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It may therefore be preferable to have a local MDaemon mailserver at each of those sites, which manages mail for those users who are local to that site only. Each MDaemon server at each site would require its own licence and each site would be configured with the same valid primary domain (eg. Any mail sent from a secondary MDaemon mailserver account to a primary MDaemon mailserver account will have a delivery schedule governed by the Setup -> Event Scheduling parameters on that secondary MDaemon mailserver.

For accounts that actually exist on other sites, you'd configure their advanced forwarding options to effectively redirect email for those accounts directly to the IP address of the server on the appropriate site (where it would then be accepted as local at that site). These servers would need to accept connections on port 25 (SMTP) but only from your server at site 1.
You'd configure accounts on this server but ONLY for users that are actually local to this site.

Uczestnicy z klasy 1 TB brali udziaA‚ w zajA™ciach komputerowych w ramach technologii informacyjnej.

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