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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. After removing some screws, you can remove the plastic exoskeleton (if you call it so) by finding out how it is connected.
After desoldering, use the small flat driver to secure enough space to put new legs of DC jack. You can observe the damaged DC jack on the back of my computer. The new DC jack shows how it is supposed to be.
Thanks for sharing, this information is very useful, but if you need to notebook power jack is better to come in to find out. Some laptops can be tricky to work on and require a fair amount of knowledge to disassemble.
In addition to making paper notes, taking your own series of digital photos while going through the disassembly process as the author has done in illustrating this instructable is very useful. This is not a hard thing to do, but if you are squeamish about lots of small screws, maybe you should let a friend do it.
I went though college (Masters) by taking notes on paper and then typing them up on a desktop at home. For the external screws, I remove the screw from its mating surface, but leave it in the hole. An alternate way of sorting the screws as you remove them is to use a series of zip-lock bags, each labeled with Sharpie or similar type pen.
In this guide I will disassemble a Gateway NV57H57u in order to access and replace failed DC jack harness.

In my case the DC jack started failing and the laptop was charging only when the AC adapter plug positioned correclty. Also, you can use this guide for removing the top cover assembly, replacing the keyboard or cleaning the cooling fan. Under the service cover you can access the hard drive, both RAM (memory) modules and wireless card.
Lift up the keyboard assembly and move it towards the display so you can access the keyboard cable underneath the assembly.
In order to remove the keyboard assembly and palmrest completely, it’s necessary to unlock three connectors and release cables.
I guess after you remove the screws, the keyboard can be separated from the cover and replaced (if necessary). On the following picture the laptop is shown with the keyboard assembly and palmrest assembly removed. By the way, when the keyboard assembly removed, you can get some limited access to the cooling fan. Unfortunately, in order to remove and replace the cooling fan it’s necessary to remove the motherboard first. The DC jack cable routed under the left speaker and we’ll have to remove the speaker.
The DC jack cable connector located on the bottom side of the motherboard but it’s possible to replace the DC jack harness without removing the motherbaord.
Plugging it back as not as easy as disconnecting because the connector located on the bottom side of the motherboard.

Lift up the left side of the display assembly and move it a little bit away so you can access the DC jack cable. Now you can lift up the motherboard just enough to get a better access to the DC jack connector. Assemble the laptop back together following all disassembly steps in the reverse direction.
Once opened it is important that you have a soldering iron with enough wattage to melt the solder but being careful not to break the traces. I have been looking everywhere to find out how to do this THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU JUST SAVED ME OVER $100!!!!!! My sheet of paper now has about 10 areas with different page numbers and scotch taped screws next to the page numbers.
I was almost throwing my computer out of my window, but it cost about $1700 three years ago. I had never desolder anything before, but was able to somehow desolder the jack.[UPDATE]The problem kept coming back.

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