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While anyone can experiment in romance with Scorpio, there are certain people who draw Scorpios into their lives repeatedly.  Either they purposely seek out Scorpios or find that Scorpios are always pursuing them. Most of what one attracts astrologically comes through the Venus.  There are three Venus scenarios that spark a desire for Scorpio. A person with a Venus located in the 8th house of the Zodiac might find, if they do the charts of all their friends and lovers, that they have had some of their best mergers with Scorpios. When the Planet responsible for love and relationships aspects Pluto, the planet ruling Scorpio,  it creates a hunger for complex, potent soul ties. While Venus pulls people to us, the Moon hungers for THE ultimate mate that we need to be completely satisfied.
Scorpio Moon people often fall in love with Scorpios to the point of idol worship; they admire and see the Scorpio sun person as the full expression of the lunar energy they feel inside and might not be able to publicly unleash. Even if your 7th house is not ruled by Scorpio but by another sign, if you have Pluto in your 7th house, it too can create a magnetic pull toward Scorpio personalities.  You will seek out commanding, controlling individuals for bonds and likely will display the behavior yourself. On occasions when Pluto is in the 6th house but soooo close to the 7th that it conjuncts the Descendant, you may find a Scorpio fits most of the items on your relationship checklist.  This is quite similar to Pluto in the 7th.

She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. People with Venus conjunct Pluto, trine Pluto or even opposite Pluto might find relationships with non-Scorpios are way too tame and unsatisfying. Those with  a moon in the sign of Scorpio or in the 8th House yearn for Scorpios and may unconsciously align themselves with Scorpios throughout their lives.  They want gritty, contentious, whirlwind connections that no other sign but Scorpio can provide. When the sign of Scorpio is on that house, there is a organic pull toward people who are Scorpios.  When these people enter your lives, they bring their Suns into your 7th house, making your desire for marriage and mating come alive.
When you attract Scorpios, you might compete with them and the relationship might be full of bickering and power struggle. When the sign of Scorpio rules that house or when Pluto is inside that house, get ready for love affairs with Scorpionic people. This person might develop a history of attaching to Scorpios for dramatic, extreme love affairs. They may not feel the same urge for commitment to you, but sun in the 7th house will definitely make you want to propose and mark the Scorpio as yours for life.

So, while this placement of Pluto might indeed trigger a Scorpio lust in your life, it is one of the most difficult aspects to have for relationships — even with a Scorpio who likely understands your Pluto energy.
Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risque, taboo 8th house life. Since Pluto is a volatile energy, these bonds might not be lasting, but they will be meaningful and deep.
Don’t be surprised if after love sessions, you are inspired to write poetry, compose music or otherwise be creative in the presence of Scorpio.

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