelry and other valuable items. Whether you choose to pay by credit or debit card, or via your phone bill – simply follow the prompt instructions on the phone and you will be put through to your reader. It does not take place at a man's death, nor is it figurative--to be manifested by better world conditions. A recent poll discovered that only two percent of American student ministers believe in the literal second coming of Christ. His part is to work the mighty miracle within me that changes my life and prepares me for His second coming. If they receive any donations, the family will have to pay income taxes and the donors can't claim an IRS deduction, he said.Though the return of the property is welcome, Schwartz said the family doesn't have much equity in their assets because they were making payments on the vehicles but fell behind when they were arrested and initially jailed. The second coming will be a literal, worldwide, visible, personal appearance of Christ in the clouds to bring this world to an end and to reward or punish all men and women. Divorce rates are climbing wildly, with nearly one marriage in two ending in the divorce court. Perfect, holy, happy beings, restored once again to the perfect image of God, will at last be at home in a sinless, spotless world as God originally planned. The current immoral generation--with its obsession with sex and filth, with its increasing church membership but decreasing true spirituality--is plain and positive fulfillment of God's Word. Fulfillment: This prophecy points primarily to the long period of tribulation that took place during the Dark Ages and was instigated by the apostate church. For a real shock, see how many of the last-day sins listed in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 you can find depicted in any issue of your Sunday newspaper. That's why Luke 17:37 speaks of the bodies of the wicked and mentions the eagles (or vultures) gathered around them.
Nothing short of the coming of the Lord will stem the tide of evil that is now engulfing the world. Candles were lighted in many houses; the birds were silent and disappeared, and the fowls retired to roost.

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