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As you can see from the small logo in the side bar The Digital Trekker News is now an RSS news feed you can subscribe to. Photo Trekker AW II (As with any blog entry, if you want to see larger versions of these images, just click on them.)Just about a month back Lowepro sent me the Photo Trekker AW II. Shoot a few good images there and have been waiting in Delhi for our first tour of this season to arrive. Let me state here, Rick Sammon's has like a gazillion books and videos and clearly know how to market himself.
But the last few times I have shot I have gone a lot lighter with the TT Change Up and one strap cross-ways. We had a few free minutes and I past this young man sitting on a ledge resting after making bread all morning. The publisher asked me for a bio for the jacket, so I gave the one posted on the photographer’s page on this site.
I envy you for living in Kashmir, it's one of the places on Earth I want to visit the most. Last time I bought beef here in Kashmir, well it wasn’t even beef it was water buffalo and after we got it home we saw it had worm eggs or fly eggs all over it.
I am studying with a girl from the northern part of Pakistan, not so far from the Kashmiri region.
If you are one of my two readers besides my wife, then maybe make a comment and tell me what you think.These are the hands of a stone mason in Kashmir. Well, let it be stated here, Suzanne Caballero and the fine folks at Lowepro camera bags are sponsors and they have a great product.

Srinagar a village of 1.5 million!A new friend from TPN and The Photo-Circle, Mitchell Kanashkevich made some nice comments about some of my shots here on TDT.
I told him I had a nice shot of a girl in a window I would post, so here it is: A young Kashmiri girl sits and dreams as she watches the world float by. Once the shoulder harness is positioned properly, you remove Pack Jack™ and press against the back of the pack to secure shoulder harness with the Velcro, very simple.All of the Trekker AW II series come with a very cool daypack called simply the DayPack II .
What makes this cool is the DayPack II fastens onto the Photo Trekker by locking four oval catches on the front of the daypack into the corresponding rectangular clips on the Trekker AW II. Because this is a big photo pack made for trekking means you won’t be carrying anything else on your back, so you need space for the little things like lip balm, a pocketknife, car keys and other items you would carry with you camping.
The others, Steve and my wife all chimed in and we all explained to him that, yes, indeed this was our taxi and that he was standing in the line behind us and should take the next one. A week after receiving the Photo Trekker AW II I had an opportunity to put it through its paces.We loaded up a trekking team in the Sumos (an Indian SUV type vehicle, but uglier than anything you have seen before) and headed to Kolahoi Peak, in the Indian Valley of Kashmir. Members of Parliament that think the average man is nothing more than a speed bump in the way of his motorcade.
I used the main compartment to carry all the photo equipment, my rain pants and the Katadyn water pump. Kind of hard to believe, but apparently the double wing locking knobs used by the190DB are so antiquated that Lowepro doesn’t design the Tripod Mount™ to fit them. That was uncomfortable, to say the least, but they did fit eventually.The trek went very well and I got to shoot many fantastic portraits of the locals along the way.
Along the way we had to cross a locally made bridge, meaning three logs thrown across a raging river.

It was a little hairy, not too bad, but with several thousand dollars of equipment on my back it got considerably scarier. It is not, but what it does have going for it is a set of waterproof zippers on the major compartments. So where this bag is not like the DryZone bags, my guess is it could (though I don’t want to try it) stand up to a quick dip in a river. Lowepro does not guaranty anything like this, so don’t try this next time you are out and about!Along the way we had to cross a locally made bridge, meaning three logs thrown across a raging river. You see; it is kind of like washing your car on a sunny day, within an hour or two after you finish it is bound to rain. If you are looking for a bag that you can toss around, even though this maybe carry-on size, it is bulky.2. The Photo Trekker has three small pockets in the internal main compartment, these are designed for CF card, cables and the like, and large one outside pocket and then there is the DayPack II.4. This is not the bag for around town, if you want that, get the Computrekker or one of the smaller backpack like it. This bag had the great outdoors in mind and with the exception of a few very small issues this bag perform well.

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