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I am not sure if it is entirely possible, given the unorganized and inconsistent naming standards of the Indian roads. Then is it possible to have similar online road directions services in India as in the West? Yahoo recently announced their maps and location services covering most of the top cities in India.
My only worry with detailed directions is the sheer amount of work needed to keep the database up to date.
I used the same directions with mapmyindia as with Yahoo Maps and they came up with decent results too.
The logic used to calculate distance and routes will vary with different service providers and so will the directions.

However, what caught my eye with MapmyIndia was their GPS device that they put up on sale on their site. Also, you need to remember that when you are traveling in India, you have have hundreds of GPSs around you.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. And with most new cars having GPS systems installed, you now have a lady in sweet voice constantly letting you know the right directions. Yahoo seems to be looking to take a lead in this ahead of Google maps, as they are still in a very early stage. Although, in normal circumstances, I would not have taken this route if I had to travel, it was pretty close to what I had expected.
I tried doing arbitrary search from Lal Qila to Palam Airport and the directions although quite detailed, were quite over whelming. The directions were quite different from what Yahoo maps showed me and that’s expected.

Enter any destination across India, and the Navigator will guide you, turn by turn, with graphical map instructions supported by voice prompts.
This is the first entry where all the three related GIS companies are compared at one place. But this is the case in countries like US and UK where the roads and naming conventions are structured and organized.
There are always multiple combinations possible to go from anywhere to anywhere with similar distances. But luckily they had something called as RouteHints, that broke nearly 3 page (28 points) long directions into nifty half page landmark based directions. Search for points of interest along the way, such as the nearest petrol pump when you are out of gas, or ATM when you are out of cash.

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