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While browsing for an eyebrow pencil in the drugstore brands, I was surprised to see that only a couple of brands had any offerings in this category. Pigmentation: The pigmentation is great, it shows up easily and adds depth and dimension to my brows while looking very natural. Staying Power:  The pencil stays put for good 8 hours or so, pretty much the entire day for me. At one point, I would have said that the fact that it needs to be sharpened is a con for me. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses. My first product was a brow powder – which I still think is the most effortless way to fill in the brows. I think that is to be expected from a brow pencil as they are supposed to stick around and not disappear and melt with heat and humidity.

However, I have learnt over time that sharpenable products make more sense – the creaminess is preserved for a longer time and also, maintaining hygiene is easier. I see so many beautiful pictures being uploaded on Facebook and all I want to do is to tell the person how much better her makeup would look if only the brows were filled in.
So in all probability, all info pertaining to this would be in local language of the country it has been floated in – like Thai, Korean, etc. One thing which seemed great to me was that the pencil had a sharp pointed tip when I bought it. I wish the product was readily available in all markets – it would surely fly off the shelves. I was tempted to pick the KIKO one, since I had never tried the brand and their pencil was the retractable kind.
I bought it a good 3 months back but procrastinated on using it, I was so comfortable with my powder and brush.

The good thing was that there was an outer plastic sheet ensuring that the product cannot be tampered with.
I am sure it will give me another dozen or more uses before I need to even think of sharpening the product. However, while travelling out this time, I took a call to carry this instead, ensuring I don’t need to carry another additional brush, etc. I finally took the plunge and got myself a MAC brow pencil – simple, efficient, and definitely more travel friendly than the powder or the dip brow.
So, while shopping abroad at Watsons, I happened to come across some budget-friendly options of brow pencil and thought – why not?

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