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Tarot cards came about in Europe during the early 15th century and were used to play various types of card games, but by the 18th century were being used for Divination which is a way of figuring out a spiritual map of someones pathway in the world. The Fool – Normally depicted as brightly coloured and carefree with a bag on a staff, a dog at his side and the edge of a cliff in front of him. The Magician -Always depicted with a small staff (wand), a cup (chalice), a pentacle (an Amulet representing the Earth)  a small sword and above his head floats a Lemniscate (symbol of Infinity).
The Moon -Usually depicted with a  full moon that has a crescent moon within, twin pillars either side, two dogs or wolves howling up at the moon, a stream that runs to an ocean and a crayfish emerging from the water. The Ace Of Cups -Usually depicted with A gold, engraved chalice that sits on top of a silver rock in an vast ocean in varying shades of blue,  A rainbow streaming down from the sky deep into the middle of the cup with droplets of water falling over the edges in to the ocean below and also two Dolphins one dark and one light. The Star -  Depicted with a variation of stars  (usually seven or eight of them) and a naked woman kneeling in a pool of water with two urns. The Lovers -Normally depicted with an angel or cupid, a man and a woman together, two trees with apples and a snake in the tree. The Sun -Usually depicted with the sun, a naked boy on a horse and a red banner or cloth.  Whilst the moon symbolizes your inner darkness, the Sun is your inner light, the understanding, more respectful and rational side of you. Death -Usually depicted as a skeleton in either armor or black robes holding a scythe or a flag with a white rose symbol,  a small child at it’s feet or to the side and a rising sun in the back ground.
Although I have not included all 78 cards from a full Tarot deck these are some of the most commonly used. We recently spotted these "Lord of the Rings" tarot cards on Russian artist Olga Levina's website. In an email interview with The Huffington Post, Levina revealed that she created the deck of cards at the request of a friend who both adored Tolkien's work and tarot reading.
Levina's favorite part of this particular project was that she felt that she got to experience reading Tolkien again and again.

Fun, informative and with plenty of interactive exercises and opportunities to read for others; this course will enable you to develop your reading and interpretation skills, practice new spreads, and deepen your understanding. This course is suitable for anyone who has a thorough basic knowledge in the cards or has completed a foundation course. This course is currently only available online as a skype course (one to one) or in person in Kent. Basically whatever cards you are dealt will be of relevance only to you and your life, things that have been and will be.
The fool is ready to take any pathway but is unaware that the dog by his feet is trying to warn him of the dangerous cliff ahead. The Magician uses his powers to show that each item symbolizes a different path that can be taken in life. This card symbolizes our darker side where madness and a little craziness lurks hidden most of the time in the back ground but now and again gets the better of us and we may do stupid things like go becoming immersed in a drunken or drug induced state or sink in to a depression that leaves us alienating our friends and loved ones with selfish behaviour and irrational mood swings.
This card symbolizes the overflowing cup of life, The rock of wisdom, Water that sustains every living thing,  light and shadow ( yang and yin) the circle of wholeness and unity that can be found in the joining of opposites. This card is not as simple as it seems, most people assume it means you are about to find true life and happiness…well yes and no, it actually means you have a choice.
This card is for all things fresh and new…throw open the curtains, wipe away the dust and cobwebs of your life and let the sun pour in.
You will learn about reversed cards, connecting and opposing pairs, patterns and themes, myths and metaphors, archetypes, tarot creativity, advanced spreads, challenging cards and readings, which will enhance your insight into the cards.
Unlike years ago the practice of reading Tarot cards is no longer as popular or so well believed, often seen as some kind of foolish hokes just to gain the coins from our pockets, but for those of us who like to believe then here are the card meanings and readings.
This card shows us the meaning of  Willpower and Desire with the Lemniscate over the magicians head being the strength of mind we have.

When dealt this card we must understand that things are about to take a turn for the worse and life will become a little hard for a while and send us on a mental roller coaster. This card tells us that there is help and assistance available to us when needed, it might only seem small to us at first…A kind word, a cuddle, an offer of a shoulder to lean on or an uplifting story or even a piece of music. Everything becomes clear, jobs that were hard will become easier, people who were unkind will become nicer, that baby you were hoping for may now be a possibility.
We will explore the astrological and qabalistic interpretations of the cards which will add greater depth to your knowledge and  understanding.
We are offered different pathways in life and it is up to us to see through Illusions and slight of hand that others may use to conceal the truth in helping us make the right choices.
YOU should be in control over your own body, your temper, your instincts, your love, your heart and your surroundings. But the little things help to heal the bigger things and in time life will return back to the way it should be or possibly even better. This card is not just about endings, it’s also about preparing yourself for a fresh start, because as with everything in life where there is an end there is most certainly always a new begining. It is about understanding and forgiveness so that we may be mentally reborn and ready to move on. But the rational side of you must make a choice and decide if this thing (person or object) is worth any changes you might have to make or having to give something up or leave it behind. If dealt this card then you must realise that it’s time to stand up, be noticed, be brave, bold and in command of what is yours.

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