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More Info HereCompensation consultant Ann Bares is the Managing Partner of Altura Consulting Group. Best of the Force: Sales Compensation Demands a Deep Sales Dive, Not a Best Practices Quest!
Definition: Salary Range or Pay RangeThe last step of the process of establishing pay rates involves fine tuning the pay rates. To illustrate ways to analyze salaries, let's look at a simplified example of an environmental research organization.
Project Manager: manages a smaller scale scientific project or administrative area of responsibility, or has substantial responsibilities under a senior scientist or senior executive.
This organization shows wide ranges for senior scientists, especially compared with the ranges for administrative support staff. To begin a benchmarking process, choose a few positions in your organization that you can compare to other organizations of your type and size.
For some positions, like a senior scientist job, it may also be useful to benchmark the salary against similar positions in state and local governments.
National nonprofit salary surveys are conducted by a variety of nonprofit and for-profit firms including Opportunity Knocks, Economic Research Institute, Abbott Langer and ASAE, with varying fees.
Salary data is included on Form 990 for employees with salaries of $100,000 or more and are available at Guidestar.
Group-based: Go to the coalitions, consortiums and associations you belong to (such as youth symphony orchestras or domestic violence shelters) and ask if everyone will agree to give their salary data to a third party who will compile it and report it back with organizational names deleted.

You also want to take into account your geographic location in choosing what organizations to use as benchmarks. There could be many reasons for these discrepancies, including the level of scientific work required of the senior scientists or the type of research expected of research assistants. If salaries seem to be clumbed at the top end of a range, again you will want to find out why. Management team members will appreciate salary data presented this way in addition to a more typical salary schedule. Jan, this is very helpful, but might be even more so with some guidance about how the salary ranges scale to overall organization size (budget).
The graphing style is very helpful, especially for those who's eyes glaze over at an excel spreadsheet. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. MLA Survey of Personnel Characteristics, 2009Report and Statistical SummarySusannah Cleveland and Mark A. These are depicted as vertical boxes against each pay range, depicting the maximum, minimum and midpoint pay ranges for each grade. This is typical for nonprofits, and usually reflects the reality that senior positions encompass a wide range of skill and experience.
In an environmental research firm, these might be one from each category: the executive director position, a senior research biologist, a research assistant, and the office manager.

Try to find similar cost of living locations or take cost of living into account when making your comparison.
The information is primarily useful for analyzing overall compensation strategies although supervisors also will appreciate knowing where a given employee fits in the range for a given position. But these simple mapping tools will go a long way towards helping senior leadership and the board think about compensation as a whole, as well as with individuals. If we did something like this we could easily figure out salaries for new positions and for the cost allocation thing we have to do. Thankfully in Canada a survey was done by the Cultural Human Resource Council that is very comprehensive. We publish approximately seven times per year through an HTML newsletter delivered to more than 64,000 subscribers.
For instance, an employee having a longer tenure in the company can’t get paid at the same rate as a beginner = in spite of being in the same pay grade.

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